Northern Ireland: delegated decisions, March 2022

Northern Ireland: delegated decisions, March 2022

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Investment, Northern Ireland on 28 March 2022

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Harps Alive / An Chruit Bheo / Harps Leevin

Applicant: Reclaim The Enlightenment

Project description: a major collaborative festival to mark the 230th anniversary of the assembly of harpers in Belfast in 1792 and to celebrate the work of the organist and collector Edward Bunting.

Decision: Reject

Andrew Bonar Law Memorial Project

Applicant: Andrew Bonar Law Memorial Project

Project description: Erect a sculpture/bust of Andrew Bonar Law in Coleraine Town Hall or another suitable location. Promote the life of Andrew Bonar Law to the local community and wider population.

Decision: Reject

Sons of Ivar Longhouse build

Applicant: Sons of Ivar LHS

Project description: The Sons of Ivar, a Viking Reenactment Group, will build an authentic Viking Longhouse in the Glenpark Estate (formerly the Ulster History Park).

Decision: Reject

Earl Bishop Trail

Applicant: Hervey Heritage Society

Project description: Print an information map of the Earl Bishop Trail, the Earl Bishop Trail Booklet, together with staging a play at Mussenden Temple and Playhouse, Derry. Materials would be made available to tourist outlets and also during community lectures, tours and plays.

Decision: Reject

Wisdom begins with Wonder: Inclusive Access to the Armagh Observatory Historic Collection

Applicant: Armagh Observatory and Planetarium

Project description: Work with local groups to build a volunteer programme and run three events over a year that aim to give a unique experience to people in the deaf community.

Decision: Award Grant £85,248 (100%)