Worldwide contact using social media

Last year as a member of a Town Waits band I met an American musician who is also a universty lecturer. As she is one of my contacts on social media, when I started my HLF project page, I invited her to become a member.

Today she wrote a great comment on our latest post saying that she is going to teach a university course on WW1 next Spring and she really appreciates sites like ours that give her ideas as well as giving her an insight into how British communities were impacted by the war.

I am so glad I set up the social network project page, this just shows how powerful social media  can be when used purposefully. It's good to think that what happened in our village 100 years ago has not been forgotten and could be shared with students overseas.

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When we started fundraising to save our small (only 19 people on the register), rural church from ruin, Istarted a facebook page for the church. It proved remarkably effective in spreading the word about our efforts. 

Our campaign eventually morphed into an HLF application which we learned had been successful at the end of this September. Since then the page has been really effective, as local newspapers and readion have posted pieces from their publications/programmes onto their Facebook pages. This has resulted in enormous coverage for us - overage we would never have been able to obtain in any other way - and all at no cost. Last week BBC Midlands Today did a piece on us. The programme follows the 1;00 and 6:00 pm news and has high viewing figures in itself. However, this was augmented when they posted it on their facebook page and we whared it on ours. Within a week the clip had received over 6,000 views.

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