Scotland: delegate decisions December 2022

Scotland: delegate decisions December 2022

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers to the Head of Investment for Scotland at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 13 December 2022.

Capacity Building, Digital Enhancement and Professional Services

Applicant: Dundee Industrial Heritage Ltd

Description: To enhance the digital capacity and improve the resilience of Dundee Heritage Trust by integrating finance, fundraising, digital marketing, income generation, ticketing and event functions.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000 (95.24% of total costs)

Brownsbank Cottage refurbishment

Applicant: MacDiarmid's Brownsbank

Description: To repair and refurbish the category A-listed Brownsbank Cottage, the former home of prominent poet Hugh MacDiarmid. A conservation course for young people is also proposed.

Decision: Reject

Resubmission – Restoration of the Elyza Fraser Mausoleum

Applicant: North East Scotland Preservation Trust

Description: A 12-month project to restore the Elyza Fraser Mausoleum and engage the community in activities relating to its heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £80,246 (48.4% of total costs)

Creating Sustainability Ullapool Museum

Applicant: Ullapool Museum Trust

Description: This resilience focused project aims to support Ullapool Museum Trust to take practical steps to better market themselves and increase income generating opportunities.

Decision: Award grant of £25,000 (100% of total costs)

The Corner Soft Landscape

Applicant: DART

Description: To turn a derelict former co-operative building into a community hub with a performance area for drama and music artists, a space for local markets and a hub for walkers and cyclists.

Decision: Award grant of £9,000 (90% of total costs)

Stories on Skins

Applicant: Tarbat Historic Trust

Description: This 24-month project aims to explore and celebrate evidence of Pictish and Medieval manuscript production in Tarbat.

Decision: Award grant of £99,045 (100% of total costs)

The Haining Mansion House : A Place for Everyone

Applicant: The Haining Charitable Trust

Description: A two-year project to undertake necessary external fabric repairs to the Haining Mansion accompanied by a programme of activities.

Decision: Reject

Aberdeen: A Victorian window

Applicant: Aberdeen City Council

Description: Working with two schools to explore Victorian Aberdeen and bring our local history to a new generation.

Decision: Award grant of £5,300 (100% of total costs)

Change in grant amount and percentage

David Livingstone's Birthplace

Applicant: The Scottish National Memorial to David Livingstone Trust

Description: The grant increase will provide flexibility and resource to enable the museum to meet unanticipated increased overheads. Additional professional fundraising resource and expert advice will support an operational review to facilitate the museum’s transition from capital project to operational mode.

Decision: Award grant increase of £250,000

Penicuik Heritage Regeneration

Applicant: Midlothian Council

Description: To enable completion of five medium priority shopfront improvement schemes, following cost increases caused by the volatile wider environment which have depleted available budgets.

Decision: Award grant increase of £132,367