Callington Mural Trail Refurbishment and Preservation

Hello Everyone,  Newbie here, advice needed, please.  I live in Callington Cornwall, and we have a number of large and small murals on several of our buildings and walls depicting scenes of the local area, characters etc.  If you Google  "Callington Mural trail"  you will see what I mean.

They are in desperate need of cleaning, refurbing and preserving, Callington is a small rural town and the Town Council cannot afford to finance it although willing in all other ways.

Question, subject to all the correct forms being filled in and the correct procedures followed, is this something the Heritage Fund could help with?

Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

Mike T

Hi Mike,

You might be interested in a project we funded to conserve and move the west Bromwich society mural to Dartmouth park

They worked with the friends of Dartmouth park and the west Bromwich history society

The key for any funding application is to describe how, alongside any works or repairs, your group will do activities to ensure that a wider range of people get involved in the mural's fascinating heritage.

The next step is to:

1) get a survey done to see what condition the mural in- your local conservation officer may be able to help- and double check who owns it and is responsible for its maintenance 

2) get some quotes for any repairs from organisations will professional conservation skills

3) talk to local people and groups to find out whether people are interested in the mural's and what activities they might like to get involved in

If you are looking for between £10,000-£250,000 then send us a project enquiry with your expected costs and then one of our team will get back to you with feedback. If you need £3,000-£10,000 then go straight ahead and apply.

If anyone else on the forum has done a project involving a mural it would be great to hear from you. What activities did you do and what were people most interested in?