Scotland: delegate decisions December 2021

Scotland: delegate decisions December 2021

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers to the Director for Scotland at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 14 December 2021.

The Battle of Littleferry book publication

Applicant: The Golspie Heritage Society

Description: This 4 month project will publish a book about the Battle of Littleferry, a Jacobian battle which took place in Golspie, Sutherland on the day before the Battle of Culloden.

Decision: Reject

Prejudice & Solidarity Archived Throughout History (PATH)

Applicant: Grampian Regional Equality Council Ltd.

Description: This two year project aims to support priority groups (diverse ethic communities and LGBTQ+) to research their history and heritage within their communite. Plus,share the results to raise awareness and knowledge to wider audiences. 

Decision: Award Grant of £86,924 (100%)

Reflections of trauma, challenges, and healing: An oral history

Applicant: Group Recovery Aftercare Community Enterprise (GRACE)

Description: To deliver a project which will record and disseminate histories of lived traumatic experiences dating from the 1980s, and how treatment has changed since then.

Decision: Award Grant of £58,690 (100%)

Vale of Leven Green Heritage Corridors

Applicant: The Leamy Foundation

Description: To engage the local community in and around the Vale of Leven with nature through the creation of a green heritage corridor and delivery of associated activities.

Decision: Reject

Nature for All

Applicant: Scottish Environment LINK

Description: Build the capacity of environmental NGOs within and beyond the applicant's existing membership, to identify and remove barriers to working and volunteering in the sector.

Decision: Award Grant of £159,049 (100%)

Wait Til You Hear This!

Applicant: GAEL MUSIC

Description: To use youth-led research to explore the relationship between North Lanarkshire's folk tales and tunes and it's industrial heritage.

Decision: Reject

Govanhillians: The Story of Govanhill

Applicant: Govanhill Baths Community Trust

Description: Explore and share the multicultural heritage of Govanhill, working with diverse communities based in the area.

Decision: Reject

Timecapsule Bedroom (from the last 60 years)

Applicant: Trendy Tuesday Girl Museum

Description: This is a first time applicant proposing to form a bedroom exhibition in their own private domestic setting, open to the public for bookable visits. The exhibition would consist of the bedroom being decorated and furnished to suit the particular period (typically 1970s, 1980s, 1990s theme) on monthly rotation for a period of 12 months from February 2022. Decision: Reject