England, London & South: delegated decisions November 2021

England, London & South: delegated decisions November 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Engagement, London & South Area on 10 November 2021

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Project title: Improving Accessibility to Heritage at Shaftesbury Abbey

Applicant: Shaftesbury Abbey & Museum Preservation Trust Company Ltd

Project description: To improve accessibility to additional exhibition, research and learning facilities in a newly-acquired single-storey extension to Shaftesbury Abbey Museum.

Decision: Reject

Project title: The Friends of Shillingford Wood

Applicant: The Friends of Shillingford Wood

Project description: To buy Shillingford Wood for the community, so it remains open to the public and can be cared for, by the community, in a wildlife friendly way. 

Decision: Award a grant of £17,575

Project title: A Picture of the South Downs: Past and Present (schools outreach)

Applicant: Friends of the South Downs

Project description: To celebrate the centenary of our organisation by sharing our knowledge and understanding of the South Downs with a whole new generation

Decision: Award a grant of £59,750

Project title: London Friend at 50

Applicant: Friend Counselling London Limited

Project description: To celebrate the 50th anniversary of London Friend, exploring their LGBT heritage through an online exhibition and timeline, oral history collection and wellbeing events/activities. 

Decision: Award a grant of £43,300

Project title: I saw a God dance

Applicant: Apsara Arts

Project description: To raise awareness of Ram Gopal's significant contribution of Indian classical dances in UK. Learn more about the knowledge/practice of dances and the intangible heritage that has been passed down. Understand its heritage significance for the dancers and their communities.  

Decision: Award a grant of £95,929

Project title: Nightlight Lullabies, Crawley V2

Applicant: Murmuration Arts Production

Project description: Working with new parents from diverse communities who are affected by isolation. Record and share the heritage of lullabies and bedtime ritual. 

Decision: Award a grant of £56,556

Project title: '21 and Counting' - A celebration of Community Action & Heritage on the Pepys Estate

Applicant: 2000 Community Action Centre (2CAC)

Project description: To celebrate 2CAC within the context of Deptford's maritime history and the diversity of the estate's population.

Decision: Award a grant of £10,000

Project Title: Past Present Exchange (PPE)

Applicant: Sidney Walter Centre Management Committee

Project Description: To bind old and new residents with their heritage and their community. Facilitating 'The Sid' as a hub for these activities.

Decision: Award the a grant of £9,700

Project Title: Willen Hospice - Caring for MK since 1981

Applicant: Willen Hospice

Project Description: To document the history of the hospice through a collection of 10 oral histories and the creation of a documentary. Oral histories will be collected from employees and members of the community. 

Decision: Award a grant of £10,000

Project title: The Winston Machine 2022

Applicant: Kandinsky Theatre Company

Project description: Engaging young people and various community groups in Camden, London in community heritage workshops, research and exhibition curation. Explore and produce a new narrative interpretation of the impact of the Second World War on the borough, London and UK as a whole. 

Decision: Award a grant of £9,830

Project title: The Jenner Project Heritage Trail

Applicant: Berkeley Community Trust

Project description: To create a digital heritage trail ahead of the bicentenary of Dr Edward Jenner.

Decision: Reject

Project title: Milton Abbot Church Bell Restoration Project

Applicant: Milton Abbot Church of St Constantine and St Aegidius

Project description: To repair and display the church bells.

Decision: Reject

Project title: Restoration of Paving, modification and re-instatement of livestock barriers, replacement of benches, improvement of power and lighting services to the Undercroft of Minchinhampton Market House

Applicant: Minchinhampton Market House CIO

Project description: To improve and make more accessible the covered outdoor undercroft space of the Grade II* market house in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire to allow expansion of community activities.  

Decision: Reject

Project title: Portsmouth Heritage Roots: Popular Dance

Applicant: Soul Rawkus CIC

Project description: To explore and teach popular contemporary dance styles and Hornpipe dance styles of the past alongside each other, exploring their roots and influences, making it relevant today and preserving cultural heritage.

Decision: Reject

Project title: Building resilience for Tortworth Forest Centre

Applicant: Tortworth Forest Centre Community Interest Company

Project description: To undertake activities which aim to improve Tortworth Forest Centre’s financial and organisation resilience, ending their reliance on external funding and making the organisation self-sustaining. This will happen predominately through increasing use of the site for events, training, workshops and corporate volunteering days.

Decision: Reject

Project title: Digital Heritage Project

Applicant: Lango Cultural Foundation UK

Project description: To create an online archive for all African books and music, to be available for free to global communities.

Decision: Reject

Project Title: "Falklands 40 Lessons" (Rebuilding Resilience after the Pandemic)

Applicant: Front Line Naval Chaplains

Project Description: To bring to life the Falkland’s war and explain its relevance to civilians and service personnel alike. Highlight the experiences of Royal Navy Chaplains in contributing to the resilience and wellbeing of others as "friends and advisors to all on board" during the armed conflict of 1982. 

Decision: Reject

Grant increases

Project title: 91 Acts of Exuberant Defiance

Applicant: The Ubele Initiative

Decision: Agree change in grant percentage from 58.5% to 71% due to changes in match-funding.

Project Title: Living Together: 100 years of British social housing, through the lens of the Becontree Estate

Applicant: Create London

Decision: Agree change in grant funding from 49% to 51% due to a reduction in match funding.