Local Places for Nature and Community Woodlands decisions, February 2021

Schedule of Decisions made by the Wales Environmental Growth Fund Panel (a sub-set of Trustees), 8 February 2021.

We are distributing the Wales Environmental Growth Fund in partnership with Welsh Government.

Local Places for Nature is a capital grant scheme to enable communities in Wales to acquire, restore and enhance nature. 

Community Woodlands is a capital grant scheme for projects to restore, create, connect and manage community woodlands in Wales.

Schedule of Decisions

#NATUR Project Datblygu Gardd Cymunedol Tref Caernarfon

Applicant: Byw'n Iach

Decision: Award Grant of £33,300 (99%)

#COED Usk Rotary Arboretum

Applicant: Rotary Club of Usk

Decision: Award Grant of £28,800 (95%)

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