England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions March 2022

England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions March 2022

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Head of Investment, England, Midlands & East in March 2022. National Lottery Grants for Heritage.

23 March 2022

Gaining Traction

Applicant: The Long Shop Museum

Project description: To access a growing range of audiences and support and contribute to the local community and its wellbeing. With the introduction of immersive technological solutions, Gaining Traction will raise the profile and reputation of: the museum, Leiston, Suffolk heritage, and East Anglia as a tourist destination. 

Grant Request: £129,067 (99%)

Decision: Reject

50 Years of Middle Street Resource Centre: the Hidden Heritage of Wellbeing in the Community

Applicant: Nottingham Trent University

Project description: To explore and celebrate the 50 year history of Middle Street Resource Centre (MSRC) in Beeston, Nottingham.

Grant Request: £98,296 (99%)

Decision: Award Grant £98,296 (99%)

The Willoughby Puzzle

Applicant: St Nicholas PCC Willoughby

Project description: This project has three parts: essential repairs to the church roof and stone work, an activity programme and a community garden at St Nicholas Church in Willoughby, near Rugby, Warwickshire.

Grant Request: £248,895 (79%)

Decision: Award Grant £248,895 (79%)

Scampton Community & RAF War Graves Heritage Centre Project

Applicant: St John the Baptist Church, Scampton

Project description: This Scampton, Lincolnshire project will undertake capital work on a 14th century, Grade II listed church. It will also create educational materials about local aviation heritage, with focus on the RAF, commonwealth, and German service people buried in the church's graveyard.

Grant Request: £150,923 (44%)

Decision: Award Grant £150,923 (44%)

Randell Revival (The Lost Stories)

Applicant: Unity Education Trust

Project description: To involve pupils from academies across three fenland villages in working with heritage and design professionals. They will explore handwritten letters from fenland writer Arthur Randell, learn about the associated local history, create a publication, and share their learning with elderly residents.

Grant Request: £10,000 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (100%)

Withybrook cemetery restoration

Applicant: R J COPE & A M COPE

Project description: To clear a disused, overgrown cemetery, carry out repairs and clear litter, as well as create activities for wider engagement.

Grant Request: £9,500 (100%)

Decision: Reject

Re-sourcing Sinai

Applicant: Sinai Park House Trust

Project description: To deliver a viability study and business plan for restoring the site as a new centre for wellbeing and outdoor learning.

Grant Request: £10,000 (100%)

Decision: Reject

The Origins of Wirksworth

Applicant: Wirksworth Archaeological Society

Project description: This project, based in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, aims to discover the town's early origins through community research and excavation. The project will try and uncover Wirksworth' s early origin, and if it may have been a Roman centre, specifically the lost town of Lutudarum.

Grant Request: £89,760 (99%)

Decision: Reject

Vaughan Williams' Folk

Applicant: East Anglian Traditional Music Trust

Project description: To record and share the folk songs collected by classical composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams, from local communities across East Anglia in the early 20th century.

Grant Request: £65,938 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £65,938 (100%)

10 Years of Walking Together – Celebrating Markham Colliery

Applicant: Derbyshire County Council

Project description: To celebrate the completion of the Walking Together mining memorial at Markham Vale, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire. This will be achieved through activities, improvement to interpretation, and work to the website.

Grant Request: £38,950 (52%)

Decision: Award Grant £38,950 (52%)

Developing our heritage

Applicant: PCC of Doddington

Project description: To hold pilot community heritage activities that will inform the development of a Business Plan and revised architectural plans for the creation of a Visitor Centre at St John's Church, Doddington, Shropshire.

Grant Request: £10,000 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (100%)

Glentham War Memorial Clock

Applicant: Glentham Parish Council

Project description: This project will restore St Peter's Church tower clock in Glentham, Lincolnshire.

Grant Request: £4,200 (100%)

Decision: Reject

Hidden Heritages Cambridgeshire: Cross-generational connections through memories

Applicant: Hadithi

Project description: This year is the 75th anniversary of the India/Pakistan partition and the 50th anniversary of the expulsion of South Asian people from Uganda. This project in Cambridgeshire aims to record, archive and present South Asian people's memories of those events.

Grant Request: £9,999 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £9,999 (100%)

Revolt and Celebrate!

Applicant: XPLORE ARTS

Project description: For young people to create a digital map of the Peasants Revolt as an educational resource. It will be presented as a collection of short film clips, re-enactments, animations, and interviews. It will bring to life the remarkable uprising of 1381, which famously started in Essex and with many key events happening across the county.

Grant Request: £10,000 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (100%)

Growing & Learning for Wellbeing

Applicant: Birmingham Settlement

Project description: To improve the condition of, and engagement with, the Selwyn Road Playing Fields, Birmingham. It will be delivered in partnership between Birmingham Settlement and Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country.

Grant Request: £215,420 (95%)

Decision: Award Grant £215,420 (95%)

Disability Direct: The Story of the User-Led power in Derby

Applicant: Disability Direct

Project description: To explore and share the heritage of the disabled community in Derby and Derbyshire.

Grant Request: £86,830 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £86,830 (100%)

Protecting the South Aisle of Haughley Church

Applicant: Parochial Church Council, St Mary's Church, Haughley

Project description: This project would carry out repair work St Mary's Church, Haughley, Stowmarket, Suffolk, comprising the addition of tiles to the south aisle roof to prevent water ingress.

Grant Request: £3,170 (100%)

Decision: Reject

M1 Memories of Derbyshire

Applicant: East Peak Countryside Associates Community Interest Company

Project description: This project, based in Sheffield, Derbyshire, aims to explore the history of the M1 section in Derbyshire constructed between 1959 and 1968. The project will capture the community histories from the labourers who worked on the Derbyshire M1 stretch. This will be recorded and archived to be used in future research. It aims to discover the different attitudes towards the M1 and what it was like losing land and livelihood for the local people.

Grant Request: £70,530 (99%)

Decision: Reject

Team brit race day

Applicant: Xtra potential cic

Project description: To fund group attendance at an event with Team BRIT (a motor racing team consisting of disabled drivers) at Silverstone. This includes a talk and showcase of their adapted cars.

Grant Request: £9,425 (100%)

Decision: Reject

Hilton Community Garden Applicant: Hilton Community Garden

Project description: This project in the village of Hilton, Huntingdonshire, will recruit volunteers to plant sustainable wildflower corridors, install interpretation boards, and hold activities that explore biodiversity and the influence of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown on the village landscape.

Grant Request: £8,635 (100%)

Decision: Reject

Wild Willows

Applicant: Summerwood Lane Community Gardens

Project description: This project focuses on the use of willow in Nottingham and the Trent Valley, which, prior to the Second World War, was the largest willow growing area in the UK with nationally-recognised varieties.

Grant Request: £8,026 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £8,026 (100%)

Cley Heritage Walk Applicant: Cley Parish Council

Project description: To create a heritage trail around Cley next the Sea and nearby marshes (north Norfolk coast).

Grant Request: £4,206 (100%)

Decision: Reject

Britain's Oldest Alliance

Applicant: Reprezent Project

Project description: To support artists from Portugal and the UK to create three visually striking murals, and include residents in the creative process. It will establish points of intersection between different generations and cultures, presenting new opportunities for discovery and appreciation of the unique shared histories between Portugal and the UK.

Grant Request: £10,000 (83%)

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (83%)

Essex Craft Society Project

Applicant: Clapham Film Unit

Project description: To record at risk memories from heritage craft practitioners.

Grant Request: £16,661 (97%)

Decision: Award Grant £16,661 (97%)

Restoring Warwickshire's Waymarkers

Applicant: The Milestone Society

Project description: To restore and reinstate mileposts, as well as produce interpretation and update display materials and website data.

Grant Request: £7,661 (83%)

Decision: Award Grant £7,661 (83%)

Delivering Windrush and Black History related activities through fashion and music within the local community

Applicant: Fashion, Talent & Black History C.I.C

Project description: To explore the lives of people with Caribbean heritage in Jamaica and England through fashion, performance and music.

Grant Request: £6,160 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £6,160 (100%)

Portrait of D H Lawrence

Applicant: Nottingham City Museums

Project description: To support the acquisition of the 1929 portrait of D.H. Lawrence by the Dutch artist, Joep Nicolas. Then, carry out an outreach programme to encourage awareness and learning about the writer by using the portrait as a focus.

Grant Request: £35,630 (34%)

Decision: Award grant £35,630 (34%)

Roots in Time

Applicant: Worcestershire County Council

Project description: This project in Evesham, Worcestershire, will work with young people, adults with learning disabilities, and local resident volunteers to carry out a community archaeology project. The site includes a Neolithic Cursus, which will be non-invasively investigated. Excavations will be carried out in areas where a new woodland park is scheduled to be planted.

Grant Request: £95,830 (100%)

Decision: Defer

Queen's Platinum Jubilee event

Applicant: Roade Parish Council

Project description: This project in Roade, West Northamptonshire, will hold two events to commemorate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee: tree planting and beacon lighting, and a big Jubilee lunch.

Grant Request: £5,831 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £5,831 (100%)

Peterborough Celebrates

Applicant: Nene Park Trust

Project description: For a festival to be held at Nene Park, Peterborough. The festival will celebrate acts of kindness, the diversity of the city and the park's natural assets.

Grant Request: £10,000 (67%)

Decision: Reject

Clipstone Colliery Centenary Mining Heritage Week

Applicant: Clipstone Colliery Regeneration Group

Project description: This activity project, based near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, aims to provide a series of events to celebrate the mining heritage of Clipstone Village. This will be a centenary event set at the Grade II listed Clipstone Headstocks.

Grant Request: £9,960 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £9,960 (100%)

Beeston and Beyond

Applicant: Canalside Heritage Centre

Project description: To develop the Canalside Heritage Centre in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. It will provide a new interpretation scheme, engage new audiences, and achieve ACE Museum Accreditation for the site.

Grant Request: £242,681 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £242,681 (100%)

Stories To Share

Applicant: Buzzing Roots CIC

Project description: This project, based in Leicester, aims to engage children and young adults with Braunstone's cultural heritage. It will do this through a pilot guided walking tour of Braunstone Park, the walled gardens and the Stables Museum. 

Grant Request: £9,825 (33%)

Decision: Reject

Tenbury Museum – A Stronger Future

Applicant: Tenbury Wells Museum & History Group CIO

Project description: To appoint a Museum Development Consultant to produce a business plan for Tenbury Wells Museum, undertake capacity building, train museum trustees and volunteers, and support development of large funding applications.

Grant Request: £10,000 (89%)

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (89%)

Preserving Heritage for Youth, Women Empowerment and Stronger Community

Applicant: New Hope Global

Project description: This project focuses on traditional Bangladeshi skills/crafts in the following areas: fruit carving, creative Pithas (indigenous Bangladeshi snacks), Kantha stitching (a traditional form of embroidery), grazing platters, jewellery making, dress making, painting and henna art.

Grant Request: £51,511 (100%)

Decision: Reject

Shropshire Love Nature Festival

Applicant: Shropshire Climate Action

Project description: Coordinate and deliver a county-wide festival of nature in Shropshire, with a focus on the threats and possibilities of climate change. Activities will include tours, farm open days, skills taster events, and children's events.

Grant Request: £10,000 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (100%)

31 March 2022

25th anniversary celebrations

Applicant: Headway Black Country

Project description: To involve people with brain injuries in creating a touring exhibition, taking inspiration from visits to the Black Country Living Museum. The project will coincide with Headway Black Country’s 25 year anniversary.

Grant Request: £7,000 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £7,000 (100%)