England, North: delegated decisions February 2020

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to England, The North on 26 February 2020

National Lottery Grants for Heritage £3,000 - £10,000


Ribblehead 150

Applicant: Settle Stories

Project description: 2020 marks the 150th anniversary since work started to build the Ribblehead Viaduct. Ribblehead 150 will bring to life the stories and heritage of the Ribblehead Viaduct and make them available to a wider family audience.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (98%)


Mosborough History Trails

Applicant: Mosborough History Meeting Group

Project description: Mosborough History Group are aiming to interpret the local historic and natural heritage of the area: produce new walk trails, interpretation panels, learn new skills such as writing skills, walk leadership and ecological training.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (98%)


The People’s River

Applicant: Manchester Histories

Project description: Celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Engels. Taking Engels’ essay ‘The Working Conditions of the Working Class’ as inspiration, different communities will come together to explore and share their own personal stories potentially uncovering hidden histories of the River Irk.

Decision: Reject


Twice Nightly – The Argyle Theatre remembered

Applicant: Kaboodle Community Choir

Project description: The project will create a vibrant exhibition at the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead of archive material from The Argyle Theatre. The story of the theatre will be told to new generations and revive memories for older townsfolk.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,000 (93%)


Champion Bowland CIO: A stronger charity delivering for the Forest of Bowland

Applicant: Champion Bowland

Project description: Make the charity more resilient, more engaged with the communities within its boundary and extend its reach to adjacent communities and audiences that may have little knowledge of the Forest of Bowland or the organisation.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,500 (100%)


A Walk Down Memory Lane

Applicant: Sefton O.P.E.R.A

Project description: Record the memories of older citizens through the decades – their lives and their aspirations for Bootle in the future. Workshops, celebration event and DVD.

Decision: Reject


St. James Church Bell

Applicant: DCC of St. James Church, Ireby

Project description: The church bell and headstock will be removed from the church, transported to John Taylor & Co. Bell Foundry in Loughborough for repair of crack and restoration, and returned to Ireby to be re-installed.

Decision: Reject


VE DAY 75 Commemorative Project 2020

Applicant: Shildon Town Council

Project description: Inspire members of the community to come together and engage with the VE Day 75 Community Arts Project. A creative response to the sacrifices made during WW2 will be produced, together with a Proms event in Hackworth Park.

Decision: Award Grant of £5,200 (100%)


Roman Mosaic Community Project

Applicant: Gilsland Village Hall

Project description: Bring the local community together to celebrate the area's heritage by making a mosaic for public display along the Hadrian's Wall path in the centre of Gilsland. 

Decision: Award Grant of £3,400 (92%)


Food for Thought: Newcastle Corn Riots

Applicant: Shoe Tree Arts

Project description: Local schoolchildren and the wider community will learn about the events of the Newcastle Corn Riots of 1740 and about the agricultural nature of the area at that time, including differences and similarities with today. They will be encouraged to respond to the history via visual arts, technology, music, dance, writing and drama.

Decision: Award Grant of £8,500 (83%)


The Soldier’s Return

Applicant: Opera Sunderland

Project description: Produce a short opera as a companion piece to Stravinsky’s one-act chamber work, The Soldier’s Tale. The Soldier’s Return was created by gathering local veterans’ stories. Rehearsals and performances of the opera, including the recruitment of an intergenerational cast of 30-40 performers, will take place over a 5.5-month period.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (12%)


Hardwick Park Sedgefield – Bath & Banqueting Houses Restoration – Archaeological Surveys

Applicant: The Friends of Hardwick

Project description: A community archaeology project which builds on previous investment, to help refresh membership and build resiliency in the Friends group and pave the way for the eventual reconstruction of the Bath House and Banqueting House.

Decision: Reject


The Pitman’s Union Banner 1830s

Applicant: Follonsby (Wardley) Miners Lodge Banner Community Heritage Association

Project description: Redraft a miners banner from the birth of the miners union, The United Colliers Association of Northumberland and Durham of 1825, commonly known as The Pitman's Union. The banner will mark the leaders and important characters of the great struggles of the 1830s in the twin coal counties of Northumberland and Durham.

Decision: Reject


National Lottery Grants for Heritage £10,000 - £100,000


Project Providence – chapel restoration with heritage activities for children & young people with additional needs

Applicant: Shabang Inclusive Learning

Project description: Renovation and preservation of a disused Grade II listed Georgian Baptist Chapel to create a centre of excellence for creative, educational heritage projects for children and young people with disabilities and their families.

Decision: Award Grant of £94,900 (74%)


Routed in Barnsley

Applicant: Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust

Project description: Capturing and celebrating the stories of people in Barnsley who feel, for various reasons, that the traditional museum environment is not for them. Create an unconventional, highly visual, engaging and interactive heritage trail, which will be a physical link between the town and museums.

Decision: Award Grant of £89,600 (90%)


A Sustainable Future for Weelsby Hall

Applicant: Linkage Community Trust

Project description: Consult with stakeholders and commission a viability appraisal to understand the potential for alternative uses and income at Weelsby Hall. Develop greater organisational resilience and capacity by taking part in workshops and training, and visiting other organisations to learn about good practice.

Decision: Award Grant of £59,800 (90%)


Calderdale in Microcosm: a heritage-inspired playscape in Halifax for children & their families

Applicant: Eureka! The National Children’s Museum

Project description: A new heritage inspired and themed outdoor playscape in the grounds of Eureka! This 5000sqm educational experience will apply creative methods to the challenge of low levels of engagement with heritage and the natural world, inspiring the museum's 300,000 annual visitors with the heritage of the site and surrounding area through play and experimentation.

Decision: Reject


St. George’s “Legacy”

Applicant: Seven Saints PCC

Project description: Make archives and collections accessible by using local heritage to recapture the sense of community. The project will create a Listening Café at St George’s. This will be a physical and online hub which will enable a wider range of people to connect with our social heritage. It will be used as a tool to reach and support people's wellbeing.

Decision: Reject


The Stories our Parents & Grandparents told us

Applicant: United Community and Hope Church

Project description: Resurrect the story-telling tradition of Cameroon via an intergenerational audio project. The older members of the communities will engage with the younger; telling stories, playing music and detailing history. The young members will record, edit and broadcast these stories via community radio, ALL FM 96.9.

Decision: Reject


Paxton’s Princes Park Mandela Memorial and legacy programme Liverpool 8

Applicant: Mandela8

Project description: heritage-focused community engagement programme of conversations, presentations and workshops exploring themes of Liverpool 8’s activism during the anti-apartheid era and Paxton’s Princes Park. Performance events, short films, podcasts, publications, exhibitions, educational toolkits.

Decision: Award Grant of £95,000 (73%)


Rooms of our Own: A Herstory of the Pankhurst Centre

Applicant: The Pankhurst Trust (incorporating Manchester Women’s Aid)

Project description: Reveal the hidden ‘herstory’ of the Pankhurst Centre from the 1970s to 2014. The project will tap into contemporary interest in activism and work with organisations and individuals across Manchester to connect its radical past to the present, secure the heritage stories of this iconic site, and give space to women’s voices.

Decision: Award Grant of £88,100 (100%)


Stronger Sisters Heritage Leadership Programme

Applicant: Blackburn Youth Zone

Project description: Build on the success of the Strong Sisters project by taking it to the next level, whereby a number of the young women from the existing project will be joined by a new cohort of their peers. This new cohort will be trained in leadership skills and become heritage champions.

Decision: Reject


30 Years of Ananna

Applicant: Manchester Bangladeshi Women’s Organisation

Project description: Explore and capture the heritage of Ananna, Manchester Bangladeshi Women’s Organisation. This will take place in the 30th year of Ananna’s inception, and will explore some of the stories connected to the growth of the organisation. Young women will investigate the organisation’s history and the wider context which led to its foundation.

Decision: Award Grant of £46,700 (100%)


Gatty’s Gift: A Centenary of Colour and Community

Applicant: Community Solutions North West Ltd

Project description: Celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Gatty family’s gifting of the historic, Grade II listed Elmfield Hall and Gatty Park to the community of Hyndburn. We will hold a re-enactment of the ‘handing over’ ceremony in the park in June 1920, an 8-week interactive exhibition in Haworth Art Gallery and a series of community events and exhibitions at Elmfield Hall.

Decision: Award Grant of £39,900 (84%)


Oral History of Tall Ship Zebu’s Operation Raleigh Circumnavigation 1984-1988

Applicant: Tall Ship Zebu CIC

Project description: Recording and safeguarding the oral memories, stories, experiences and testimonies of participants of the round-the-world Operation Raleigh expedition aboard Tall Ship Zebu from 1984-1988. This will ensure this heritage material is captured and digitally archived, and then made available for current and future generations.

Decision: Reject


Liverpool Cathedral Visitor Engagement Project

Applicant: Liverpool Cathedral

Project description: Surveying a wide range of people to assess what the cathedral can do to make a positive impact on the city region. Use this information as the basis of a future engagement strategy in the run up to the cathedral's centenary year in 2024.

Decision: Reject


Stories From The Woods

Applicant: St. Mary’s Levenshulme

Project description: Focussed on woodlands, this project is about remembering nature’s seasons through oral storytelling, seasonal traditional woodland crafts and activities. Campfire woodland storytelling sessions, short films and summer solstice event.

Decision: Award Grant of £25,500 (100%)


Save and Sound – Preserving British Credit Union Memories

Applicant: The Credit Union Foundation

Project description: Collect and preserve the memories of a diverse range of credit union pioneers – such as members of church groups, trade unions, immigrant and community groups – between the 1960s and 1990s.

Decision: Award Grant of £59,100 (100%)


Albert Modley, Comedian, memories of his and associated artists, their contribution to the Morecambe community

Applicant: Go Morecambe Community Interest Company

Project description: Create an original archive of undocumented media and artefacts of entertainment from the 1930s to 1970s relating to Albert Modley, a famous northern comedian. Oral histories, biographical presentations, exhibitions of theatrical artefacts, dementia packs for families and “memory lane” presentations in residential homes.

Decision: Reject


You’re A Vision: Contact Young Company, BBC and Richard DeDomenici - Eurovision

Applicant: The Manchester Young People’s Theatre Limited

Project description: Focus on two key Eurovision contest events – 1982 and 1998 host ceremonies in Harrogate and Birmingham. Develop skills in interviewing, using media archives and documenting with heritage specialists. Visit host cities to interview residents and visit ceremony sites. Create a show and deliver post-show quizzes and karaoke parties to share more heritage material.

Decision: Reject


Our Pont lads and lasses 1939 to 1945 The Ponteland Community during Second World War

Applicant: Pele Trust

Project description: Record and share the stories of local men and women who served in the military services or at local coal mines and create a legacy of accessible material for future researchers. Create a travelling exhibition, free booklet and internet resource.

Decision: Reject


History of North East Rugby League

Applicant: Newcastle Rugby Foundation

Project description: Tell the story of the community clubs in the region who kept the rugby league flag flying in good times and bad. Collect, collate and record the history of both professional and community Rugby League. Publish a complete history of Rugby League in the region in multiple, easily accessible, media.

Decision: Award Grant of £98,500 (100%)


85 Years Young

Applicant: NE YOUTH

Project description: Focus on young people who do not otherwise engage with heritage outside of mainstream education. Work with a heritage organisation, Beamish, to facilitate 20 workshops to educate young people on heritage research skills and use heritage resources.

Decision: Reject


Walker’s Kitchen

Applicant: Community Catering Initiative

Project description: Capture traditional and new working-class Walker memories of food, culture and family life. Activities will include themed cooking sessions, capturing recipes, recording memories of food and family life, and producing a photographic archive of material. A booklet of stories, recipes and events will be produced, and a nostalgia museum will be created onsite.

Decision: Reject


National Lottery Grants for Heritage £100,000 - £250,000


Yorkshire's Windrush Legacies

Applicant: Kirklees Local Television

Project description: Extend KLTV's capacity to support and coordinate African Caribbean British Descent (ACBD) communities via an interactive heritage-focused website hub, encouraging engagement in heritage opportunities across West/South Yorkshire. Documentaries, webinars, webcasts, blogs, virtual exhibitions, digital classroom.

Decision: Reject


Micro Grants


MICRONORTH Intersectional GLAM Conference 2020

Applicant: Intersectional GLAM CIC

Project description: Support the first Intersectional GLAM conference, titled Disrupt and Empower, to be hosted in Manchester August 2020. This event will create change by challenging the traditional hetero-patriarchal record keeping practices. This will be achieved by centring experiences of traditionally overlooked groups.

Decision: Award Grant of £3,000 (100%)