North East: delegated decisions February 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of HLF North East on 28th February 2019

Grants for Places of Worship

St Helen’s Church – Phase 2 fabric conservation project

This five month project builds on phase one.  Phase two focusses on a range of stone decay and erosion problems which are currently presenting issues

Applicant: St Helen’s church Kelloe

Decision: Award Grant of £193,800 (73%)

Sharing Heritage

Holy Name Church-90 yearsof History and Heritage

This project will capture community memories to mark Holy Name Church's 90th anniversary.

Applicant: Holy Name Parish

Decision: Award Grant of £4,800 (83%)

People’s Pyrex - an exhibition celebrating the value of Pyrex glass within our daily lives

This six month project aims to tell the story of Pyrex glass, produced in Sunderland from 1922 to 2007.

Applicant: Sunderland Culture

Decision: Reject


This project will engage underrepresented BAME and Latin American communities in exploring and documenting their own stories traditions and life experiences.

Applicant: Vamos Festival

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

Our Heritage

Portrait, Faces & Fabric Of Our Community

This two-year project proposes to bring together the multi-ethnic audience and service users within the Byker Community Association to share their individual heritages

Applicant: Byker Community Association

Decision: Reject

FROM SILL to SEA The heritage of Northumbrian Folk Tales

The project will engage new and priority audiences with Northumbrian folk tales, explore their significance and connection with wider local heritage.

Applicant: Headway Arts

Decision: Award Grant of £45,000 (100%)

A Room to Remember: Renovating Salvin’s chapel as a heritage community space

This year long project aims to repair and restore areas of the Salvin Chapel, within Hindmarsh Hall, Alnmouth and provide resources for people to find out more about the heritage of the building and village.

Applicant: Hindmarsh Hall Trustees

Decision: Reject

Everyday Life In A Northumbrian Manor

This project will provide opportunities for volunteers, school children and the wider community to discover more about the heritage of the people of Northumberland through having increased access to the County's manorial records.

Applicant: Northumberland Archives

Decision: Award Grant of £73,100 (91%)

Wild West End

This two year project will work across the Arthur's Hill and Wingrove wards of West Newcastle to help connect the local community with its natural heritage

Applicant: Greening Wingrove Community Interest Company

Decision: Award Grant of £50,200 (98%)

Young Roots

Young Foresters

This two year project will support a group of young people to help conserve Derwent Valley's native woodland

Applicant: Durham Wildlife Trust

Decision: Reject

First World War

The legacy of the First World War for West Newcastle

This project aims to carry out research, undertake visits, deliver events and activities, and create an exhibition, all focused on the impact that the First World War had on the West End of Newcastle.

Applicant: St James' Heritage and Environment Group

Decision: Award Grant of £3,400 (93%)

Women and Girls in the First World War - from Kitchen to Land Army

This year long project aims to engage 200 women and girls from Newcastle in exploring and learning about the role and impact that women had during the First World War,

Applicant: West End Women and Girls Centre

Decision: Reject

Sir Lawrence Arthur Pattinson: The Story of a First World War Pilot

The proposed project will give around 60 young participants the opportunity to learn about aerial combat during the conflict

Applicant: Newcastle University

Decision: Award Grant of £7,600 (100%)

Resilient Heritage

Upper Derwent Heritage

The proposed project will allow a comprehensive enhancement of conservation and community engagement strategies with the heritage of the Derwent Reservoir and surrounds.

Applicant: North Pennines AONB Partnership

Decision: Reject