England, London & South: delegated decisions August 2021

England, London & South: delegated decisions August 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Investment, London & South, on 11 August 2021.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

In Plain View

Applicant: Preserve Our Past

Project description: To identify and record historic military buildings and structures on West Down Camp near Tilshead on Salisbury Plain, one of the oldest training camps in the country.

Decision: Reject

Roots of Growth: Growing a community

Applicant: Friends of Park Lane Park

Project description: To arrange educational visits to a new minibeast wilderness section in the park, and use the park as a place for outdoor activity support and education with community room and changing rooms.

Decision: Reject

Wombles From the Lane: An Oral History of AFC Wimbledon

Applicant: digital-works

Project description: This project will be an oral history of AFC Wimbledon, a football club with a history going back to 1889 when it began from a school for the poor. After a turbulent history, the club is returning to its historic ground at Plough Lane in 2021.

Decision: Award grant of £42,700 (98.84%)

Weedon Almshouse Cottages repairs and refurbishments

Applicant: Weedon Almshouses Charity

Project description: Weedon Almshouse Cottages are an example of early 17th-century vernacular buildings. The project would preserve the exterior appearance and integrity of the building. It would enable the cottages to continue providing good quality accommodation for those in need, and to comply with listed building regulations.

Decision: Reject

Save our Heritage K6 Red Phone Box

Applicant: Eastleach Parish Council

Project description: To move the iconic heritage K6 phone box, saving it from removal. The red phone box would become a central part of the community, acting as a map room, a meeting point for walkers, and the site of a seed bank scheme.

Decision: Reject

East African Harusi Project

Applicant: Revival House

Project description: To transfer and preserve the culture and traditional heritage of Harusi ritual of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The project would preserve this heritage for current and future generations of the Newham community, in particular the East African community there.

Decision: Reject

After Holloway

Applicant: Power Play Productions CIC

Project description: Supporting 12 young women who are at risk of incarceration to collect oral histories about Holloway Prison. The interviews will provide a vital snapshot of the prison building in its current closed state, before it's demolished.

Decision: Award grant of £9,240 (30.56%)

70 Years in Saltash

Applicant: Diverse Events

Project description: To hold a public event celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. To collect people’s memories, experiences and objects of the past 70 years in Saltash, collate them for an exhibition and digitise them for a website.

Decision: Reject

Tackling the EmergenSea ‒ Engaging Communities, Including Young People From Low Income Families, with our Seas for Marine Conservation

Applicant: Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Project description: The project will mobilise action for Cornwall’s nature recovery at sea through the Your Shore Network of Local Marine Groups (LMGs). Focusing on Mounts Bay, it will connect children and young people from low-income families with the marine environment.

Decision: Award grant of £244,185 (93.32%)

Positively Spoken:  An Oral History of Young People Growing Up With HIV

Applicant: CHIVA

Project description: This oral history project will gather 50 UK life stories from people who directly acquired HIV from their mothers before, during or shortly after birth between 1980 and 2002. Their diverse life stories will fill a gap in existing archived HIV oral histories held at the British Library Sound Archive, adding missing voices.

Decision: Award grant of £74,700 (75.68%)

Heritage is happiness

Applicant: Nene Tereza

Project description: To enhance the Albanian tradition dance and music lesson programme for young people, and to organise large events with performances for five important cultural days. Young people will gain better understanding of their culture and heritage, as well as improved physical health and wellbeing.  

Decision: Award grant of £25,000 (100%)

History, Legacy and Experiences of Council Housing in the Royal Borough

Applicant: Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Project description: To engage residents from across RBKC’s various social housing estates in a series of filmmaking workshops to produce a collaborative documentary film. The project will articulate the heritage of social housing in the Royal Borough, both in its built form and via the residents’ oral histories and experiences.

Decision: Reject

Alexandra Park Greenhouse Heritage and Wellbeing Project

Applicant: Alexandra Park Greenhouse Group

Project description: Alexandra Park Greenhouse is a rare 1930s teak and cast-iron greenhouse currently undergoing restoration. This project aims to optimise the opportunities this renovation offers through a programme of heritage and wellbeing activities for the local community.

Decision: Reject

Celebrating 30 years of Hornsey Vale

Applicant: Hornsey Vale Community Association

Project description: To celebrate the heritage of this open-access community centre in its 30th anniversary year. To tell the story of the centre and the people who have cared for it through recording oral histories, reorganising and rationalising the archive, and producing a range of interpretative content.

Decision: Award grant of £9,710 (99.49%)

Tracing the Cretaceous Coast

Applicant: IDOLRICH theatrerotto

Project description: The project includes a multi-media interactive performance and workshops, derived from the fossil heritage of the locality. It aims to educate children and adults about the geological make-up of the south coast as well as learning about the exciting new discoveries being made right now.

Decision: Reject

Medieval Animals Heritage in East Kent

Applicant: Canterbury Christ Church University

Project description: The project focuses on the rich diversity of East Kent Medieval Animals Heritage connected to Saint Anselm: theologian and Archbishop of Canterbury (1093‒1109). It will bring communities and specialists together, creating opportunities for more people to be directly involved in identifying, explaining, and sharing this heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £99,800 (100%)

Refugee Conversation Project

Applicant: Refugee Radio Limited

Project description: The project will capture the social history of asylum and migration in Brighton, Sussex and beyond. It will record the oral histories of refugees and asylum seekers and present these life stories in the wider historical context to show their deeper meaning.

Decision: Award grant of £23,416 (100%)

Feel the Songs and the Sounds!

Applicant: Congo Great Lakes Initiative

Project description: To reveal, understand and provide access to 450 traditional songs and sounds that tell the stories of 450 tribes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and more than 10 other African countries. The project will bring the music to a wider audience and preserve it for future generations.

Decision: Award grant of £91,150 (98.65%)

Beyond Medicine: women and the social history of pandemics

Applicant: Share UK

Project description: The project will look at the social history of the 1918 pandemic, comparing it to 2020. It will focus specifically on women's contributions in East London, with the involvement of volunteers from Leyton Sixth Form College.

Decision: Award grant of £56,147 (100%)

Cargoes: Industry and Innovation between the Thames and the Tyne

Applicant: Fitzrovia Noir CIC

Project description: This project focuses on the historical industrial connection between the Thames and the Tyne and its influence today. It is centred around 'making' using mid-19th-century technologies, collecting accents, dialects, languages and lexicons of residents, and collating oral histories.

Decision: Award grant of £83,164 (94.33%)

'Their Finest Hour': Crowdsourcing the public's heritage of the Second World War

Applicant: IT Services

Project description: To preserve personal stories and objects of the Second World War, which are fast fading from living memory. This project will crowd-source memories and digitised objects related to individuals’ and communities’ experiences, with a focus on Britain and the Commonwealth.

Decision: Reject

Discover Our Cultural Heritage

Applicant: Emmanuel Celebration Centre

Project description: To preserve the culture and traditional heritage of African immigrants and refugees living in Slough. The project will focus on rituals to do with death and burial.

Decision: Reject

Sugar and Spice: The Changing Face of Tooting High Street

Applicant: Bounce Theatre

Project description: This oral history and research project will document the post-war recovery and evolution of Tooting High Street. It will be co-created with Tooting residents and outputs will be digitised.

Decision: Award grant of £99,636 (95.68%)

Mary Anning ‒ Filming and Archive

Applicant: AsOne Theatre Company Ltd

Project description: A new play about 19th-century Dorset palaeontologist Mary Anning. The project will combine heritage and the arts to offer a legacy project to provide ‘living history’ to a much wider audience including schools, libraries and museums.

Decision: Reject

Britannia 1915 ‒ Relaunch

Applicant: Britannia Sailing Trust

Project description: This project will help to restore the Britannia to a viable, seagoing, and more accessible ship. Through ship visits, on-board workshops, quayside events and other activities, people will have the chance to experience shipboard life whilst learning about Britannia’s history.

Decision: Award grant of £99,680 (85.86%)

175 Not Out: The History of Cricket in Newent 1845‒2000

Applicant: Newent Cricket Club

Project description: To produce an archive of the history of Newent Cricket Club from its formation in 1845 up to the present day. To publish the findings in a book, put on an exhibition and produce a lasting archive to share which can be added to.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (83.33%)

Not Just Thomas Hardy

Applicant: Dorchester Town Council

Project description: To produce a culture town trail to highlight Dorchester’s varied and rich heritage. The project will engage and inform locals and visitors, as well as encourage spend in local businesses and attractions.

Decision: Reject

Newham Heritage Month 2022

Applicant: London Borough of Newham

Project description: A live and digital month-long heritage programme celebrating the diversity of Newham’s community with an inclusive theme, linked to the 10th anniversary of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. The project will also include a community grants scheme, training programme and volunteering programme.

Decision: Award grant of £211,390 (89.42%)