England, London & South: delegated decisions October 2021

England, London & South: delegated decisions October 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Director, London and South on 13 October 2021.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Project Title: Fire Brigade museum

Applicant: Fire Brigade museum

Project Description: Phase 1 of establishing a Fire Brigade Museum in Romsey, Hampshire. This includes: establishing a museum location, commencing stabilisation and restoration work, establishing relationships and launching youth and volunteer schemes.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: One Community, Many Voices, One Chair

Applicant: Marlow Education Trust

Project Description: An oral history and wellbeing project involving Beechview and Marsh Primary Schools and the heritage of the nearby Ercol chair making factory. Children and families will be involved in the research and capture of community experiences of life during the pandemic. 

Decision: Award grant of £10,000


Project Title: Bristol West Indian Phoenix Cricket Club and School Heritage Project

Applicant: Green Sports and Leisure Limited

Project Description: To develop and deliver community arts and performance as part of the 2021 Bonfire event. This will be based on traditional stories from the West Indies and developing ideas of heritage through oral story telling surrounding the Atlantic slave trade.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Celebrating Windrush Heritage 2022/2023

Applicant: Windrush Foundation

Project Description: To explore the lives and legacy of the Caribbean men and women who moved to England on board the ship, Empire Windrush, in June 1948. Outputs to include education resources and community activities.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: St Jude's Next Era Project

Applicant: St Jude’s Church

Project Description: To transform the church into a multi-functional and flexible space with kitchen facilities, accessible toilets and easy disabled access. This will enable people to access the local heritage contained in the church and build on work to improve the wellbeing of the community.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Women for Women Bloomsbury 1800-1900

Applicant: Pascal Theatre Company

Project Description: To explore and share the heritage of prominent nineteenth-century female activists with links to the Bloomsbury area. Project activities include: heritage research; producing digital and physical interpretation; hosting workshops, clubs and events; and engaging with diverse local and wider communities.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Rooted in Nature

Applicant: Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust

Project Description: To create new opportunities for people to engage with heritage, including building relationships with under-served audiences through partnerships and training opportunities. To use heritage to improve wellbeing. To contribute to the long-term resilience and improvement of the woodland through environmental conservation.

Decision: Award grant of £234,909


Project Title: Newham Old Pavilion

Applicant: Newham Poetry Group

Project Description: To bring awareness to Newham heritage, through delivering workshops with under-served groups to explore and share the history of the Old Pavilion in Stratford Park. To capture and rescue the Old Pavilion’s stories, contributing these to the local archive.

Decision: Award grant of £16,940


Project Title: The Compass Point Project

Applicant: Bude Stratton Town Council

Project Description: To safeguard Storm Tower at Compass Point, which is at risk due to coastal erosion. To raise awareness and engage local people, young people and low-income families in the heritage of the tower and the current threat from coastal erosion and the climate emergency.

Decision: Award grant of £249,362


Project Title: Revealing The Creek

Applicant: Raybel Charters

Project Description: To deliver a community engagement project, exploring and sharing the heritage of Deptford Creek. The heritage research programme will relate to the modern day issues of the environment and global trade. Outputs include a pop-up display and an immersive theatre performance.

Decision: Award grant of £106,200


Project Title: To Repair The Rose Room Window & Stonework

Applicant: The Methodist Church Ryde

Project Description: To undertake the repair of the Rose Room window and stonework in the Methodist Church, which has stood in Ryde since 1880.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Reconnect with Haringey Heritage!

Applicant: Billy Youth Engagement Project

Project Description: To reconnect local young people and other project participants with the industrial heritage of Haringey. Project activities to include participant research and a community exhibition.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Film & Media collection - Royal Pavilion & Museums - community research, exhibition & workshops

Applicant: videoclub

Project Description: To deliver community engagement in one of the most deprived areas of Brighton using Europe's largest collection of early film materials (1890-1930), the Barnes Collection at Hove Museum & Art Gallery.

Decision: Award grant of £9,800


Project Title: X0X – Electronic Museum Heritage

Applicant: Readipop

Project Description: To explore, archive, share and celebrate the instruments that spawned many of the musical subcultures from the last 40+ years of electronic music and DJ/club culture. To provide opportunities for young people to engage with the project. To create the UK’s only publicly accessible resource of electronic music heritage instruments.

Decision: Award grant of £83,290


Project Title: Enhancements to St Mary Magdalene Church

Applicant: New Milton Town Council

Project Description: To produce interpretation boards focused on historical graves of local importance, as well as featuring poetry from a local poet and bringing awareness to the heritage walks.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: In Living Memory: Mayor of London's Borough of Culture, Lewisham

Applicant: London Borough of Lewisham

Project Description: In 2022, Lewisham will be London's Borough of Culture. In Living Memory is a heritage-focused project that forms part of the wider programme of activities. It will be delivered in partnership with Goldsmiths University and Lewisham's Heritage and Archive Service. 

Decision: Award grant of £250,000.


Project Title: Sharing the Limelight - a history of Theatre Royal Brighton

Applicant: Inroads Productions

Project Description: To explore the 20th century social history of the Grade II* Theatre Royal, Brighton. The project will focus on capturing the stories of the day to day workings of the theatre and the local people who are involved in it.

Decision: Award grant of £9,950


Project Title: Bay Meadows Nature Park

Applicant: Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Project Description: To secure and restore a site as a floodplain meadow and create an accessible community nature reserve. To include a programme of activities for local people, focusing on improving wellbeing, engaging with local families and building skills.

Decision: Award grant of £248,315


Project Title: Oily Cart and Sensory Theatre

Applicant: Oily Cart

Project Description: To create a digital archive and touring theatre performance. The project will engage disabled and SEND children and young people, their families, SEND school educators and artists in celebrating the company's 40th anniversary and its impact on, and pioneering use of, sensory and visual art in theatres.

Decision: Award grant of £80,214


Project Title: CYCALL Community Garden

Applicant: CYCALL

Project Description: To create an accessible community garden which will be enjoyed by both CYCALL participants and by all park users. The creation of this garden will bring together community groups involved with improving the natural environment of Brooklands Park. 

Decision: Award a grant of £5,500


Project Title: Wilder Bristol

Applicant: Avon Wildlife Trust

Project Description: To create new wildlife habitats in deprived areas of Bristol. To work together with community partners and local residents to produce a Community Climate Action Plan and connect more people with nature.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Lych gate

Applicant: Holy Trinity Church

Project Description: To carry out significant repairs to the Lych Gate of the Grade II listed Holy Trinity Church.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: From Pub to Pulpit

Applicant: Halsway Manor Society Ltd

Project Description: To celebrate the work of Vaughan Williams as part of the 150th anniversary of his birth. Project activities include: researching Vaughan Williams’ work, workshops hosted by artists exploring how the works evolved from traditional folk songs to choral works and performances of Vaughan Williams’ work.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Grovelands School Farm

Applicant: Grovelands Community Primary School

Project Description: To build a new farm area and growing space which will provide pupils with a range of new opportunities for curriculum linked learning and improved emotional wellbeing. 

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Stories from the Old Operating Theatre, 1822-1862

Applicant: : Lord Brock Trust t/a Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret

Project Description: To mark the bicentenary of the women’s operating theatre at St Thomas’ Hospital. The project will describe the historical significance of the space and tell the stories of the surgeons, students, nurses and patients who once set foot in the attic of St Thomas' Church during its use. 

Decision: Award a grant of £125,222


Project Title: Faversham Charters and Magna Carta

Applicant: Faversham Town Council

Project Description: This community heritage and archive project will create a permanent public exhibition of the Faversham Charters and Magna Carta. It will engage Faversham residents through schools outreach, digitisation, conservation and archiving activities and inspire residents to enjoy, celebrate and promote this heritage.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: The Great Explosion of Faversham April 1916

Applicant: Davington Primary School

Project Description: To explore the gunpowder manufactory industry and the site of a 1916 explosion with Year 5 pupils of Davington Primary School. Project activities include: learning about the industry process and the hazards; researching the lives and families of some of the 1916 factory explosion victims; and producing a leaflet, an exhibition and learning material.

Decision: Award a grant of £7,900


Project Title: Restoration of a registered historic vessel

Applicant: Edward McKeon

Project Description: To undertake repairs on a 1942 registered historic vessel, including engine repairs and interior restoration. The vessel was used in the D-Day Landings and is one of few remaining vessels from the event.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Transforming Swanage Railway Corfe Museum for the 2020's - Phase 1

Applicant: Swanage Railway Trust

Project Description: To strengthen the community reach and resilience of the museum through an oral history and young people's engagement programme, improved displays and skills development for volunteers.

Decision: Award a grant of £23,700.


Project Title: A Lifelong Passion for Design: Ken Stradling at 100

Applicant: The Ken Stradling Collection

Project Description: To commemorate the life and work of Ken Stradling in his hundredth year, and engage audiences in the goals of the Ken Stradling Collection. This will include two exhibitions and a programme of events, workshops and visits.

Decision: Reject


Grant percentage changes

Project Title: GRCF2021: Clennan Catchment Blue Resilience Applicant: Plymouth City Council

Project description: To bring environmental and economic benefits to Torbay by taking preventative actions to protect the area’s natural heritage and safeguard its tourism industry.

Decision: Agree change in grant percentage to 72% of total eligible delivery costs.


Project Title: GRCF2021: Plymouth’s Natural Grid – Building the Foundations of the Green Recovery

Applicant: Plymouth City Council

Project description: To create the UK's first National Marine Park (NMP), to include Plymouth Sound, the City of Plymouth and the surrounding landscape.

Decision: Agree change in grant percentage to 75% of total eligible delivery costs.

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