Local Places for Nature and Community Woodlands decisions, 29 November 2021

Schedule of Decisions made by the Wales Environmental Growth Fund Panel (a sub-set of trustees), 29 November 2021

We are distributing the Wales Environmental Growth Fund in partnership with Welsh Government.

Local Places for Nature: A capital grant scheme to enable communities in Wales to acquire, restore and enhance nature.

Community Woodlands: A capital grant scheme for projects to restore, create, connect and manage community woodlands in Wales.

15 Minutes Heritage Grants: Grants of between £3,000 and £10,000 for capital projects in Wales that will encourage engagement with local heritage.

Schedule of Decisions

#COED 'Haenau Digonedd' Gardd Goedwigol Gynmunedol NATUREWISE Community Forest Garden 'Layers of Abundance'

Applicant: Naturewise Community Forest Garden CIC

Decision: Award Grant of £36,996 (100%)

#15Minutes2 – National Park Digital Archaeology Interpretation

Applicant: Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (66.67%)

#15minutes2 Melin Daron – Outbuilding

Applicant: Melin Daron cyf

Decision: Reject

#15Minutes2 Snowdonia Slate Trail end features

Applicant: Snowdonia Slate Trail Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £3,000 (50%)

#15Minutes2 Pilgrim Art Trail

Applicant: Dyffryn Clwyd Mission Area

Decision: Reject

#15minutes2 WW2 Pillbox

Applicant: Pontypridd Town Council

Decision: Award Grant of £7,100 (89.87%)

#15Minutes2 Mosaig Glynllifon

Applicant: Cyngor Gwynedd

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (83.33%)

#15Minutes2 A celebration of Carreghofa

Applicant: Carreghofa County Primary School

Decision: Award Grant of £5,000 (100%)

#15Minutes2 St Ilan Community Facilities

Applicant: The Benefice Of Eglwysilan And Caerphilly PCC

Decision: Reject

#15minutes2 Female shower room and toilet modernisation

Applicant: Royal Welsh Yacht Club

Decision: Reject

#15minutes2 Parish of South West Gower – connecting people with their heritage

Applicant: Parish of South West Gower

Decision: Award Grant of £9,880 (100%)

#15minutes2 – Darganfod lleisiau Ty Mawr – Discovering Ty Mawr's voices

Applicant: The National Trust For Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty

Decision: Award Grant of £9,222 (100%)

#15minutes2 Prosiect Arddangosfa Pier Garth Bangor / Bangor Garth Pier Exhibition Project

Applicant: Bangor City Council

Decision: Award Grant of £5,000 (100%)

#15minutes2 Connecting with Conwy

Applicant: Royal Cambrian Academy of Art

Decision: Reject

#15minutes2 Walking Whitchurch Heritage, Cerdded Treftadaeth yr Eglwys Newydd


Decision: Award Grant of £8,505 (100%)

#15minutes2 Prosiect Amgylcheddol Tremadog Environmental Projects

Applicant: Tremadog 200

Decision: Reject

#15minutes2 makeBeddgelerthistory

Applicant: Keep Beddgelert Tidy

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (95.24%)

#15Minutes2: LGBTQIA+ Cardiff Bike Tour

Applicant: SpokesPerson CIC

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

#15Minutes2 15 Minute Heritage – Thomas & Williams – An Inspiration

Applicant: Parish of Aberdare

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

#15minutes2 Llun Richard Wilson ger Llyn Nantlle

Applicant: Dyffryn Nantlle 20/20

Decision: Award Grant of £4,290 (100%)

#15minutes2 Local interpretation boards


Decision: Award Grant of £8,250 (94.29%)

#15minutes2 Bwlchygroes – Ein Hanes Ni

Applicant: Bwlchygroes Community Hall Committee

Decision: Award Grant of £9,460 (100%)

#15minutes2 Ffrwyth y Coed

Applicant: Cymdeithas Plant y Bryn

Decision: Award Grant of £8,660 (80.93%)

#15minutes2 Walk: The Brecon Story

Applicant: The Dean & Chapter of Brecon Cathedral t/a Brecon Heritage & Cultural Network

Decision: Award Grant of £9,890 (90.82%)

#15minutes2 Viva Pencraig!

Applicant: TeliMôn Cyf

Decision: Award Grant of £9,277 (53.7%)

#15minutes2 Taith Tre'r Ceiri

Applicant: Hafod Ceiri

Decision: Award Grant of £4,455 (100%)

#15minutes2 Additional rest rooms in the cells of Caernarfon Court

Applicant: Courthouse Entertainments Ltd

Decision: Reject

#15Minutes2 Sheltering Jersey Park for the Community

Applicant: Friends of Jersey Park

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (50%)

#15Minutes2 – Imagine Trail (Arts and Culture)

Applicant: TAPE Community Music and Film

Decision: Reject

#15Minutes2 Guildhall Cells

Applicant: Llantrisant Guildhall CIO

Decision: Reject

#15Minutes2 William Marshal Statue

Applicant: Pembroke and Monkton Local History Society

Decision: Reject

#15minutes2 – Holyhead: Story of a Port

Applicant: Holyhead Maritime Museum

Decision: Reject

#15Minutes2 Parc yr Esgob Hanes a Chof: Capturing, Digitising and Sharing our Stories


Decision: Award Grant of £7,590 (100%)

#15Minutes2 – Wats Dyke, Rhosddu, Wrexham

Applicant: Rhosddu Community Council

Decision: Award Grant of £3,965 (100%)

#15Minutes2 The Railway in Ruthin: Past and Present

Applicant: Ruthin and District Civic Association

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

#15Minutes2 Sharing our Heritage / Shaping our Future: the former St Luke's and Circus Eruption

Applicant: Circus Eruption

Decision: Award Grant of £9,958 (100%)

#15minutes2 Dyffryn Nantlle and Dorothea: Dialogue and Discovery

Applicant: Dorothea Pumped Hydro Limited

Decision: Reject

#15minutes2 Llandaff Civil Defence Project

Applicant: Insole Court Trust

Decision: Reject

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