England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions August 2021

England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions August 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Heads of Engagement and Investment England, Midlands & East in August 2021. National Lottery Grants for Heritage.

6 August 2021

Commonwealth Cultural Mela 2021 & Raksha Bandhan

Applicant: BOPA - British Organisation for People of Asian Origin

Project description: To bring together diverse communities, particularly BIPoC through a South Asian festival known as the 'Raksha Bandhan' combining cultural awareness together with raising awareness of the City's canal heritage and value. The project's vision is for the site to become a community hub supporting wellbeing and nature.

Grant Request: £9,850 (68.64%)

Decision: Award Grant £9,850 (68.64%)

Whole Lotta Culture

Applicant: General Public Projects LTD

Project description: To document the social history of allotments in Birmingham since the 1960s. They will focus on three key themes: health and wellbeing, food and cultural heritage and the changing role of women in allotments.

Grant Request: £63,200 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £63,200 (100%)

18 August 2021

Empowering Voices, Exploring Worldviews

Applicant: Shooting Fish Theatre Company

Project description: To explore individual memories and experiences of a diverse range of faiths through workshops and interviews and share these stories via four podcasts.

Grant Request: £32,633 (63%)

Decision: Award Grant £32,633 (63%)

Other Histories: education as if Black lives matter

Applicant: Global Education Derby

Project description: To explore the extent to which Black and diverse ethnic histories have been incorporated within the formal education sector, and the experiences of these communities during their time in education. It will be led by young people from under-served communities who will share their own experiences and collect testimonies of past experience from older generations. This will result in the creation of resources to be used in Personal, Social, Health and Economics lessons in schools.

Grant Request: £54,966 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £54,966 (100%)

Birmingham's Heritage Highlights

Applicant: Birmingham Civic Society

Project description: Devise four walking tours of Birmingham City Centre and create four new plaques for famous people connected to Birmingham. The trails will cover both civic and commercial parts of the city centre.

Grant Request: £46,000 (96%)

Decision: Reject

Friar Park - We will all meet again

Applicant: Friar Park Millennium Centre

Project description: For a Christmas-focused heritage event in December 2021 to bring its local community together. Proposals include exploring how Christmas celebrations have changed over time.

Grant Request: £9,204 (100%)

Decision: Reject

The Past is All Around Us: Castle Acre Community Heritage Project

Applicant: Castle Acre Parish Council

Project description: To train volunteers to explore and conserve both built and natural heritage in Castle Acre, King's Lynn, Norfolk.

Grant Request: £35,019 (99%)

Decision: Award Grant £35,019 (99%)

Community Health Awareness

Applicant: Gods People Assembly

Project description: To explore alternative counselling techniques, with a focus on vocational type counselling. For young people and adults from Black and diverse ethnic communities whose economic and social circumstances have been affected by COVID-19.

Grant Request: £9,950 (100%)

Decision: Reject

Nene Valley 5000: Distant Voices, Greener Lives

Applicant: Rockingham Forest Trust

Project description: To look at the lifestyles and beliefs of the Bronze and Iron Age people who settled on the Bronze Age barrow mound, within the wider context of its Neolithic to Medieval heritage. How they were influenced by changes in the landscape and environment of the Nene Valley, the introduction of different technologies and how they evolved.

Grant Request: £250,000 (89%)

Decision: Reject

Community Mercy Box

Applicant: NIMAB Welfare Trust

Project description: This project in Nechelles, Birmingham will deliver activities that highlight the diverse heritage of the local community, as well as provide support services to local residents.

Grant Request: £9,900 (95%)

Decision: Award Grant : £9,900 (95%)

Young Artisan Roots

Applicant: Nottinghamshire YMCA

Project description: Introduce traditional cooking methods across a variety of food groups to homeless young people in Worksop.

Grant Request: £75,577 (85 %)

Decision: Reject

Your Heritage - Your Museum

Applicant: Lowewood Museum Trust

Project description: Broaden the audience of Lowewood Museum in Hoddesdon, Broxbourne. It will reposition it as a community hub and improve its relevancy and sustainability through a programme of outreach and museum-based activities and events that engage the diverse local communities across the borough.

Grant Request: £228,800 (95%)

Decision: Award Grant £228,800 (95%)

Telephone Exchange Project

Applicant: The Art Station

Project description: Involve the local community in activities to explore and interpret the heritage of a former Post Office and Telephone Exchange on Saxmundham High Street.

Grant Request: £9,863 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £9,863 (100%)

A phoenix of resolve

Applicant: Sleaford Little Theatre

Project description: Support reopening of a theatre and associated drama based youth academy, develop a current heritage trail, cinema installation and green energy improvements to a Grade II listed building.

Grant Request: £48,500 (92%)

Decision: Reject

The Long Sobs

Applicant: P&Q Celtic Arts CIC

Project description: Put on a community performance exploring how the Coventry Blitz connects to the recent stories of migration and conflict held by Coventry residents.

Grant Request: £10,000 (7%)

Decision: Reject

Scots Garden River Bank Restoration

Applicant: Bakewell Town Council

Project description: Repair eroded riverbank in Bakewell and providing countryside and land management training to the public.

Grant Request: £92,500 (86%)

Decision: Award Grant £92,500 (86%)

Amplified Voices: Turning up the Volume on Regional Youth Culture

Applicant: YOUTH CLUB Ltd

Project description: Explore heritage relating to youth culture via: a national outreach and collections campaign, a Coventry based exhibition, development of a collections toolkit and a series of events, symposiums and academic commissions.

Grant Request: £117,395 (85%)

Decision: Award Grant £117,395 (85%)

Xaymaca (Pilot)

Applicant: KD Culture

Project description: To explore the heritage of Taino and Maroon indigenous Jamaican tribes and their agricultural practices.

Grant Request: £10,000 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (100%)

Small Rural Church Trail

Applicant: St. Mary's Church, Kinnerley

Project description: Create a trail which connects five small rural churches: St John's Maesbrook, St John's Maesbury, St Mary's Kinnersley, St Mary's Knockin and St Peter's Melverley.

Grant Request: £33,900 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £33,900 (100%)

London Luton Airport: Back to the Beginning

Applicant: Community Interest Luton

Project description: To involve young people in Luton in researching and sharing the history and heritage of London Luton Airport.

Grant Request: £64,355 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £64,355 (100%)

New town, new home: moving to Stevenage new town

Applicant: Stevenage Borough Council

Project description: Put on an exhibition and associated programmes highlighting the town's development history, while celebrating its 75 year anniversary.

Grant Request: £10,000 (76%)

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (76%)

Increasing Community wellbeing from green heritage (Birmingham)

Applicant: Society for Horticultural Therapy t/a Thrive

Project description: Restore and make accessible the Kings Heath Park’s TV gardens for use as a community resource. Maximise the heritage and enable greater participation and connection to nature by increasing healthy gardening activities for health and wellbeing purposes. Plus get a wider range of people involved.

Grant Request: £250,000 (84%)

Decision: Reject

History of the Victorian Walled Garden at New Berry Hall

Applicant: Family Care Trust

Project description: Support participants to explore the history of New Berry Hall Estate: an abandoned Victorian stately home which is located near to the organisation; with a particular focus on its walled garden.

Grant Request: £9,950 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £9,950 (100%)

1956 Royal Land Rover restoration

Applicant: Robert Ivins

Project description: To restore a 1956 Land Rover which had been used by the Queen during her Scotland Tour. After which the vehicle will be displayed at various events and shows to maximise public access.

Grant Request: £78,960 (100%)

Decision: Reject

Colouring between the lines

Applicant: Changing Our Lives

Project description: Record and raise awareness of the contribution people with disabilities from ethnically diverse communities in Birmingham and the Black Country, have made through community activism to the disability rights and self-advocacy movements since 2008.

Grant Request: £9,900 (95%)

Decision: Award Grant £9,900 (95%)

St Peters Welford on Avon Bell Tower Vestry Works

Applicant: St Peters Welford on Avon Parochial Church Council

Project description: This project is a phase of a wider, five year project to carry out refurbishments and improve visitor facilities at the Grade I listed church. This phase of the project will deliver non-heritage capital works, identified in their 2018 Quinquennial inspection.

Grant Request: £9,899 (18%)

Decision: Reject

Burypark - My Story

Applicant: Mitalee Youth Association

Project description: Provide training and volunteer opportunities for young people to explore the history of the Burypark area of Luton.

Grant Request: £56,200 (97%)

Decision: Award Grant £56,200 (97%)

Festival Forever: 250 years of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival

Applicant: Norfolk & Norwich Festival Trust

Project description: Mark the 250th anniversary of the Festival by engaging local young people to research, archive and celebrate its history through a number of creative outputs.

Grant Request: £99,889 (95%)

Decision: Reject

Lincolnshire Potato Railways

Applicant: LCLR Historic Vehicles Trust

Project description: Construct and repair a set of railway vehicles as used on Nocton Farm between 1920–1960, display the vehicles and create a range of interpretation material for them.

Grant Request: £9,975 (100%)

Decision: Reject

A Celebration of Historic Boreham Village

Applicant: St Andrew's Church Boreham

Project description: To hold a heritage festival to celebrate the history of the church and village. The event would include heritage displays, talks and guided tours. An updated and more accessible heritage booklet would be produced and content made available online.

Grant Request: £9,890 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £9,890 (100%)

60th anniversary celebrations of Polish Guides Midlands Region Mazowsze

Applicant: Polish Scouting Association

Project description: To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Polish Girl Guides Midlands Region which has over 280 active members. It will explore the impacts of WW2 and scouting on people's lives.

Grant Request: £10,000 (70%)

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (70%)

Eclipse - Art and Science in action

Applicant: The Royal Veterinary College

Project description: To display the skeleton of Eclipse, a Stubbs painting and book at the Hawkshead Campus at South Mimms in Hertfordshire and provide education resources and group visits.

Grant Request: £68,681 (100%)

Decision: Reject

Gorleston Carnegie Clock

Applicant: Carnegie Clock Group

Project description: Restore the mechanism and case of an historic clock and install it on prominent place on Gorleston High Street.

Grant Request: £10,000 (57%)

Decision: Reject

Showcasing Oswestry and our heritage for everyone

Applicant: Oswestry Borderland Tourism Ltd

Project description: Todevelop a marketing strategy based on an ambassador scheme in Oswestry and promote the North Shropshire area as a tourist destination.

Grant Request: £98,525 (89%)

Decision: Reject

Engaging Saffron Walden with the Saffron Story

Applicant: Saffron Walden Heritage Development

Project description: Share the history of the town of Saffron Waldon (located 12 miles north of Bishops Stortford) and its links to the saffron trade.

Grant Request: £9,931 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £9,931 (100%)

The Bread and Roses Barge

Applicant: The Bread & Roses Barge

Project description: Undertake consultation and feasibility work to inform planning for the future use of Sailing Barge May, the oldest surviving Essex barge, listed in the National Historic Fleet.

Grant Request: £9,800 (77%)

Decision: Award Grant £9,800 (77%)

20 August 2021

Putting on a Progress 1578: Pageantry, People and Places. (POP 1578 VR)

Applicant: Curious Spark Ltd

Project description: To deliver activities across Norwich, Norfolk, about Queen Elizabeth I's visit to the area.

Grant Request: £98,390 (92%)

Decision: Award Grant £98,390 (92%)

23 August 2021

Vintage Trains - At the Heart of the Community

Applicant: Vintage Trains Charitable Trust

Project description: Transform the Birmingham-based Tyseley Locomotive Works and home of the Vintage Trains Charitable Trust, into a community and visitor hub. Through capital refurbishment works and a programme of activities and events to widen engagement, all of which will be complemented by a new website.

Grant Request: £248,500 (61%)

Decision: Reject

27 August 2021

Two radio plays linked to cultural heritage

Applicant: NIDUS-UK

Project description: To produce two radio plays based on the history of the village of Hawton, Nottinghamshire.

Grant Request: £7,410 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £7,410 (100%)