England, North: delegate decisions October 2021

England, North: delegate decisions October 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Director for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 26 October 2021.

Legacy of '67

Applicant: Initiative Arts Projects Ltd

Project Description: Through the collection of oral histories, a drama production, an exhibition and walking tours, this 20-month project will explore and share the experiences of the LGBTQ+ communities of Greater Manchester in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. This will be within the context of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act and the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality.

Decision: Award Grant of £76,201 (98.7%)

Making Meaning at Calderstones

Applicant: The Reader Organisation

Project Description: This two year project focusses on the Calderstones Mansion House, the Calder Stones and Calderstones Park in Liverpool.  It will build on the previous 'Reader at Calderstones' project, exploring new interpretation themes through literature and reaching audiences that are more representative of Liverpool.

Decision: Award Grant of £243,040 (96.39%)

Life with the Great Britain Lionesses Twenty-Five Years of Women's International Rugby League

Applicant: Common-sense Initiative

Project Description: To recover and record the forgotten history of the pioneering sports women who challenged rugby's traditional male supremacy.

Decision: Award Grant of £89,825 (100%)

The Grandma Cooking Project


Project Description: To capture the culture and traditions of cookery from local African communities with activities planned for older women, young people and the wider community.

Decision: Award Grant of £45,094 (98.69%)

How to be a Young North East Naturalist

Applicant: Natural History Society of Northumbria

Project Description: This one year pilot project will engage young people with their local natural heritage to raise awareness and inspire future naturalists.

Decision: Award Grant of £48,875 (100%)

SRSB 160+ Anniversary, Heritage and Sensory Garden project

Applicant: Sheffield Royal Society For The Blind

Project Description: To capture, preserve and raise awareness about SRSB and its heritage. It is also to share the experiences of blind people and highlight the beliefs, events, and people that have impacted their lives.

Decision: Award Grant of £31,376 (86.25%)

Refugee from the Ravens

Applicant: Zwiebelfish CIC

Project Description: To use the Lyrical Ballads published in 1798 as inspiration to engage the homeless community in Northwest England in poetry and song writing. 

Decision: Award Grant of £47,000 (100%)

UEFA Women's EURO 2022 - Women's Football Heritage (North)

Applicant: Rotherham MBC

Project Description: To coincide with the UEFA Women's EURO tournament, this partnership project, across the North and South of England, will deliver an extensive programme of activity to celebrate and reveal the history of Women's football.

Decision: Award Grant of £250,000 (100%)

Hackschool Local History YouTube Channel

Applicant: Hackschool CIC

Project Description: This one year project will engage young people from under-served socio-economic areas through a digital workshop programme. The project aims to remove barriers to technology by making it accessible through smartphones, harnessing a hobby or interest of many young people and using this to engage with local heritage.

Decision: Award Grant of £7,900 (100%)

Gafricom Digital Community Initiative

Applicant: GAFRICOM

Project Description: This one year project will highlight traditional African culture through a workshop programme. The applicant will engage participants with their heritage to raise awareness as well as improve digital skills of the participants to increase integration within their local community and confidence.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

Hidden Heritage and Wellbeing

Applicant: Northern Heartlands

Project Description: To engage the community of Willington, County Durham with the heritage of the town through a programme of activities that will focus on improving people's wellbeing.

Decision: Award Grant of £174,386 (89.71%)

Doncaster's Sound Memories

Applicant: Higher Rhythm Ltd

Project Description: Capture, preserve and celebrate music memories of local people living in Central Doncaster. Based on oral historical accounts from local people regarding musical events and encounters that they have experienced in the area, spanning the period 1950–2000.

Decision: Award Grant of £66,250 (86.09%)

Ryton Titans - Standing Stories Up

Applicant: Friends of Ryton Junior School

Project Description: To improve a sense of pride, community, and togetherness as the children from Ryton Federation explore the local history of Ryton.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

St. John's Oulton Restoration and Repairs

Applicant: The Church of St. John the Evangelist, Oulton with Woodlesford

Project Description: To carry out structural repairs to the Church of St John the Evangelist, Oulton with Woodlesford, Leeds, including replacing roof coverings and repairing the timber sub-structure of the north and south aisle roofs. It will also offer new activities for the local community.

Decision: Reject

Connecting communities: enhancing collaboration and engagement with natural heritage sites using an accessible wildlife monitoring network

Applicant: University Of Hull

Project Description: To establish a wildlife tracking network across 15 ecologically connected sites In North and East Yorkshire, equipping and training volunteers to undertake long-term monitoring of migrating bats and birds. A programme of engagement activities will target under-served communities experiencing deprivation.

Decision: Reject

Toxteth '81: 40 Years After

Applicant: Learning Through The Arts

Project Description: Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Toxteth Riots in Liverpool, Learning Through The Arts (LTTA) will use archive materials to deliver creative workshops, talks and a touring exhibition, exploring and sharing the heritage.

Decision: Reject

Leigh African Heritage Festival

Applicant: Moonraker Foundation

Project Description: To set up an annual African Heritage Festival, showcasing African music, food, and art in the town of Leigh, in Greater Manchester.

Decision: Reject

The Future of Eckington, Then and Now

Applicant: Eckington Town Team

Project Description: To consolidate local history archive materials currently held at a newly refurbished Heritage Centre. To increase the display capability of the Centre to host an increased number and variety of displays and exhibitions.

Decision: Reject

Moorgate's Heritage Maps

Applicant: Moorgate Primary School

Project Description: Allow a small group of intergenerational 'heritage hunters' to research and explore Tonge Moor's history from 1750–1850. This will be from the perspective of Victorian children to gain an understanding of how this relates to our children today. This history will then be mapped out on a walkable journey and explanation videos will be added for each historical site.

Decision: Reject

Church wall

Applicant: Ludborough Parish Council

Project Description: To repair a fallen wall at the Church of St Mary in Ludborough, Grimsby.

Decision: Reject

St. Michael's Church Organ Restoration

Applicant: Parochial Church Council of Barton

Project Description: Torestore a 150 year-old pipe organ situated in the 12th century St Michael's Church in Penrith, Cumbria.

Decision: Reject