England, London & South: delegated decisions January 2022

England, London & South: delegated decisions January 2022

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Investment, London and South Area on 12 January 2022

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Project Title: 'Herstory'-Ceres and Pierce - a story about women, trade and justice

Applicant: Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts

Project description: An exhibition with a folk composition and an outdoor performance. It will explore the experiences of women in the 18th century in Devizes, Wiltshire in the context of rural heritage, folklore, superstition, fashion, society and justice.

Decision: Reject

Project Title: Wymering Manor: Building a sustainable future

Applicant: Wymering Manor Trust

Project description: Celebrate the heritage of Wymering Manor and transform it into a vibrant hub for the community. Deliver a large-scale capital project for the repairs and refurbishment of the manor, which will enable the site to host a larger number and broader range of visitors.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £79,148

Project Title: Swimming a Long Way Together

Applicant: Fabrica

Project description: Celebrating the story and achievements of Mercedes Gleitze through workshops, displays and events. Explaining the social history of outdoor swimming and its connection to improving mental and physical well-being. Complementing the existing Swim The Long Way Together project currently taking place in Ireland.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £71,495

Project Title: Developing a resilient future for Oldway

Applicant: Torbay Council

Project description: Torbay Council working with Oldway Trust to restore the Grade II* Oldway Mansion and Estate (Grade II) so it can be re-used as a community asset. It will also strengthen the governance of the Trust.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £149,038

Project Title: Fathoming the Future: Developing Digital Engagement with Maritime Archaeology to Develop Resilience

Applicant: Maritime Archaeology Trust

Project description: Increase engagement with the south coast's maritime archaeological heritage through events, resources, volunteering and online activities.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £221,586

Project Title: The Commons Tree replacement Project

Applicant: Great Torrington Commons Conservancy (Common Lands)

Project description: Carry out conservation and maintenance to the tree cover of the Great Torrington commons. To provide information to visitors around the commons area and how to enjoy it responsibly, including how to safely dispose of waste.

Decision: Reject

Project Title: A Legacy of Kindness: Telling the Story of The Gender Identity and Research Education Society (GIRES)

Applicant: Gender Identity Research and Education Society

Project description: This project will capture the voices of trans and gender-diverse people, as well as their supporters. It will uncover the memories of generations of past, present and new members, as well as trans activists and pioneers.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £77,988

Project Title: My Heritage My Home

Applicant: Apna Virsa

Project description: To engage people from Indian, Pakistani and white British backgrounds through activities that explore cultural similarities in food, music/dance and places of historical significance.

Decision: Reject

Project Title: St Sister Faustyna Polish Language School in Slough

Applicant: Saint Sister Faustyna Polish Language School In Slough CIC

Project description: Exploring Polish history and culture, as well as passing on traditions to young people. Helping them to grow up in a bilingual environment and to provide care and wellbeing to their local community.

Decision: Reject

Project Title: East India Company Spice-War Stories (1600-1625)

Applicant: Brick Lane Circle Ltd

Project description: Explore Anglo-Dutch Spice-War stories that took place during the early years of the English East India Company (1600-1625). Producing fictionalised stories from journals, treaties and letters from various heritage institutions.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £59,913

Project Title: Amazing Grace 250-Celebrating a Diverse Legacy

Applicant: Cowper Memorial Museum

Project description: Celebrating the 250th anniversary of the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ by John Newton. Using this opportunity and partnering with other community organisations will build new audiences, to reflect the legacy of John Newton and to engage the diverse ethnic community in Milton Keynes to tell stories inspired by Newton’s legacy.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £98,760

Project Title: Flying for Britain: Johnny Smythe WW2 RAF Navigation Officer and Windrush Icon

Applicant: Ms Rose Blossom/Fly Girls Wellness

Project description: Celebrate the service in the Second World War of people from commonwealth countries, specifically ex-Royal Air Force officer John Henry Clavell Smythe (1915-1996). His story of travelling from Sierra Leone to join the Royal Air Force (RAF) will be told as a drama which will be recorded to be shown at events, the RAF museum archives and through various media platforms.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £9,900

Project Title: The Hamlet Voyage

Applicant: Re:Verse Theatre LTD

Project description: An original play exploring whether a 1607 performance of Hamlet took place off the coast of Sierra Leone. Delivering school and community workshops, creating an online library and schools pack, as well as two performances of the play on a historic ship. Exploring the meeting of three different cultures (British, Sierra Leonean and Indian) within the context of British maritime history.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £9,180

Project Title: Wanstone Rediscovered: Bringing Back the Big Guns

Applicant: The National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty

Project description: Engaging under-represented audiences from the local community to restore a Second World War site in the Wanstone area.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £199,065

Project Title: 'Homegrown' Feltham Fete 2022

Applicant: Friends of Feltham Green

Project description: To re-establish the annual Feltham Green fete after two years of being unable to run the event due to COVID-19. The fete will include a number of community group stalls, including the local heritage society, with activities run by other community groups and volunteers.

Decision: Reject

Project Title: Pioneers and Places

Applicant: IRIE! dance theatre

Project description: IRIE!'s archive has been developed since 1985 but not readily accessible to the public. Developed through a series of workshops, training sessions and events, and delivered during Lewisham's turn as London Borough of Culture next year.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £96,296


Applicant: Modus Arts CIC

Project description: To explore, record and preserve British Pakistani heritage by engaging with communities in Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast.

Decision: Reject

Project Title: The Orchard Project

Applicant: Surrey Outdoor Learning & Development

Project description: To work in partnership with DAiSY (Disability Arts in Surrey) to engage people with disabilities and mental health issues with their local heritage through exploration of the High Ashurst site. To research and restore a derelict orchard, creating artworks for a new outdoor learning space, and raise awareness in local heritage.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £34,078

Project Title: Licoricia of Winchester

Applicant: The Licoricia of Winchester Appeal

Project description: To highlight Winchester’s Norman heritage to challenge prejudice and racism, and promote the value of diversity, religious tolerance, education and gender equality.

Decision: Reject

Project Title: From Pub to Pulpit

Applicant: Halsway Manor Society Ltd

Project description: To undertake an investigation into how Ralph Vaughan Williams used the tunes from folk songs collected from labourers and in pubs in the 1900’s. To bring this history to life through musical performances.

Decision: Reject

Project Title: Bell Tower Conservation Project

Applicant: Great Bourton PCC

Project description: To carry out restoration to the village bell tower, making it safe, returning it to its original design and making it more interesting to visitors.

Decision: Reject

Project Title: Brixton Windmill Heritage Engagement Officer

Applicant: Friends of Windmill Gardens

Project description: To generate organisation resilience for Friends of Windmill Gardens, through the recruitment of a heritage engagement officer, delivery of public activities, and through improvements to volunteering recruitment and management.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £96,788

Grant Increases

Project Title: Conserving and drawing new inspiration from the Bloomsbury Murals at Berwick Church, Sussex

Applicant: Berwick Parochial Church Council

Project description: To restore and conserve a set of murals and deliver a range of related audience learning and engagement activities.

Decision: Award the request for a grant of £96,400 (63%)