England, London & South: delegated decisions May 2022

England, London & South: delegated decisions May 2022

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Engagement and Head of Investment, London and South Area on 11 May 2022

Project Title: Open Space Management Group (OSMG) The Quarry 

Applicant: The Quarry OSMG 

Project description: To develop a woodland recreational area for the community on the site of a disused quarry. The project would create a safe area for all age groups to enjoy walking, cycling, picnicking and camping. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Chandos Housing Estate Community Garden Project 

Applicant: Flash Musicals 

Project description: To convert unused land into a community garden. The project will increase access to green space, promote biodiversity and create a space to teach the local community how to garden and live sustainably. 

Decision: Reject 


Applicant: The Big Fish Band Ltd 

Project description: To research three lost villages on the Isle of Sheppey, collecting oral histories and photographs for a book or pamphlet. School visits, a lantern parade, and the creation of a film will also involve local residents and commemorate lost communities. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,200 

Project Title: Baal Shem Tov 

Applicant: Lubavitch Synagogue 

Project description: To explore and share the life, philosophy and cultural legacy of Bal Shem Tov (Besh”t), the founder of Chassidism or Hasidic Judaism. A programme of public events will coincide with the anniversary of his death. 

Decision: Award grant of £10,000

Project Title: Land Management and Wildlife Conservation Volunteers 

Applicant: Secure Forests CIC 

Project description: To support the protection of the environment by providing materials for a volunteer training programme at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: N and B Bees Cornish Black Bee Conservation and Education Project 

Applicant: N and B Cornish Bees 

Project description: To build a new education centre for delivering workshops on beekeeping, conservation, and teaching skills to create bee-related products. The project will educate the public about important issues concerning bees and environmental sustainability.  

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Together We Build: celebrating Paralympic heritage 10 years on from 2012 

Applicant: Buckinghamshire Culture 

Project description: To deliver a multi-site exhibition of Paralympic heritage objects, chosen and interpretated by disabled people, alongside an associated programme of accessible activities. The project will celebrate the heritage of the Paralympics and the work of Dr Ludwig Guttmann. 

Decision: Award grant of £47,068

Project Title: Jenny: Queering The Archives 

Applicant: Beacons, Icons and Dykons 

Project description: To uncover local untold stories of the LGBTQ+ community and share these stories with the wider local community through archive research and storytelling. The project will culminate in a live performance showcasing the life of Jenny Moore, a trans person who lived in the early 1900s. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,974 

Project Title: Quiet Rebels 

Applicant: Vital Xposure Limited 

Project description: To explore and share the stories of white working class women who married men from the Windrush generation, culminating in a play. This inter-generational project will expand participants’ knowledge of their history and connection to it, as well as explore how migration has shaped today’s society through artistic responses. 

Decision: Award grant of £7,603 

Project Title: Festival of Nature: Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee 

Applicant: Bristol Natural History Consortium 

Project description: To support local communities to join green space volunteering, outdoor activities, planting and wildlife recording, connecting people to nature as part of Jubilee celebrations. A family community event will allow those previously not involved in natural heritage activities to connect with the project. 

Decision: Award grant of £8,925 

Project Title: Civic Sound Archive 

Applicant: PEER UK LTD 

Project description: To encourage Hackney residents to share and celebrate their cultural heritage and identity, considering the authorship of archives and how heritage is recorded. This project will engage local East and Southeast Asian community organisations, offering community workshops and creating an online archive. 

Decision: Award grant of £6,250 

Project Title: Freshford Village Memorial Hall Redevelopment Plan 

Applicant: The Freshford Village Memorial Hall 

Project description: To renovate Freshford Village Memorial Hall, making it structurally sound and more energy efficient. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Stadiums of Newham 

Applicant: Royal Docks Learning and Activity Centre 

Project description: To tell the story of lost stadiums in Newham, engaging young people and community groups in local history. Participants will be trained in research skills, with outputs including talks, workshops and a documentary film. 

Decision: Award grant of £29,828 

Project Title: Finding Nature's Footprints 

Applicant: Devon County Council 

Project description: To provide support and opportunities for local people and visitors to connect with, collect information on, and improve the natural heritage in and around the North Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

Decision: Award grant of £248,000 

Project Title: Moving On 2022 

Applicant: PATINA 

Project description: To engage schools in a community celebration of natural heritage, relating to the local river and marine environment. The project will mark the transition of year six children from primary school to secondary school and culminate in a parade. 

Decision: Award grant of £6,100 

Project Title: Women and Water: Diversity and the Sea in South East Cornwall 

Applicant: Rame Projects CIC 

Project description: To amplify Cornwall-based women’s histories, using mythologies of the sea as a starting point. The project will celebrate ethnically diverse Cornish people and their stories. It will deliver workshops and create artwork to reflect on cultural identities, marine histories, and anthropogenic climate change. 

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 

Project Title: Preshute Church of England Primary School Bell Fund 

Applicant: Preshute Primary School Association 

Project description: To restore the school’s 180 year old bell so that it can be rung daily by the children. The project will be part of a lasting initiative to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Outreach and diversity to manage our future tree heritage 

Applicant: Ancient Tree Forum 

Project description: To develop Ancient Tree Forum’s volunteer engagement, diversifying their volunteering base and event attendees. The project will also make sure that ancient trees are better identified and understood in relation to their management, and to share this knowledge with a wider audience. 

Decision: Reject 



Project description: To explore and share the stories of 19th century women activists who worked in Bloomsbury. The project will include historical research and engagement activities, culminating in live and digital events such as a website. 

Decision: Award grant of £153,020 

Project Title: Age UK Cornwall's Golden Jubilee Commemorations and Celebrations 


Project description: To run a project celebrating 50 years of Age UK in Cornwall. Oral histories will be recorded to explore memories of the community and outputs will be made available online. 

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 

Project Title: Learn Draw Grow 

Applicant: Forest Gate Community Garden 

Project description: To explore plant heritage found in the Ornamental Garden in West Ham Park. Participants will take part in a botanical drawing course and workshops, enriched by public talks. The project will conclude with an art exhibition at The Gate Library as well as new signage and planter dedicated to Dr John Fothergill’s collection. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,950 

Project Title: Turkish Cypriots in London  Our story 

Applicant: Turkish Cypriot Cultural Association 

Project description: To turn the Turkish Cypriot Cultural Association into a hub of activities that engage the community with Turkish Cypriot heritage. The project will analyse, catalogue and digitalise archival material and upload it onto a website As well as showcase items through a multimedia art installation and exhibitions. 

Decision: Award grant of £37,555 

Project Title: A Voyage Through Time: Harland & Wolff in the Royal Docks 

Applicant: Thames Festival Trust 

Project description: To deliver a programme of visits and workshops for young people to engage with the heritage of Harland and Wolff’s former shipyard on the Thames. The participants will produce a booklet, co-designed with a professional designer, to document their research.  

Decision: Award grant of £9,951 

Project Title: Refugee Voices 

Applicant: Global Goals Centre 

Project description: To deliver a creative and educational experience for young people and the general public, inspiring better connection to refugee life in Bristol. The project will ensure short films of migrant people can be displayed at mobile installations such as workshops. It will also create a set of educational resources based on the films. 

Decision: Award grant of £48,950 

Project Title: Horfield Quinquennial works 2020 

Applicant: The Parochial Church Council Of The Ecclesiastical Parish Of Holy Trinity, Horfield, Bristol 

Project description: To repair the fabric of the building including roof works and new tarmac, maintaining the church for community use.  

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Museum of the Home Collection Rationalisation 

Applicant: The Geffrye Museum Trust 

Project description: To review and rationalise the collections of the museum in collaboration with the local community and visitors. Oral histories will be collected to capture personal stories, which will be catalogued alongside the objects as records are updated. Targeted workshops will engage specific community groups. 

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 

Project Title: My Heritage My Home 

Applicant: Apna Virsa 

Project description: To engage with the local community to explore Pakistani, Indian and White British heritage. The project will involve food, music, and place in connecting participants from a variety of backgrounds. Outputs will include a film and training opportunities for participants in areas such as archive management and curation. 

Decision: Award grant of £157,589 

Project Title: The Bermondsey Revolution – Exploring the story of Ada Salter! 

Applicant: Cherry Gardens Tenants & Residents Association 

Project description: To deliver a seven month community engagement project that will use archives, artefacts, and research to create performance, talks, tours, and interpretations. This will be based on the heritage and story of Ada Salter 1866–1942. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,800 

Project Title: Carry Embrace the Base Home! 

Applicant: Scary Little Girls Association CIC 

Project description: To create a series of national responses to the 40 year anniversaries of Embrace the Base, the Silos Action and Carry Greenham Home. These took place at Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp in the 1980s. Project outputs will include oral histories, participatory events such as song writing, downloadable action packs and a digital map. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Regeneration of Looe Old Lifeboat Station & Watchtower 

Applicant: The East Looe Town Trust 

Project description: To refurbish the Old Lifeboat Station and Watchtower, providing an art gallery and heritage interpretation space. The project will involve the local community in researching the lifeboat heritage, gathering memories to feed into a new digital archive. 

Decision: Reject  

Project Title: CELEBRATING IGNATIUS SANCHO (17291780) 


Project description: To research Ignatius Sancho and his family, and share findings through community workshops and walks. Participants of diverse ethnic communities will learn research and presentation skills. Outputs also include the unveiling of a memorial plaque at St Margaret’s Church. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Brighton Incoming 

Applicant: QueenSpark Books 

Project description: To engage the local community with the heritage of Brighton and Hove, with particular regard to migration and movement. Volunteers and participants will be involved in oral history collections, local historical research and audio editing. The project will involve the publication of a book, podcasts, online walking tours and placement of the stories collected in an online archive. 

Decision: Award grant of £76,991 

Project Title: Make a Joyful Noise  Saving Robertson Street Congregational Church, Hastings and its Music Heritage 

Applicant: His Place 

Project description: To save the former Robertson Street Congregational Church, including urgent fabric and structural repairs. The project will improve the skills, resources and resilience of His Place, as well as collecting and sharing music heritage related to the church.  

Decision: Award grant of £249,946 

Project Title: Dissolution to Evolution 

Applicant: Glastonbury Abbey 

Project description: To enable communities to respond creatively to heritage, including workshops, exhibitions and events on the theme of social experiments and belief systems. The project will involve new interpretation of onsite heritage, the production of stage performances, films and learning opportunities for participants.  

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 

Project Title: East End Women's Museum: permanent exhibition and 'Women Make Change' activities 

Applicant: East End Women's Museum 

Project description: To engage people with the reinterpreted collections of the East End Women’s Museum, building capacity by supporting volunteers and new trainees. Participatory sessions will involve the local community in a variety of events to cultivate local voices and ownership. 

Decision: Award grant of £249,895 

Project Title: Equipment To Enhance Free Educational School Visits 

Applicant: The Official History Project CIC 

Project description: To provide equipment to improve immersive historical education activities in schools. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Sharing Our Stories 

Applicant: Everyday Creativity 

Project description: To work with three care homes to deliver local history workshops, supported by local history groups and school children to facilitate intergenerational learning. Short films will explore and record residents’ memories of the area, which will then be displayed at an event for the community. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,980 

Project Title: Inclusion, Diversity and Equality: Oral History in North Southwark 

Applicant: London School of Mosaic 

Project description: To collect oral histories of young people from North Southwark. These interviews will be made accessible through QR codes – integrated into a large mosaic created by the group at London Bridge Station. 

Decision: Award grant of £19,902 

Project Title: The history of Hayling Island holiday camps 

Applicant: HSDC 

Project description: To engage young people to better record, interpret and explain the heritage of Hayling Island in the form of an exhibition, book and documentary film.  

Decision: Award grant of £37,500 

Project Title: The Big House: Represents 

Applicant: The Big House Theatre Company 

Project description: To work with a diverse range of young people and care leavers across London in exploring and interpreting their cultural heritage. Workshops led by professionals will develop their skills in accessing, researching and connecting to heritage. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Brit-Bangla Heritage Fest 2022: Kirtan 

Applicant: Mukto Arts CIC 

Project description: A creative heritage project which aims to explore, preserve, publish and celebrate Kirtan. This is a significant aspect of British Bengali cultural heritage that originated thousands of years ago in Bengal. The project also intends to engage participants from under-served groups of women, and distribute their talents to a wide audience. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,900 

Project Title: Brilliant Bees and their Curious Cousins 

Applicant: Torbay Council 

Project description: To deliver a community engagement project teaching people about endangered invertebrates on the South Devon coast. 

Decision: Award grant of £5,660 

Project Title: The HerStory of Rye  a celebration of women working in Rye 

Applicant: Rye Heritage Centre 

Project description: To conduct oral history interviews exploring the history of women’s work in the area. Participants will be encouraged to tell their stories, both past and present, and to imagine how their work may change in the future. Volunteers will be enlisted from the local community and Rye College to assist with interviewing and transcription. 

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 

Project Title: Tortworth Forest Centre  Building Resilience 

Applicant: Tortworth Forest Centre Community Interest Company 

Project description: To improve the organisation’s resilience as well as deliver a community heritage art project. This includes recruitment and staff training, while the arts and heritage project will uncover the global story of Tortworth Forest Centre’s trees through research, a curated learning programme and hosted artist micro-residency. 

Decision: Award grant of £76,424 

Project Title: Lichfield Road Platinum Jubilee Street Party 

Applicant: Lichfield Road Resident's Association 

Project description: To celebrate the history of Jubilee street parties on Lichfield Road in Tower Hamlets. Stan Jones’s collection of photographs will be deposited in the local archives for permanent preservation, with exhibitions and workshops helping connect local residents to heritage. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,288 

Project Title: Thanet's Heritage Sector Volunteer Programme 

Applicant: The Margate Caves Community Education Trust 

Project description: To set up a volunteer service for heritage sites in Thanet, aiming to attract a greater diversity of well-trained and supported volunteers. 

Decision: Award grant of £83,800 

Project Title: Hidden Histories of Waterloo 

Applicant: Waterloo Uncovered 

Project description: Twelve military spouses at risk of loneliness and isolation will connect in a community of practice to learn about the heritage of their predecessors from the Georgian era. Participants will take part in a series of online workshops, creative writing and oral history recordings. 

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 

Project Title: Hackney Migrations Heritage 

Applicant: Community Advance Project 

Project description: To create a film to record memories of post-war migrants living in Hackney. The video will be made in partnership with diverse Hackney cultural organisations, and aims to preserve the heritage, engage wider communities and facilitate intergenerational work on cultural heritage. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,980 

Project Title: The Gramophone: celebrating Hayes industrial and cultural heritage 

Applicant: Really Local Fund C.I.C. 

Project description: To restore and renovate the former EMI Records factory, creating a venue for a cinema, recording studios, performance space, community hub and exhibition. 

Decision: Reject 

Change in grant amount and percentage 

Project Title: Secrets of Southborough Common 

Applicant: Southborough Town Council 

Project description: The project is to engage the local community and visitors with the heritage of Southborough Common. This will be achieved with a series of activities and events including archaeological investigations and vegetation clearance days. 

Decision: Increase grant percentage from 90% to 91%, decreasing the total grant amount to £83,700 

Change in approved purposes 

Project Title: We Are London  collections, galleries and people in a new museum at West Smithfield 

Applicant: Museum of London 

Project description: The project involves the relocation of the Museum of London – from London Wall to West Smithfield Market – creating a new, free, world-class visitor experience, attracting over 2million visitors each year. 

Decision: Agreed change in approved purposes.