Green Recovery Capacity Building Scheme, February 2021

Schedule of Decisions made by the Wales Environmental Growth Fund Panel (a sub-set of Trustees), 8 February 2021.

We are distributing the Wales Environmental Growth Fund in partnership with Welsh Government.

Green Recovery Capacity Building Scheme Grants for environmental organisations in Wales to build skills, develop ideas and improve the services they deliver.

Schedule of Decisions

#GREEN - Welsh landscapes for rare bumblebees

Applicant: Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £24,600 (100%)

#GREEN Pembrokeshire Coast Communication and Partnership Development

Applicant: Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £21,800 (92%)

#GREEN Building a Green Future for Bardsey Island

Applicant: Bardsey Island Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £21,600 (100%)

#GREEN - Putting Bugs on the Map in Wales

Applicant: Buglife - the Invertebrate Conservation Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £34,500 (100%)

#GREEN: Growing Plantlife Cymru's Influence & Impact

Applicant: Plantlife International

Decision: Award Grant of £33,000 (81%)

#GREEN Butterfly Conservation - Developing Places, Delivering for People

Applicant: Butterfly Conservation

Decision: Award Grant of £53,800 (100%)


Applicant: Wye and Usk Foundation

Decision: Award Grant of £82,800 (100%)

#GREEN Peatland Recovery

Applicant: Gwent Wildlife Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £100,000 (100%)

#GREEN Groundwork Wales Well-being Project

Applicant: Groundwork Wales

Decision: Award Grant of £49,800 (100%)

#GREEN Wales Marine Code App development and action plan

Applicant: Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum

Decision: Award Grant of £35,900 (100%)

#GREEN Monitoring Dragons

Applicant: Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £26,000 (100%)

#GREEN Building a regenerative farming network: Brecon Beacons and Monmouthshire

Applicant: Conservation Farming Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £14,700 (100%)

#GREEN and Resilient Future for Radnorshire Wildlife Trust

Applicant: Radnorshire Wildlife Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £18,100 (100%)

#GREEN Clywedog Valley Partnership for Nature

Applicant: Groundwork North Wales

Decision: Award Grant of £23,200 (100%)

#GREEN Afonydd Cymru. Fighting for Wales' Rivers

Applicant: Afonydd Cymru

Decision: Award Grant of £24,700 (100%)

#GREEN Business planning and development for Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales

Applicant: Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales

Decision: Award Grant of £39,000 (100%)

#GREEN Building capacity, collaboration and diversity in the environmental NGO sector

Applicant: Wales Environment Link

Decision: Award Grant of £100,000 (100%)

#GREEN Building our Charity's Resilience for Better Biodiversity in Wales

Applicant: Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £38,700 (100%)

#GREEN - Giving RSPB Cymru the capacity to contribute to a Green Recovery

Applicant: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

Decision: Award Grant of £65,400 (100%)

#GREEN Improving PONT resilience to support the green recovery

Applicant: Pori Natur a Threftadaeth (PONT)

Decision: Award Grant of £23,300 (100%)

#GREEN UNESCO Dyfi Biosphere Green Recovery (OM-20-04353)

Applicant: ecodyfi

Decision: Award Grant of £44,900 (100%)

#GREEN Green Roots - Growing Nature Networks

Applicant: National Trust Wales

Decision: Award Grant of £45,400 (100%)

#GREEN - Building Capacity for Connection

Applicant: Shared Earth Trust

Decision: Reject


Applicant: Snowdonia Donkeys

Decision: Reject

#GREENClimate and Community Development Project

Applicant: Climate and Community reg 1172500

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Carbon Offsetting for Community Benefits in Wales

Applicant: Severn Wye Energy Agency

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Business Development Plan and Heritage Strategy for Ordinary Extraordinary C.I.C

Applicant: Ordinary Extraordinary C.I.C

Decision: Reject

#GREEN - Coed ar gyfer Cymru - Trees for Wales

Applicant: Llais y Goedwig

Decision: Reject

#GREEN - Becoming Locally United

Applicant: Cwm Harry Land Trust

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Carbon Community Fundraising Scale Up

Applicant: The Carbon Community

Decision: Reject

#GREEN RENEW Doldowlod walled garden development

Applicant: RENEW

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Cymdeithas Eryri - Bringing Together Conservation Action and Public Engagement

Applicant: Cymdeithas Eryri Snowdonia Society

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Building New Sustainable Community Growing Projects

Applicant: Cae Tan Community Supported Agriculture Ltd

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Plan for Nature, Learning & Communities

Applicant: Field Studies Council (FSC)

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Business Strategy for In Our Nature

Applicant: In Our Nature CIC

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Digitising Down to Earth

Applicant: Down to Earth Project

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Building community awareness of domestic energy efficiency improvements

Applicant: Community Energy Wales

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Capacity Build for Pen y Graig

Applicant: Woodland Recovery Centres

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Câr-Y-Môr Ocean Farm Project

Applicant: For The Love of The Sea Ltd trading as Car-Y-Mor

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Building resilience at Welsh Dee Trust

Applicant: Welsh Dee Trust

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Growth Fund for '9Trees CIC'

Applicant: 9Trees Carbon Offsetting CIC

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Tir A Mor (Land & Sea)

Applicant: Cambrian Village Trust

Decision: Reject

#GREEN YnNi - OUR energy

Applicant: YnNi Teg

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Resilience and local anchorage development for The Wilderness Trust

Applicant: Wilderness Trust

Decision: Reject

#GREEN AnTir Capacity Building Project for Sustainable Land Management Training & Wellbeing Programme

Applicant: Tir Coed

Decision: Reject

#GREEN Growing Better Connections - strengthening CARE to build nature-based skills for employment

Applicant: Cwm Arian Renewable Energy Ltd

Decision: Reject

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