England, London & South: delegated decisions September 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Area Director, London and South on 5th September 2019

National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £3,000 - £10,000

Fort Amherst Archives – Access all areas (Resubmission)

Applicant: Fort Amherst Heritage Trust

Project description: This project will digitise a significant part of its collection so more people can access it.

Decision: Award Grant of £6,000 (100%)


Unearthing the Hidden Histories of Poplar, the edge of London’s East End

Applicant: Fitzrovia Noir CIC

Project description: This project aims to investigate the hidden histories of E14. Conversations with older local people will help contextualise the living memory elements of this project. Fitzrovia Noir CIC hope to explore the very first 'manor' of Poplar, whose governor was William of Wykeham, Edward III's surveyor of buildings.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)


Bringing the Archive to Life

Applicant: Clapham Film Unit            

Project description: This project will engage a wide range of people with domestic objects from The Lewisham Museum Archive through a series of site-specific pop-up installations at Deptford Market, in the hope to identify local heritage.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)


Educate, Entertain and Inspire the Children

Applicant: The Official History Project

Project description: This project will visit 10 schools to showcase local and national history through treasure hunting by metal detectors.

Decision: Award Grant of £8,500 (74%)


A history of the second oldest rugby club in the World

Applicant: The Atlas Foundation

Project description: The history of Richmond Football Club will be explored in this project by a group of young people to bring this story to a wider audience.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,500 (100%)


Greek and Greek Cypriot Gastronomy in London: the Female Perspective

Applicant: Eyes Wide Open

Project description: This project will analyse the culinary cultures and traditions of the Greek and Greek Cypriot community in London.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,700 (97%)


Orchestras for All: Silk Road by Land and Sea

Applicant: Orchestras for all

Project description: Working with young disabled composer, Lucy Hale, this project will co-create a new piece of music 'Silk Road by Land and Sea' with their mixed skill-level, inclusive ensemble, the National Orchestra for All (NOFA).

Decision: Reject


Memories of Ladywell Baths public art exhibition

Applicant: Ladywell Village Improvement Group

Project description: An exhibition of photography, film and historic artefacts will be held to examine the history of Ladywell Baths.

Decision: Reject


Cornwall remembers its World War Two history

Applicant: Bridging Arts

Project description: This project will create a month long event to mark the 75th anniversary of World War Two through re-enactments and exhibitions.

Decision: Reject


William Morris: An Antiquary at Kelmscott Manor ‘a house that I love’

Applicant: Society of Antiquaries of London

Project description: The Society of Antiquaries of London will hold three public events in order to share knowledge of Kelmscott Manor and Society collections with young heritage enthusiasts.

Decision: Reject


Untold Histories

Applicant: CVSFilms

Project description: This project will explore the history of the relationship between Britain and India through a script based on the story of the Koh-I-Noor diamond.

Decision: Reject


National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £10,000 - £100,000

Discovering the Hidden Stories of St. Thomas, Exeter

Applicant: Theatre Alibi

Project description: Focusing on oral history, this project aims to create a community history of St. Thomas in Exeter.

Decision: Award Grant of £22,900 (87%)



Applicant: Gloucester Buildings Recording Group            

Project description: This project aims to investigate 36 Medieval timber-framed buildings which are accessible to the public in Newent, Tewkesbury and Gloucester.

Decision: Award Grant of £37,100 (95%)


Home Front Film Project Phase 2

Applicant: Digital Drama CIC

Project description: Home Front Film Phase 2 will use rarely seen WW2 Home Front film footage in reminiscence sessions to talk about WW2 childhoods with 90 older residents in six London boroughs.

Decision: Award Grant of £59,900 (98%)


Re-examining the natural heritage of the grounds and gardens at the Royal Hospital Chelsea

Applicant: Royal Hospital Chelsea

Project description: This project will enable Royal Hospital Chelsea to further open up their heritage and well-being potential to more diverse local audiences.

Decision: Award Grant of £62,500 (91%)


Evolutionary Heritage of Home Food Culture among Newham Asians (1960-2000)

Applicant: Tiffinwalli CIC

Project description: This project will explore the history of Asian women's roles in shaping and changing the culinary experiences in Asian homes in the area during 1960-2000.

Decision: Award Grant of £64,200 (100%)



Applicant: Protégé

Project description: Twenty educationally excluded young people (10 refugees) will train in heritage skills to become 'Young Historians' to document disappearing local traditions.

Decision: Award Grant of £85,400 (66%)


The Exeter Squilometre: a unique participatory model for revealing and celebrating neighbourhood heritage

Applicant: Interwoven Productions CIC

Project description: This project encourages residents to research aspects of their own neighbourhood. It will allow the transfer of the' Squilometer' technique to two new neighbourhoods in Exeter.

Decision: Award Grant of £25,700 (96%)


Women of the Sea

Applicant: Somali Senior Citizens Club

Project description: This project will document the stories of the wives and children of Somali merchant mariners.

Decision: Award Grant of £39,400 (100%)


Push Up Brentford! An Oral History of Brentford Football Club

Applicant: digital: works

Project description: This organisation will work with volunteers from the local community to explore and record oral histories from club supporters from the 1950s to the present.

Decision: Award Grant of £39,400 (99%)


KwaZulu to London – Songs of Integration                       

Applicant: Batanai Marimba

Project description: This organisation will document and preserve Zulu elders’ stories, connecting young people with Zulu traditions brought by Ipi Tombi elders to London through interviews, workshops and performances.

Decision: Reject


See Me Nationwide: exploring the changing face of local workers for a national high street name

Applicant: Create Studios

Project description: See Me Nationwide aims to make their archive contemporary, bringing the heritage of a national employer direct to a public audience.

Decision: Award Grant of £47,100 (85%)


South Downs Schools Living History Project

Applicant: South Downs Society

Project description: This applicant hopes to work with four primary schools to explore rural life on the South Downs over the past 100 years.

Decision: Award Grant of £49,200 (83%)


Wild Roots; revealing the forgotten treasures of a special landscape

Applicant: East Devon AONB Partnership (EDDC)

Project description: This project aims to connect with new audiences to help them discover their heritage such as map field names along popular walking routes, archaeological sites and tree surveys using different engagement techniques.

Decision: Reject


The history of Hayling Island holiday camps

Applicant: Havant and South Downs College

Project description: This project aims to explore the history of holiday camps in the Hayling Island area near Portsmouth.

Decision: Reject


The Lost Letters

Applicant: It’s Not Your Birthday But CIC

Project description: This organisation will engage with the local community by encouraging them to explore collections of letters kept at Surrey History Centre (SHC).

Decision: Award Grant of £68,600 (87%)


Finsbury Park – People and Heritage

Applicant: 2NQ

Project description: This project will devise an anniversary programme in partnership with local people and grassroots organisations that identifies and explains Finsbury Park's heritage.

Decision: Award Grant of £80,000 (73%)


Celebrating and preserving the heritage of Phoenix Community Housing Coop

Applicant: Stretch

Project description: This project will create an all-encompassing archive for the co-op at a time of both great celebration and change around the organisation’s forty year anniversary.

Decision: Reject


Resilient RAMM: Building our Fundraising Future

Applicant: Exeter City Council  

Project description: This project aims to support the organisation to be more resilient by building skills in fundraising and developing a fundraising team.

Decision: Award Grant of £94,800 (74%)


Minding young people’s mental health

Applicant: Health Psychology Management Organisation Services (HP-MOS) 

Project description: This project will use oral history to promote positive discussions on young people’s mental health. Through discussions and conversations with young and older people, attitudes and understanding of mental health in policy will be explored.

Decision: Reject


St Paul’s Community Access Project

Applicant: St Paul’s Church  

Project description: St Paul’s Church hope to make their building more accessible and inclusive and aim to install a permanent exhibition from the church’s archives.

Decision: Reject


200 years of Tiverton – the legacy of the Heathcoat-Armory Family

Applicant: DAISI (Devon Arts in Schools Initiative) 

Project description: This project will engage diverse audiences to explore the history and legacy of the Heathcoat-Armory family.

Decision: Award Grant of £22,100 (90%)


Recovering of the porch

Applicant: Hethe Parochial Church Council  

Project description: Hethe Parochial Church Council hope to make repairs to the porch of their church.

Decision: Reject



Applicant: Gloucestershire Deaf Association   

Project description: This project aims to make deaf people’s heritage and culture come alive so that it is fully accessible to the deaf community and so the wider community can be educated.

Decision: Reject



Applicant: Friends of Ashburton Primary School

Project description: This project aims to bring the woodland heritage of Ashburton to life.

Decision: Reject


Green Shoots – community initiatives with clout

Applicant: Environment Plymouth

Project description: Environment Plymouth hope to work with local community groups to access and engage with the natural heritage in Plymouth.

Decision: Reject



Applicant: Theatre Royal Bath Ltd. 

Project description: This project aims to enhance children’s understanding of British history through memorable, experiential learning linked to propaganda, ownership of history and cultural difference.

Decision: Reject