East Midlands: delegated decisions March 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of National Lottery Heritage Fund, East Midlands on 21 March 2019.

Our Heritage

Wings to the Past: Supporting resilience of RAF personnel and their families through archaeology

This project will engage the local community, in particular Lincolnshire's RAF community, in an innovative programme of archaeology.

  • Applicant: Lincolnshire County Council
  • Decision: Reject

St Andrew's Church Urgent Repairs Project

This project will make significant repairs to the roof, restore a George III Coat of Arms and employ a historian to document the church’s history.

  • Applicant: St Andrews Church Parochial Church Council
  • Decision: Reject

Growing Our Gardens Legacy: Recording our historic parks, an East midlands Gardens Trust Pilot project

This project will train volunteers to survey and record eight designed landscapes in the East Midlands.

  • Applicant: Northamptonshire Gardens Trust
  • Decision: Reject

County Chronical (Loan boxes and living history)

This project will create reminiscence loan boxes, primarily for use in care homes.

  • Applicant: Creative Paths (EM) CIC
  • Decision: Reject

100th Anniversary of the Jallianwala Bagh Amritsar Massacre

The project will focus on the commemoration of 100 years since the Amritsar Massacre, through a series of activities.

  • Applicant: National Sikh Heritage Centre & Holocaust Museum
  • Decision: Reject

Strength Through Understanding

The project aims to raise the awareness of this social heritage by encouraging members of these groups to take part in a programme of Awareness Events.

  • Applicant: Hamaari
  • Decision: Reject

Apes, Owls and Devils - the repair, conservation and restoration of 3 medieval windows

This project aims to restore medieval stained glass windows in a Grade I listed church.

  • Applicant: St John the Baptist Church Dronfield
  • Decision: Reject

Sikhs of Northampton - Celebrating 60 Years!

This project will identify and celebrate the contributions of Sikhs in Northampton, culminating in a new heritage exhibition.

  • Applicant: Sikh Community Centre & Youth Club
  • Decision: Award a grant of £69,600 (89%)

Remember Windrush

The project will work in collaboration with Nairobi Thompson, a writer and performance poet described as a leading female voice in the UK on Black British history.

  • Applicant: Community One Wellingborough CIC
  • Decision: Reject

Restoration of Royal Safety Curtain - Sipario de Pinto - Royal & Derngate Northampton

This project will carry out urgent restoration work to the Royal Theatre’s safety curtain and will also engage young people with heritage and capture local memories.

  • Applicant: Northampton Theatres Trust
  • Decision: Reject

Enhancing Access to the Naseby Battlefield Visitor Experience

This project will install new signage and interpretation panels around the Naseby battlefield, update the website and create a battlefield app.

  • Applicant: The Naseby Battlefield Project
  • Decision: Reject

Papplewick Pumping Station - Creating A Heritage Community Hub

This project will enhance access of the Pumping Station visitor experience and realise the opportunities to create a more vibrant and engaging heritage community hub.

  • Applicant: Papplewick Pumping Station
  • Decision: Reject

Nottingham's Council Housing Centenary Celebration: 100 Year Anniversary of the 1919 Addison Act

This project proposes to engage residents with social housing heritage in Nottingham to celebrate the centenary of the Addison Act.

  • Applicant: Nottingham City Homes
  • Decision: Reject

Slave Trade Legacies: Legacy Makers


This project will link community members with academic researchers to produce quality research and broader interpretation.

  • Applicant: Bright Ideas Nottingham Ltd
  • Decision: Award a grant of £87,300 (96%)

Church Alive! Engaging our Community in the Church Heritage and Essential Masonry Repair Work

This project will carry out essential masonry repair work to the church, while volunteers will carry out a research project looking at the heritage of the building.

  • Applicant: Alive Church Lincoln
  • Decision: Reject

The Many Faces of Palitoy - A Century of Toys

Project description: This project will celebrate and widen access to the heritage of Palitoy in their centenary year.

  • Applicant: Coalville Heritage Society
  • Decision: Award a grant of £68,300 (79%)

Experience Boston: 'Travel, Trade & Influence'

This project will raise the profile of Boston's heritage through accessible interpretation developed alongside the community.

  • Applicant: Boston Borough Counci
  • Decision: Reject

A Convergence of Cultures

This project would replace the roof of a Grade II* place of worship in Leicester’s town centre.

  • Applicant: International Society for Krishna Consciousness
  • Decision: Reject

St Andrews Urgent Roof Repairs

This project will carry out urgent roof repairs to Grade I listed church and undertake community heritage activities.

  • Applicant: The PCC of Billing
  • Decision: Award a grant of £47,700 (93%)

Digitising the Leonard Cheshire Sound Archive - preserving and raising awareness of Leonard Cheshire History

This project will preserve and digitise recordings from the personal collection of humanitarians Lord Leonard Cheshire VC and his wife Lady Sue Ryder.

  • Applicant: Leonard Cheshire Disability
  • Decision: Award a grant of £79,900 (63%)

Discovering Irthlingborough's Iron Age & Roman Past

This project will uncover archaeology at the Tannery Cottage site and undertake various activities.

  • Applicant: Irthlingborough Archaeological Society
  • Decision: Reject

Restoring Belton's Boathouse

This project will see the final phase of restoration works to Belton Boathouse, as well as an interesting programme of interpretation.

  • Applicant: The National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty
  • Decision: Reject

The Heritage Buildings Survey of Nottinghamshire Pilot Study

This project links a new survey of Nottinghamshire vernacular buildings to work carried out fifty years ago, to compare and update findings.

  • Applicant: Nottinghamshire Building Preservation Trust Ltd
  • Decision: Reject

New Testament Church of God: Black Majority Churches Heritage Project

This project will safeguard the significant Roswith Gerloff Archive and carry out associated learning activities.

  • Applicant: New Testament Church of God
  • Decision: Reject

Sharing Heritage

Quorn Old School Heritage Display

This project will put the heritage of Quorn on display, using existing knowledge and artefacts to inform interpretation.

  • Applicant: Quorn Local History Group
  • Decision: Reject

Arts for Wellbeing - Young People's Heritage Project

This project will aim to work with young people living with poor mental health to explore the heritage of Glossop.

  • Applicant: Glossop Arts Project
  • Decision: Reject

Living Landscapes

This project will engage local people in gaining a better understanding of the Roman landscape around Kirklington.

  • Applicant: Involve Heritage CIC
  • Decision: Reject

Newark Town Trails

This project will revamp a distributed series of town trails and create a new one  around medieval wall paintings and graffiti.

  • Applicant: Newark Civic Trust
  • Decision: Reject

Refinding the "Lost Church" of St Ethelburga's, Langar, Nottinghamshire

This project aims to blend previous research with contemporary non- invasive surveys, which aims to locate the ‘lost church’ believed to be on site.

  • Applicant: Project SEAL (St Ethelburga's Archaeological Landscape)
  • Decision: Award a grant of £8,700 (100%)

Young Roots

Past and Present - Sport Connecting Normanton across the ages

This project will use football to connect young people to the heritage of their area.

  • Applicant Multi-Faith Centre
  • Decision: Reject

Projecting Identities: Exploring British Somali Cultural Heritage on Film

This project will engage disadvantaged young people in exploring their Somali heritage in a range of engaging, participatory ways.

  • Applicant: Somali Development Services CIC
  • Decision: Award a grant of £49,000 (96%)

Leicester Windrush Babies

This project will explore the experiences and impact of first generation British Caribbean Windrush Babies on the social and cultural heritage of Leicester.

  • Applicant: Leicester Community Gospel Choir
  • Decision: Reject

Are You Sitting Comfortably

This project looks at engaging Young People in the history of Nottingham.

  • Applicant: The Television Workshop
  • Decision: Reject

History of NGY

This project will introduce young people who engage with the NGY Youth Centre in Nottingham and support services partners, with heritage.

  • Applicant: Nottinghamshire YMCA
  • Decision: Reject

Our WILD routes / unearthing the natural heritage of Woodthorpe Meadow

This project will see young people become champions and custodians of a small but locally important nature reserve in Sherwood, Nottingham.

  • Applicant: Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust
  • Decision: Reject

Resilient Heritage £3,000-£10,000

Capitalising on Corporate: Opportunities for Future Development at Dronfield Hall Barn

This project will support the Trust in its next steps in developing resilience by developing space for hire to corporate bodies and promoting facilities.

  • Applicant: The Dronfield Heritage Trust
  • Decision: Award a grant of £9,700 (100%)

FONA friend: supporting the future of Nottinghamshire Archives

This project will commission external consultancy support to undertake a strategic review and fund associated events.

  • Applicant: Friends of Nottinghamshire Archives
  • Decision: Reject

Old Willow Works Future Sustainability

This project will identify issues, assess maintenance and repair needs, carry out a consultation and develop a business plan.

  • Applicant: Groundwork Greater Nottingham
  • Decision: Award a grant of £10,000 (100%)

Fydell House: The Heart and Spirit of Boston's Community, Past and Present - Feasibility Study

The project will form part of a phased approach to restore an important historic building and bring it back into community use.

  • Applicant: Boston Preservation Trust
  • Decision: Award a grant of £10,000 (69%)

A Future for Bulwell Stables

This project lays the groundwork for a creative, well-resourced solution to bringing a Grade II building back into use.

  • Applicant: Nottingham City Council - Heritage and Urban Design
  • Decision: Award a grant of £9,500 (61%)

Implementing Resilient Governance

This project will put into action the recommendations of a report into their governance and policy arrangements.

  • Applicant: Buckingham Canal Society
  • Decision: Reject

Resilient Heritage £10,000-£250,000

Inspiring and engaging the local community towards the re-invigoration of the Worksop Priory Gatehouse

This project will enable a committed Trust to move closer to its longer term aims of finding a sustainable future for a heritage rich site at risk.


  • Applicant: Worksop Priory & Gatehouse Community Trust
  • Decision: Award a grant of £25,300 (86%)

"St Anns Allotments: Growing a Sustainable Future"

This project will look at improving the sustainability of the Allotments in the face of impending budget cuts.

  • Applicant: Hungerhill Developments Ltd
  • Decision: Award a grant of £67,300 (90%)

Heart of the National Forest Partnership

This project will review and strengthen the vision, structures and networks of the Heart of the Forest partnership.

  • Applicant: National Forest Company
  • Decision: Reject

Fit for the Future

This project will produce a 5 year masterplan, review governance, refurbish floors and establish a new event programme.

  • Applicant: The Whitworth Centre
  • Decision: Reject

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Deputy Director of Operations, East Midlands on 21 March 2019

Resilient Heritage £10,000-£250,000

Act for a Wilder Derbyshire

The project aims to move the Trust on from an organisation supported by volunteers to one where volunteering is intrinsic to its service delivery.

  • Applicant: Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
  • Decision: Reject