England, North: delegate decisions September 2021

England, North: delegate decisions September 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Director for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 23 September 2021.

The Mine Is Yours - Industry at the Heart of the Community

Applicant: Healthy Arts

Project Description: Healthy Arts, in partnership with Red Rose Steam Society (RRSS), will deliver an 18-month project that will engage the local community with the Lancashire Mining Museum (LMM) in Astley Green, Wigan. The project will increase and diversify the museum's audience, and support its financial resilience by promoting new revenue streams. The project is part of the first steps towards realising the aims of the 5-year vision (Masterplan Vision (2019)) for redeveloping the site.

Decision: Award Grant of £69815

Weaving the Web

Applicant: Sunny Bank Mills Ltd

Project Description: Based in a textile mill in Farsley (Leeds) that has been on the same site since 1829, Sunny Bank Mills Ltd's (SBM) 12-month project will recruit a Digital Archive Curator, increase hours for an existing part-time Archive Curator, build on work started at the beginning of the pandemic to strengthen SBM's digital offer and ensure its website is to AA Standard by creating 360 degree imagery and providing an interactive catalogue of the SBM archive. They will also involve students from West Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre, a college for young persons with learning needs, in the project and give them training to undertake the imagery and web design workshops.

Decision: Award Grant of £40723

Twice The Passion

Applicant: Salford Red Devils Foundation

Project Description: The sporting themed community heritage project will explore the history of rugby league in Salford, Greater Manchester. Capitalising on interest generated by the Rugby League World Cup in 2022, it will deliver heritage engagement activities that encourage learning and improved wellbeing, supporting the local community build back after the impact of Covid19.

Decision: Award Grant of £48850

Stories & Maps of Migration in the Northwest of England

Applicant: Global Link (Lancaster)

Project Description: This three year project will run from, November 2021 until October 2024. The project will collect history, stories and biographies to document the story of migration to North West England since Roman times until the present day.

Decision: Award Grant of £232364 

Sharing Prescot 1597 today 

Applicant: Knowsley Borough Council 

Project Description: The project is to deliver a heritage trail throughout the building on the overarching theme of Prescot's history, especially its Elizabethan past. 21 creative elements will be designed, fabricated and installed embedding features in the building as the final stages of the works are being completed.

Decision:  Award Grant of £215092 

Descendants and Heritage contributions from the Black Troops in WW2 to the North East

Applicant: Culture Healing Communities CIC

Project Description: This one year research project will engage new audiences with underrepresented heritage to highlight black service men and women's involvement in WW2. It will focus on the social impact of US based service people in the UK and how this influenced society both at the time and since. The applicant aims to raise awareness of black servicemen and women in WW2 and to better interpret what their experiences were like in the North East, including their integration, in effort to promote inclusion and diversity.

Decision: Reject

OUR VOICE - Our History, Present & Future

Applicant: The Wider World Project

Project Description: This one year project will be delivered by an experienced applicant to engage young disabled people with their heritage through site visits, research of archival material and intergenerational learning. Participants will develop a greater understanding of the history of disability which will allow them to contextualise their own experiences.  

Decision: Award Grant of £6241


Applicant: Heritage Development Company Liverpool

Project Description: This six-month project starting in October will focus upon business planning, digital development and income generation.

Decision: Award Grant of £29140

A:Spiring to Greater Heights in Great Sutton

Applicant: St Johns PCC

Project Description: This 18-month stabilisation and restoration works project to St. John the Evangelist Church, Great Sutton, Merseyside will be supplemented by outputs promoting the heritage to wider audiences.

Decision: Reject

Puppet Story, an interactive museum to promote the history and art forms of puppetry.

Applicant: Upfront Arts Ltd.

Project Description: This two-year project aims to purchase a large proportion of a toy theatre collection at auction on the 23 September 2021 and deliver activity that will engage older and younger audiences with this material and the history of toy theatres.

Decision: Reject

The Watkin Society

Applicant: The Watkin Society

Project Description: This twelve-month project starting in October 2021 will focus on the heritage of the social and political reformer, Edward Watkin and his father Absalom. It will bring their history to a wider audience, in particular schools, through the production of videos, five booklets, an audio book, newsletters and public meetings.

Decision: Reject

Voices from the Asylum

Applicant: High Royd Memorial Garden

Project Description: The project is a simple proposal that will enable Friends of High Royds Memorial Garden to resume their work on the historic pauper's graveyard and surrounding Woodland Nature Reserve of the former High Royds Psychiatric Hospital in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, which was curtailed by the pandemic. The 7-month project will install an information board and three directional signs, undertake conservation work within the nature reserve, and minor decorative repairs to the Grade II listed chapel.

Decision: Award Grant of £10000

Park Life 

Applicant: Reform Radio 

Project Description: The project, delivered over one month, will produce a three-part podcast, focusing on the Mayfield Park development in inner city Manchester. The podcasts will explore the history of Manchester's green and blue spaces, Mayfield Park and its history, the Friends of Mayfield Park and the local community.

Decision:  Award Grant of £9966

47th Regiment of Foot American War of Independence 250th Anniversary Project

Applicant: 47th Regiment of Foot

Project Description: The project aims to purchase 20 replica uniforms of the 47th Regiment of Foot so that the applicant organisation can portray the Regiment at the time of the second phase of the American War of Independence.

Decision: Reject

Epiacum Engagement Project


Project Description: This year long project aims to deliver opportunities for local people and visitors to engage with the history of Epiacum through the development of a film, guidebook and improvement of the organisation's website. The project will provide limited opportunities, for people who cannot visit, to engage in the history of the site.

Decision: Reject

A Patchwork Park

Applicant: Friends of Victoria Park Stretford

Project Description: This is a community-based heritage project, using the medium of theatre to engage the diverse communities of Stretford in exploring, sharing and celebrating the collective heritage of Victoria Park Stretford.

Decision: Reject


Applicant: West African Development

Project Description: This project will create a centre and programme for African arts and heritage in Tameside, Greater Manchester and will run for three years from November 2021 to November 2024.

Decision: Reject


Understanding The Past for The Future

Applicant: Wakefield Theatre Trust

Project Description: Understanding The Past for The Future project will work to uncover and capture the stories, memories documents and work to create an archive for future generations. The project will also open up the building to new audiences by hosting events and activities culminating in a celebration during Heritage Open Days.

Decision: Reject

Lunda Tribe Online Showcase / Gallery in Salford


Project Description: This project is a partnership between (SARELI) Salford Refugees Link, (AFASU) AFRICAN FAMILIES SUPPORT & (AWHA) AFRICAN WOMEN HEALTH ACTION. It will focus on the exhibition of the Lunda tribe artefacts and its cultural expression.

Decision: Reject

Renovation of band room

Applicant: City of Chester Brass band

Project Description: This three-month project will undertake capital repairs to the band room of City of Chester Brass Band. The Band is a first-time applicant. The room is in a poor state of repair and requires works including damp proof treatment, replastering, and electrical works in order to bring it back up to a standard in which band practice can continue safely.

Decision: Reject


Bringing heritage to life project

Applicant: Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade

Project Description: The aim of this project is to bring history of the TVLB to a new wider audience by creating an entire virtual tour of the museum, artefacts and history.

Decision: Reject

Connecting with our past, present and future

Applicant: Sandhill Community Group

Project Description: Sandhill Community Group (SCG), based in the South of Sunderland in the North East, is seeking funding to engage people in the history of football on a field at Thorney Close that has been used to play the sport over the generations.

Decision: Reject