Wales: delegated decisions December 2021

Wales: delegated decisions December 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Investment, Wales, on 8 December 2021.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage


Project Title: Sensory garden

Applicant: Pentre  Farm CIC

Project Summary: Creation of a sensory garden at Pentre Farm that provided outdoor activity and therapies to the wider community.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: History of Me: Stories Across Generations

Applicant: Steps4Change

Project Summary: Gather, record and share stories to a wider audience. Deliver research events, training, and group activities. Improve knowledge and acceptance of cultural diversity in Wales.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Plants Tell Stories Too

Applicant: Green valley wellbeing group

Project Summary: Installation of bilingual interpretation for a pollinator time trail located in Abercynon Sports Centre grounds, Parc Abercynon. Create a one year heritage trainee post for a young person who is not in education, employment or training.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000


Project Title: Bell tower repairs at St Dubricius Church, Llanvaches

Applicant: Llanvaches Parochial Church Council

Project Summary: repair the bell tower at St Dubricius Church, Llanvaches

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Seventy Memories for Seventy Years on the Throne

Applicant: Cymru Creations

Project Summary: engage a range of people in five areas of Gwent to create 14 short films per area focusing on how life has changed since 1952.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Bawso BME Oral Stories

Applicant: Bawso

Project Summary: work in partnership with the National Museum Wales and the University of South Wales. Produce 30 digital stories and oral histories from ethnically diverse women survivors of gender-based violence.

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Intercultural Heritage Wales

Applicant: The Mentor Ring Ltd

Project Summary: celebrate the diverse culture and heritage of South Asian, Black and Welsh communities in Wales through cooking, sport and arts. 

Decision: Reject


Project Title: Golden years of twinning

Applicant: Cardigan Brioude Twinning Committee

Project Summary: The project would celebrate the 50th anniversary of the twinning of Cardigan, Ceredigion and Brioude, Auvergne – France with the creation of a new commemorative mosaic in the public Brioude gardens in lower Cardigan.

Decision: Award grant of £4,000


Project Title: Canolfan Dreftadaeth Hengwrt

Applicant: Menter Dinefwr

Project Summary: The project will establish a new heritage centre within the newly renovated community centre based in the historic Hengwrt building in Llandeilo.

Decision: Award grant of £167,000