Local Places for Nature, December 2022

Local Places for Nature, December 2022

Schedule of Decisions made by the Environmental Growth Fund Panel (a sub-set of Trustees) on 19 December 2022

Local Places for Nature

A capital grant scheme to enable communities in Wales to acquire, restore and enhance nature. 

Nature Networks

The scheme would strengthen the resilience of Wales’ network of protected land and marine sites, supporting nature’s recovery while actively encouraging community engagement.

Local Places for Nature Breaking Barriers

The scheme would increase engagement in disadvantaged communities to create, restore and enhance nature ‘on the doorstep’.


Schedule of decisions

#naturNewyd am Natur

Applicant: Hirwaun YMCA

Decision: Award grant of £241,370 (100%)


#NNF2 Newt Networks

Applicant: Wild Ground

Decision:  Award grant of £249,576 (100%)


#NNF2 Connecting the Carmarthenshire Coast

Applicant: Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Decision : Award grant of £222.772 (100%)


#NNF2 Wild Service Trees in Wales

Applicant: Aberaeron Restoration Limited

Decision: Award grant of £87,600 (100%)


#NNF2 Hiraeth yn y Môr (HYYM) - Advancing Ocean Literacy in North East Wales through marine citizenship

Applicant: The Marine Conservation Society

Decision: Award grant of £244,000 (76%)


#NNF2 Connected Commons & The Centre for Nature Recovery

Applicant: Dr Beynon's Bug Farm Ltd

Decision: Award grant of £211,624 (100%)


#NNF2 Nature Connections in the Llyfnant, Melindwr and Einion catchments

Applicant: Coetir Anian

Decision: Award grant of £249,995 (100%)


#NNF2 Connecting Nature, Connecting Communities

Applicant: Gwent Wildlife Trust Ltd.

Decision: Award grant of £248,834 (100%)


#NNF2 - Restoration, Protection and Enhancement of the Ely Valley SSSI (RePrEEV)

Applicant: South East Wales Rivers Trust

Decision: Award grant of £248,314 (100%)


#NNF2 Living With Beavers in the Dyfi Catchment: Ensuring Positive Coexistence

Applicant: North Wales Wildlife Trust

Decision: Award grant of £249,545 (100%)


#NNF2 Restoring Wild Oysters to Conwy Bay

Applicant: The Zoological Society of London

Decision: Award grant of £249,919 (64%)


#NNF2: Healthy Resilient Grasslands

Applicant: The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales Limited

Decision: Award grant of £249,565 (100%)


#NNF2 Preventing Aliens Taking Hold (PATH): Building resilience within the River Dee SAC

Applicant: North Wales Wildlife Trust

Decision: Award grant of £249,999 (100%)


#NNF2 Limestone Grassland Restoration North Wales

Applicant: North Wales Wildlife Trust

Decision: Award grant of £249,999 (100%)


#NNF2 Gobaith Coetir – Woodland Hope

Applicant: Bat Conservation Trust

Decision: Award grant of £227,603 (100%)


#NNF2 - Pwyth mewn pryd / Stitch in time

Applicant: Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority

Decision: Award grant of £170,193 (98%)


#NNF2 Biosecurity for Wales

Applicant: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Decision: Award grant of £249,713 (100%)


#NNF2 Merthyr Mawr Dunes: Reconnecting Nature

Applicant: The Trustees of Merthyr Mawr Estate'

Decision: Award grant of £120,731 (100%)


#NNF2 Engagement, Education and Connection for Resilient Welsh Coasts and Seas

Applicant: Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum Community Interest Company

Decision: Reject



Applicant: Carmarthenshire County Council

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Collaborating for Nature Networks in South Radnorshire  Rhwydweithiau Cydweithredu dros Natur yn Ne Sir Faesyfed

Applicant: Radnorshire Wildlife Trust Limited

Decision: Reject


#NNF2: Resilient accessible woodlands

Applicant: The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales Limited

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Gwynedd Council Country Parks

Applicant: Cyngor Gwynedd

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Afon Clettwr habitat creation and public engagement

Applicant: Mr A & Mrs E Neagle t/a Anuna

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Wales Wye Catchment Citizen Science (WWCCS)

Applicant: Friends of the Upper Wye

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Bro Cors Caron NNR Hare and Wader Conservation

Applicant: Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Prosiect mamaliaid morol Enlli – Bardsey marine mammal project

Applicant: Bardsey Bird and Field Observatory

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Reconnecting Pant y Sais

Applicant: Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Tir Canol, Tir Ni, Tir Natur

Applicant: Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Cynefin Cymru

Applicant: Caring for God's Acre

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Code Red

Applicant: The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales Limited

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Ebbw River Bank restoration an enhancement project.

Applicant: Newport City Council

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Enhancing the Vision for the Bristol Channel and Severn in Wales

Applicant: Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Regenerative ocean farming: Coastal and Community Regeneration in Pembrokeshire

Applicant: WWF-UK

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Cae Plwca Uschaf Improvements

Applicant: Eileen Brenda Knight

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Powys Moorland Partnership

Applicant: Ireland Moor Conservation Ltd

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Teifi Uchaf RLN/NFM (Rheoli Llifogydd Naturiol/Natural Flood Management)

Applicant: West Wales Rivers Trust

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Ailgyflwyno Eryr Cymru - Inspiring a wilder Wales: restoring the White-tailed eagle to Welsh natural and cultural heritage.

Applicant: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust – UK

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Restoring Elan Habitats for Nature Recovery

Applicant: The Welsh Water Elan Trust

Decision: Reject


#NNF2 Coalfield Connections

Applicant: Buglife - The Invertebrate Conservation Trust

Decision: Reject


#Natur3 BMHS Green Spaces for Wellbeing Project

Applicant: BAME Mental Health Support CIC

Decision: Award grant of £99,133 (100%)


#Natur3 Social Prescribing the Woodland Way - Working with Diverse Communities

Applicant: Small Woods Association

Decision: Award grant of £47,007 (100%)


#Natur3 Nurture to Nature

Applicant: Growing Space

Decision: Award grant of £37,000 (100%)


#Natur3 Travelling back to Nature

Applicant: Romani Cultural & Arts Company

Decision: Award grant of £57,666 (100%)


#Natur3 Stalk to Fork

Applicant: Cambrian Village Trust

Decision: Award grant of £65,000 (100%)


#Natur3 Rydym yn natur

Applicant: Outside Lives Ltd

Decision: Reject


#Natur3 Adopt a tributary / Mabwysiadu llednant

Applicant: West Wales Rivers Trust

Decision: Reject


#Natur3 Maindee – Heritage – People – Place

Applicant: Maindee Unlimited

Decision: Award grant of £60,379 (100%)