Wales: Committee decisions, March 2022

Wales: Committee decisions, March 2022

Schedule of decisions made by the Wales Committe2 on 10 March 2022.

SFF Delivery round applications

Magical Mammals

Grantee: Red Squirrels Trust Wales

Project: Introduction and conservation of red squirrels and pine marten in North Wales to improve public understanding and provide volunteer opportunities in mammal conservation.

Decision: Award Delivery Grant of £499,800 (67%)


SFF Development round applications

Safle Treftadaeth y Byd Llechi Cymru; ein dynodiad, ein balchder, ein dyfodol

Grantee: Cyngor Gwynedd

Project: This place based project would develop regeneration plans for the communities of the slate landscape of Gwynedd, which have collectively been awarded an UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) designation. Regeneration would be achieved through: heritage activities; delivery of a community grants scheme that focused on small-scale conservation works; the implementation of the World Heritage Site Interpretation Plan; and a programme of traditional skills training that would ensure the site’s sustainability and local management.

Decision: Award development grant request of £113,000 (86%) with a potential delivery grant of £1,114,537