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I have just started an oral history project with one of the City of London livery companies and I'm looking to apply for an HLF grant. Has anyone in the community had any experience of funding applications for either livery companies, trade guilds or other non-standard organisations; we don't seem to really fit well into the usual boxes presented by the HLF.  We're not a charity, although we run a small charity, we're not quite a voluntary organisation although most postsholders are volunteers, we don't have a conventional constitution (our Royal Charter is from the 17th century), and so on.

Any ideas, thoughts, insights would be much appreciated.


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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your question.  We funded Livery Schools Link to undertake a project Echoes Across the Century: World War 1 Imagined looking at the First World War and working with 16 different Livery Companies and 13 schools, which had some really lovely and innovative outputs.  They blogged about the project and have a short overview of it on their website

Do bear in mind that HLF is unable to fund projects that have already started, but if you have an idea in mind then feel free to submit a project enquiry form to us outlining your idea.  Alternatively, if you are seeking a grant under £10,000 then please give the London team a call.

Best wishes,