England, Midlands & East: Committee decisions September 2020

Schedule of Decisions for National Lottery Heritage Fund Committee for England, Midlands & East meeting on 16 September 2020 via Microsoft Teams.


Sue Beardsmore (Chair)

Marion Blockley

Heather Broughton

John Everitt

Perdita Hunt

Izzy Mohammad

Helen Wilson



Phil Rothwell

Jim Harker


Committee Business


1. Welcomes and apologies

Sue Beardsmore, Chair, welcomed everyone to the fifth meeting of the Committee for the Midlands & East. She thanked Perdita Hunt for attending the Committee and welcomed the other guests and presenters to the meeting.

The Chair had received apologies from Phil Rothwell and Jim Harker prior to the meeting.


2. Minutes of the meeting held on 17/06/2020 and matters arising

The minutes were approved and signed as a true record of the meeting. There were no matters arising.


3. Declarations of interest

The following conflicting interests were declared and as such members were not present in discussions for those applications or any subsequent voting and prioritisation:

Item 10: Harper Street: Engagement in Heritage; Re-Form Heritage. The Chairman and CEO of Re-Form Heritage had asked Perdita Hunt to become a trustee of the organisation.

The following interests were declared and were not deemed conflicting. The Members remained present for the discussions:

Item 10: Harper Street: Engagement in Heritage; Re-Form Heritage. Marion Blockley worked as a consultant on the previous Heritage Lottery Fund project at Middleport Pottery for three years ending 2014.


4. Chair’s Report

The Chair thanked the Committee for all the feedback they had given to date to take to discussions with the Chair of the Board or to Board meetings. All observations and feedback were reported back to the Chair of the Board. Sue Beardsmore asked to be kept informed of any changes of note in the area or sector, so that these could be reported back to the next Board meeting.

The Chair highlighted that it was Heritage Week and noted the interesting and innovative live and virtual events that were taking place at many National Lottery Heritage Fund projects. The Chair congratulated the Midlands & East Team for the continued hard work during difficult circumstances.

Heather Broughton joined the meeting.


5. Corporate Update

The Executive Director of Business Delivery joined the meeting and presented the update on corporate activity.

The Committee discussed corporate activity and particularly welcomed the support to Areas of Focus and the opportunity to feed in comments to the Board. 


6. Area Director’s Report

The Director for the Midlands & East, presented the report.


SF4 Delivery round applications for discussion and decision


7. Built for Exchange: The Renewal of Sudbury’s Central Space

Grantee: Churches Conservation Trust

Request: £1,677,400 (62%)

Uplift: £81,900 (5%)

Project: The Built for Exchange project would repair and regenerate St Peter’s as a cultural and community centre for the town. Through enhanced historical interpretation facilities and a varied cultural and activity programme, it would also build upon St Peter’s traditions as a site for the exchange of memories, experiences, ideas and industry. The building would be transformed into a vibrant space that welcomes a diverse local and visitor audience to share in the stories of the church and Sudbury.

The Committee for East of England awarded a first round pass of £1,871,000 including a development grant of £275,500 (70% of eligible development costs) in March 2018.

The Committee for the Midlands & East awarded a grant of £1,677,400 (62%).


8. A Familiar Treasure in our Midst

Grantee: Kingsland Parochial Church Council

Request: 500,000 (57%)

Project: A Familiar Treasure in our Midst is a church conservation and activity project. Like many rural churches, despite its local value, the future of St Michael and All Angels is uncertain. The overarching aim of the is to ensure its sustainability, develop increased and more varied uses for the benefit of villagers and visitors, build its resilience to withstand uncertain times ahead, and safeguard its historic fabric and contents.

The Committee for the West Midlands awarded a first round pass of £529,100 including development grant of £29,100 (47% of eligible development costs) in November 2018.

The Committee for the Midlands & East awarded a grant of £500,000 (57%).


9. Prioritisation of Delivery round applications

Both projects were awarded grant as requested.


SF4 Grant Increase applications for discussion and decision

Perdita Hunt left the meeting due to her conflict of interest. The Executive Director of Business Delivery left the meeting.


10. Harper Street: Engagement in Heritage;

Grantee: Re-Form Heritage

Request: Grant Increase of £547,000 to make a total grant of £1,521,500 (62%).

The Committee for West Midlands recommended the project to the Board as a high priority for support. The Board awarded a grant of £974,500 (56%).

Project: To repair and renovate one of the last remaining undeveloped and now derelict Victorian terraces in the Trent & Mersey Canal Area. As well as adding to the visitor offer at the Middleport Pottery, the project would protect a piece of social history and bolster commercial opportunities as well as providing space to host a local community group. There would also be the opportunity for digitisation of 5000-6000 items of the Middleport Pottery collection to create new archives. Varied volunteer and training opportunities would be made available.

The Committee for the Midlands & East awarded a grant increase of £547,000 to make the total grant £1,521,500.


For Information

Diversity and Inclusion Review



Any other business

The Chair drew the Committee’s attention to the forthcoming annual appraisals.

The next meeting will be held on 9 December 2020