England, London & South: delegated decisions April 2022

England, London & South: delegated decisions April 2022

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Investment, London and South Area on 13 April 2022

Project Title: Chyan Heritage Forest 

Applicant: Chyan Community Trust 

Project description: To build on the heritage orchards at Chyan, including tree planting and granite sculpture creation. A five year programme of courses and community initiatives such as environmental events to host new skills, talks, meetings, workshops and celebration. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Vibrant Stories: creative responses to the heritage of Jewish small communities 

Applicant: Jewish Small Communities Network (JSCN) 

Project description: To collect personal stories of Jewish Heritage in small communities and bring them to life through artist-led creative endeavour. A group of volunteers will be trained to find and record personal and other histories. Artists will interpret work to be exhibited at community venues. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Great Torrington Men's Shed workshop 

Applicant: Torrington & District Mens Shed 

Project description: To refurbish an old storage and work space in a walled garden, known as The Vicarage Garden, to create a space for Men’s Shed community workshops. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Battle of Lewes 2022 

Applicant: Swords of Albion 

Project description: A free Medieval re-enactment of the Battle of Lewes 1264. The re-enactment takes place on the site of the original battle, concluding with the surrender of King Henry at Lewes Priory, with activities for schools and a banquet. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: The Vindication of Christmas: The 375th Anniversary of Crayford and the Second Civil War 

Applicant: Crayford Reminiscence and Youth 

Project description: To explore and share the history around Parliament’s cancellation of Christmas in 1647 and the events that followed. It will engage with a range of partner organisations to produce outputs with the community including animated films and performances. 

Decision: Award grant of £77,801 

Project Title: The Wytches Vendetta 

Applicant: Phlixa Productions CIC 

Project description: The creation of a short film dramatising the 1682 trial and execution of three women from North Devon, drawing parallels with current issues surrounding women’s rights and the law. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Our Stories: Chinese Communities in the UK 

Applicant: Ming-Ai Association 

Project description : A 27-month project to collect the settlement histories among the Chinese communities across the whole of the UK. The project investigates the local histories between the Chinese communities and their councils; builds a new community heritage network; and provides training to both the members of community organisations and volunteers, aiming to raise the awareness of the importance in preserving community heritage. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Wren300 - engaging with our greatest architect 

Applicant: Diocese of London 

Project description: A programme of events and activities around the tercentenary of Sir Christopher Wren, collaborating with schools, churches, industry professionals and wider audiences. 

Decision: Award grant of £241,000 

Project Title: Renewing the Legend Pole 

Applicant: Kushti Bok 

Project description: Renewal of The Legend Pole carving as a catalyst to revitalise Kushti Bok, an organisation which supports Gypsies, Roma and Travellers and promotes their heritage. The project will also deliver a programme of related activities to promote understanding and positive representation of the Dorset Traveller Community. 

Decision: Award grant of £73,025 

Project Title: Tower Hamlets Community Arts Festival 

Applicant: Lighthouse Art Group 

Project description: To organize an art festival, during which members of different communities, different age groups and social strata of the local community will have the opportunity to show their artistic abilities. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Come Dine in Blue Publication 

Applicant: Hartslane CIC 

Project description: The publication of Come Dine in Blue: a visual and written recollection of personal and collective untold stories of identity, belonging, and cultural heritage depicted in Blue-and-White, engaging with five different Lewisham migrant & refugee communities typically excluded from heritage and archival practice. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,999 

Project Title: Coxside Carnival: Celebrating Plymouth's "Forgotten Corner" 

Applicant: Coxside Residents Arts Board 

Project description: To build on the recently restarted Coxside Carnival, and look to past Coxside Carnivals to inspire a post-lockdown carnival in 2022 which celebrates Coxside’s past and present. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Reaching In and Reaching Out 

Applicant: Arts and Health South West 

Project description: The co-production of a series of workshops and training days focusing on engaging young people with heritage and creating an evaluation framework for future phases.  

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 

Project Title: Wallington Village Heritage Project 


Project description: The Wallington Village Heritage Project (WVHP) will help bring to life the history of a suburban village through two local celebratory exhibitions, a learning programme and a digital Wallington Village Heritage Trail map. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,950 

Project Title: My Words 

Applicant: Museum of Colour 

Project description: 'My Words' expands MoC’s concept of portraiture, donations, response and performance to recognise and celebrate the contribution of poets and spoken word artists of the global majority to the national/British cultural heritage from 1766-2016.  

Decision: Award grant of £99,973 

Project Title: Royal Academy of Dance - The RAD Archive 

Applicant: Royal Academy of Dance 

Project description: The project will establish a new library, archive and public exhibition and events spaces at the Royal Academy of Dance. It will increase engagement with diverse community groups through volunteering opportunities and workshops. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: It takes a Village to raise a Child 

Applicant: Billy Youth Engagement Project 

Project description: A programme of workshops delivered over a period of one year from the Broadwater Farm Community Centre in Tottenham, Haringey, North London. Each workshop will cover a specific topic related to the heritage of African and African Caribbean communities in the UK. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,994 

Project Title: Dartington Crystal History and Heritage Exhibition 

Applicant: Dartington Crystal Holdings Ltd 

Project description: The creation of a new visitor facility including exhibitions and activity area showcasing the history of Dartington glass. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Sharing the UK's Jewish liturgical heritage 

Applicant: Masorti Judaism 

Project description: Conserving and educating about the UK’s Jewish liturgical and musical heritage, creating accessible online resources. 

Decision: Award grant of £98,560 

Project Title: Ex Admiralty MFV  "WILD GOOSE" 

Applicant: Lorraine Babb and Martyn Babb 

Project description: To restore a 1943/4 Ex Admiralty MFV ‘Wild Goose’, a motor fishing vessel and Registered Historic Ship. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Improving Community Access Project 

Applicant: The Parochial Church Council of The Parish of Saint John the Evangelist, Newbury 

Project description: To create a fully accessible glass entrance porch to the church building. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: British Kenya and The Mau Mau Uprising: 70 Years After 

Applicant: Learning Through The Arts 

Project description: This project will revisit the heritage of British Kenya Colony and The Mau Mau Uprising (1952–1960) during the 70th anniversary of the revolt in 2022. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Kent Pilgrim Festival 2022 

Applicant: Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome 

Project description: Kent Pilgrim Festival sets out to engage audiences through the provision of a series of events in and around the deprived districts of the town of Dover. 

Decision: Reject

Project Title: Making Discover DeCrypt resilient and sustainable for the future 

Applicant: Discover DeCrypt 

Project description: Creating organisational resilience, ensuring that Discover DeCrypt can develop as a vibrant and sustainable organisation within Gloucester. The project focuses on business planning, fundraising and audience development. 

Decision: Award grant of £62,800 

Project Title: Silence 

Applicant: Tara Arts Group 

Project description: Silence is a three-phase project based around the heritage of the South Asian diaspora in the UK - a stage production, digital educational resource, and heritage-based community engagement project. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Learn and Light Up Paulsgrove! 

Applicant: Paulsgrove & Wymering Carnival Association 

Project description: Sharing the history of Paulsgrove with the local community, investigating time periods from the Domesday Book to present.  

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 

Project Title: Sweet Thames: The London Folk Club Heritage Project 

Applicant: Star Creative Heritage 

Project descriptions: To research, preserve and disseminate the heritage of London folk clubs from their origins in the 1950s until their recent decline from ageing audiences, diminishing venues and Coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions. 

Decision: Award grant of £58,296 

Project Title: Wander & Wonder Feasibility Study 

Applicant: Wander & Wonder CIC 

Project description: To assess the feasibility of establishing a community business model to provide secular events and activities aimed at deepening connection with natural and built heritage at places of worship.  

Decision: Award grant of £9,650 


Applicant: The GLADE Centre 

Project description: To recruit and train a cohort of 6 new ‘Heritage Associates,' for example, Somerset residents aged over 18 years drawn from ethnically diverse communities and heritage, to be trained and equipped to go into schools, community groups and engage with public bodies and the third sector. 

Decision: Reject 

Project Title: Untold Cornish Story 

Applicant: 4elementz CIC 

Project description: To tell the untold stories of black lives, women and LGBTQ+ people in Cornwall through research, workshops and creating learning materials. To engage young people in celebrating diverse Cornish heritage and provide diversity history training to museum staff and teachers. 

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 

Project Title: Nigerian Festival UK 

Applicant: Ebony Ambassadors CIC 

Project description: The Nigerian Festival UK will be a day-long event to celebrate Nigerian cultural traditions and bridge the cultural gap between generations. It will include a range of side events including Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Corner and Nigerian History Corner. 

Decision: Reject 

Change in Grant Percentage 

Project Title: HOPE for the Future – Heritage, Outreach and Preservation of Natural History 

Applicant: Oxford Museum of Natural History 

Project description: HOPE for the Future will rehouse and safeguard the British Insect Collection, protecting the nation’s natural heritage for future generations. It will restore the Westwood Room to its original 1860 condition. The project will include an extensive public engagement programme. 

Recommendation: Increase grant percentage from 52% to 57%  

Decision: Approve