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The HLF Community is intended to be an inclusive and safe space for discussion and the sharing of knowledge related to the work that we, our grantees, and our partners deliver.

We ask that all users read, understand, and follow these guidelines.

Every time you use our Community you are agreeing to these Community guidelines, and to our Terms and conditions of use and our Privacy policy. You should make sure that you read and understand these documents as well as these guidelines.

Please remember that views expressed in this Community are the views of the individual members and therefore do not constitute professional recommendations, advice, or the opinions of HLF as an organisation.


This Community is post-moderated by a team of people at HLF. This means that everything you publish, including comments and any documents that you upload, will appear almost straight away. The team will review all content as soon as we can.

If someone posts something that you feel violates these Community guidelines, our Terms and conditions of use and our Privacy policy, or if you find anything that you think is inappropriate or offensive,  please let us know immediately by contacting us. We will review this and take appropriate action as soon as we can.

Moderating content in this way means that we trust our Community members to alert us to inappropriate content or behaviour. In turn, this means that we can keep our Community running outside of office hours, so that it is available whenever our members need it.

We reserve the right to take steps or implement measures that we think will benefit our members, and to ensure that it remains a safe and useful space. This may include suspending your account without notice.


Remember that everything you post in the Community, other than private messages sent between two individuals, is in the public domain and therefore may be seen by others outside of the Community.

Take care when sharing personal details such as phone numbers and email addresses, confidential information about yourself or your organisation, or if you are discussing sensitive information. For example, if you want to reference other people but the subject may be deemed sensitive, then please use a false name to protect their identity.

Using the discussion forums

Please do not provide false information in your biography, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission

Imitating other users can be a form of harassment and we take this very seriously. We may remove content and block members who do this. If you suspect that a member is imitating another person, please let us know immediately by contacting us.

Please be respectful and share your thoughts in a civil manner.

Make sure you read your post or comment before posting it to check that it reads how you want it to, and that your points come across as intended.

Remember that not all members will have English or Welsh as a first language. Carefully consider your use of language and terminology so that it is accessible and useful to as many people as possible, and take care with humour that might work verbally but may come across differently online.

Do not shout by posting in CAPITAL letters.

We have a Privacy policy included within our website Terms and conditions of use which explains how we handle personal information. You should read and understand these before posting any content to the Community.

Offensive, abusive or aggressive language is unacceptable in this Community, and you should avoid using swear words or words that others may find offensive, abusive or aggressive.

Attacking or mocking sensitive issues such as sexuality, religion, race, disability, or political views, is not acceptable behaviour and will be removed. Members who post this kind of content may be blocked.

Please do not bully, harass or intimidate any user. If you are unsure of any member’s credentials then please report them to us to review, and ignore any further comments from them.

We reserve the right to remove comments that others find offensive or inappropriate for the Community space, and to block members who do not adhere to these guidelines.

Advertising, promotions and spam

Please do not use the HLF Community to sell your services or products. Content which contains advertising or hard selling will be removed and your account may be blocked.

Spam will be removed. If you come across any content that you think might be spam, please let us know immediately by contacting us.


Posting content that may put you or us at risk of prosecution, such as defamatory posts or content that breach someone else’s intellectual property rights, is against our Community guidelines.

Please do not 'name and shame' individuals or organisations as this can leave both you and HLF open to prosecution if your comments could be interpreted as libellous. Please do not use our Community for anything unlawful or misleading.

Do not post any third-party material that infringes any legal rights – for example, copyright or other proprietary rights. If you come across any content that you believe to infringe any legal rights then please let us know immediately by contacting us.

Child protection

For the protection and safety of children, this Community does not support members under 16 years of age. Accounts of members found to be under 16 will be closed.

Your account, details and settings

To use the HLF Community you need to register and set up an account. If you can’t remember your password you can request a new one on the login page, which you can access at the top of every page on the HLF website.

Please do not transfer your account to anyone else as this can cause confusion within the Community. Please contact us if you wish to transfer any aspect of your Community profile to another user.

Please do not allow others to access the Community using your login details without letting us know first.

If we block your account, please do not set up another one without our permission. If you feel that your ban was undeserved, please contact us and we’ll discuss it with you.

Press and media enquiries

For all press and media enquiries, please contact our Media and Press team.

Technical issues

This is a new Community so whilst we endeavour to ensure that everything is working as it should, there may be some technical problems. If you find any technical issues then please report them to us and we'll look into the issue as soon as we can.


If you have any queries about applying for a grant, using the grant application form system, or anything else related to HLF but not specifically to using this Community, please contact our grant enquiries team.

We have the right to update and change these Community guidelines, the website Terms and conditions of use and Privacy policy at any time.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, or would like us to explain anything further, please let us know and we’ll do our best to answer your query as quickly as we can.


Last updated: 6 October 2014


Submitted by Hopegroup@outl… (not verified) on Sat, 11/15/2014 - 16:25


I hope you can adise please. I am so confused and not sure which grant to apply for. We are lloking for 2 grant, 1st ongoing yoga classes (which I dont think I am in the right area) and the other is to take some of our members on a trip to see the festival of colours, in Watford. We are based in Dartford in Kent.


This trip is cultural based.


Kind regards

Submitted by Anna Stanford (not verified) on Mon, 11/17/2014 - 09:56


Hi Rani,

You should have a look through the Looking for funding? section of our website to see if what you are proposing is something that we might fund - the Do you have an idea in mind? page outlines the process you need to go through, so that would be a good starting point.

If you are still unsure, you should contact your local HLF team (South East England) – you can find their details in our Contact us section.

Best of luck,