England, North: delegate decisions January 2022

England, North: delegate decisions January 2022

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Director for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 19 January 2022.

South Park: The People's Park

Applicant: Darlington South Park Foundation

Project Description: To develop greater community engagement with South Park in Darlington through working with local communities to create a 'people's park'. South Park is Grade II listed. The project will be delivered by a partnership consisting of Darlington South Park Foundation (DSPF), Darlington Borough Council (DBC) and Groundwork NE & Cumbria. DSPF membership includes representatives from the local community, DBC, Darlington Park Run, Friends of South Park and Groundwork NE and Cumbria.

Decision: Award grant of £99,615 (100%)

Learning from the Ancient Romans: Heritage, Conservation and Inclusion

Applicant: MBC Arts Wellbeing CIC

Project Description: This 15 month project will start in February 2022 and is linked to the recent discovery of stone Roman anchors on the River Wear. Participants will be engaged to explore Sunderland's identity, linking its story with the Roman heritage of the wider North East. The project will enable under-served and vulnerable communities to engage with heritage, and have an opportunity to learn about their shared past exploring themes such as tolerance, inclusivity, and environmental impact awareness. Participants will be recruited through community links and include members of the ethnic minority community, older isolated people, children in care and disabled people. The project will enable access to specialist information and skills and services and have an emphasis on wellbeing.

Decision: Award grant of £124,516 (93%)

Heritage in deprived neighbourhoods of Hull

Applicant: Absolutely Cultured Limited

Project Description: Absolutely Cultured Limited (ACL) is seeking funding to explore the heritage of two deprived areas of Hull: Peel Street in Spring Bank and a series of streets in Gipsyville, known as The Shires. The project will use community arts as a ‘vehicle’ to explore the heritage. The project aims to last 15 months (April 2022 to July 2023).

Decision: Award grant of £60,000 (51%)

Stand Out

Applicant: Blaze Arts

Project Description: Blaze Arts (BA) are seeking funding to deliver a 14 month creative heritage project, starting in February 2022. The project will enable young people (14–24 year olds) to take the lead on exploring and celebrating Lancashire's LGBTQ+ heritage and producing events and an exhibition that share this heritage to a wider audience. Through this project, young people will engage with and reinterpret Burnley and Pendle's LGBTQ+ history in creative ways. They will also promote diversity and inclusion within their communities and learn a range of transferable skills

Decision: Award grant of £36,534 (100%)

Hadrian's Wall 1900 Festival

Applicant: The English Heritage Trust

Project Description: This year long project aims to deliver activity throughout 2022 that will encourage local audiences and communities to engage with the heritage of Hadrian's Wall in new ways. It will connect people to lesser known areas of the wall and World Heritage Site, and stimulate the local economy in the wake of the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Decision: Award grant of £239,849 (65%)

No Passengers

Applicant: Regeneration NE Community Interest Company

Project Description: This two month project will produce an exhibition of images and objects from the Invalid Carriage Register Archives at the Horizon Arts Space in Seaham, East Durham. Regeneration NE will recruit and train volunteers to host the exhibition and will commission a series of talks on disability issues to promote better understanding and engagement. 

Decision: Award grant of £4,465 (100%)

The Out of Many Festival 

Applicant: Jamaica Society Leeds 

Project description: This 13 month project includes a festival to collect, preserve and showcase Jamaican and West Indian Heritage in Leeds. This is in the 60th anniversary year of Jamaican independence and 45th anniversary year of Jamaica Society Leeds.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000 (83%)

Moss Side Boxing Club – From Then to Now

Applicant: Hercules Productions Enterprise CIC

Project Description: This 14 month project, starting in March 2022, will involve 30 young people in investigating the heritage of Moss side Fire Station Boxing Club. The project will carry out research, collect oral histories and deliver a music and drama production, exhibition and film documentary.                                                         

Decision: Award grant of £57,050 (100%)

Skirlaugh Heritage Project

Applicant: The JCC of St Augustine's Church, Skirlaugh

Project Description: This 30 month scheme proposes to address deterioration within the fabric of the Grade I Listed St Augustine's Church, Skirlaugh. A programme of activities and new digital learning resource will aim to better secure the sustainability of the church through engaging new audiences.

Decision: Award grant of £180,346 (65%)

Sangam Festival 2022

Applicant: Communities Together

Project Description: Communities Together (CT) seeks funding for the Sangam Festival 2022, a celebration of South Asian heritage which will take place in venues and outdoor sites across Kirklees. This is ahead of and during South Asian Heritage Month (18 July to 17 August 2022) and the commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of Partition.

Decision: Award grant of £80,000 (100%)


Applicant: People’s Voice Media

Project Description: This application will run for two years from April 2022 until March 2024. The project is an oral history project that will collect stories from people who have migrated to Northern England in the last ten years.

Decision: Award grant of £145,122 (100%)


Applicant: West African Development

Project Description: This 12 month project (March 2022 to February 2023) will deliver community engagement activities, culminating in piloting an African Heritage Centre and Gallery at West African Development (WAD), Ashton-under-Lyne. 

Decision: Reject

Thornaby Memories

Applicant: UCRE8 Community Arts

Project Description: This 12 month project, starting in January 2022, will focus on researching the leisure and pastime activities of the young people of Thornaby in the Tees Valley in the late 1960s. Young people will gather stories of the time and will photograph and document changes to the physical environment and townscape. 

Decision: Award grant of £8,100 (100%)



Project Description: Tomorrow's Leaders North East CIC (TLNE) aims to build on their previous work to collect and share the heritage of diverse ethnic communities in the North East of England via online and in-person workshops.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)

Light Up Our Lives

Applicant: verd de gris arts    

Project Description: This nine month project will narrate and celebrate the experiences, customs and traditions of Black / Black African people in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. It will adopt an arts-based approach, using intergenerational activities to enable members of the community to explore and share their cultural heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £9,815 (100%)

Printmaking Facilities for Eastgate Studio Members and the Local Community

Applicant: Eastgate Studio (Great Leeson T/A)

Project Description: Delivered at Eastgate Studio in Beverley, East Yorkshire, the project focuses on renovation of some studio space and purchase of printing equipment, enabling the applicant to offer a complete screen printing process. 

Decision: Reject

Quinquennial Renovation

Applicant: Centre 4 Renewal

Project Description: Centre 4 Renewal (C4R) seeks to undertake a six month long programme of restoration on Christ Church, a former Anglican place of worship in Ellesmere Port, Merseyside. 

Decision: Reject

St Marys Hutton Magna – Restoration Project

Applicant: Hutton Magna PCC

Project Description: The application is to repair and restore the outer fabric of the Church of St Mary's, Hutton Magna, North Yorkshire.

Decision: Reject

The Soul-Full Village

Applicant: Rekindle School Ltd

Project Description: Beginning in March 2022, the 12 month project will deliver a series of events in Moss Side, south Manchester. To complement a new supplementary school being launched by the applicant from the University of Manchester. 

Decision: Reject

Ferries of the Tyne

Applicant: New Enterprise Studios CIC

Project Description: New Enterprise Studios (NES) will work with partners to enable young people from ethnically diverse backgrounds to explore the history of the River Tyne ferry crossing and share this research more widely.

Decision: Reject

Boldon Colliery Heritage Group – Memorial Project


Project Description: This ten month project is focussed on erecting a memorial commemorating local mining heritage along with those who served in the armed forces. 

Decision: Reject

Walking through History

Applicant: Streets Ahead for Information

Project Description: Building on previous walks undertaken by the applicant, Streets Ahead for Information (SAI), this one year project aims to involve a wider range of people in the heritage. Residents of Gresham will create walking guides based on the area's heritage for others to use.

Decision: Reject

The Sir Learie Constantine Terrace

Applicant: Nelson Cricket Club

Project Description: Nelson Cricket Club wish to undertake a three month project, beginning immediately, that will undertake repairs to an 1878 terrace (repair seating, build a rear retaining wall, landscaping). It will be dedicated to the former club player Sir Learie Constantine – the first black overseas professional to play for Nelson and the first black peer in the House of Lords. A memorial plaque will be installed and benches will also be dedicated to other former players of note.

Decision: Reject

The Hawdon


Project Description: The 13 month (January 2022 to February 2023) project will refurbish, repair and renovate Hawdon Institute (HI), Selby to sustain community use.

Decision: Reject

Brown's Point of View

Applicant: Little Harle Partnership

Project Description: The Little Harle Partnership, landowners at the Kirkharle Estate and first time applicant, is seeking funding to create a new footpath and interpretation board on the estate located in Northumberland. The project would start in April 2022 and finish in March 2023. This would add to the footpaths already in place and open up views across the wider landscape, where Lancelot "Capability" Brown grew up, with the interpretation board including a poem about modern intrusion in the countryside.

Decision: Reject

African Festivals Heritage Project

Applicant: Moonraker Foundation

Project Description: The Moonraker Foundation (TMF) are seeking funding to document and share the cultural traditions, memories and festivals of African communities that have now settled in Leigh, Greater Manchester. The project will take place over a seven month period (March 2022 to October 2022).

Decision: Reject