England, North: delegate decisions May 2022

England, North: delegate decisions May 2022

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 19 May 2022.

Cresswell Walled Garden: Transforming a 200 year old derelict garden into an accessible community asset for all to enjoy

Applicant: Cresswell Pele Tower CIO

Project Description: This two year, nine month project will undertake capital works to the remains of the kitchen garden complex on the former Cresswell Hall estate. It will create a community garden and build on the successful restoration of the adjacent Pele Tower.

Decision: Award Grant of £230,834 (92% of total costs)

Finding the Pathways/Right to Roam

Applicant: Clapham Film Unit

Project Description: To research the history of Right to Roam from under-served groups' perspectives. It will investigate both historic and more recent campaigns, collecting oral histories and using creative approaches to explore the heritage.

Decision: Award Grant of £46,853 (100% of total costs)

GM Ringway – Greater Manchester's walking trail

Applicant: CPRE Lancashire, Liverpool City Region and Greater Manchester (GM)

Project Description: This two year project aims to develop and engage people in finalising The Greater Manchester Ringway, a 300km circular walking route that has been roughly mapped by the two partner organisations, CPRE and the Ramblers. Starting in Manchester City Centre, the trail spans all ten GM boroughs, dipping into the area's natural, social and industrial heritage.

Decision: Award Grant of £249,853 (92% of total costs)

Scarborough Big Dig 2

Applicant: Big Ideas By The Sea CIC

Project Description: This four month project is part of the Big Ideas by the Sea festival. It will encourage the community to get involved in archaeology by running a series of training and awareness sessions. It will deliver a programme of hands-on archaeological activities including young archaeologist workshops, events to share findings from the dig, and creating learning materials about the heritage of Scarborough

Decision: Award Grant of £8,300 (85% of total costs)

Cooperation Street

Applicant: Good Things Collective C.I.C.

Project Description: This seven month project aims to explore and promote the history and heritage behind Centenary House, a derelict Cooperative Society building in Morecambe, Lancashire. The project will also explore the history behind the cooperative movement and the golden era of Morecambe's west end.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,885 (100% of total costs)

North Tyneside Sound Walk

Applicant: Hand Of LTD

Project Description: This two week project will engage 45 children aged 11 in North Tyneside. They will research, write and record a local sound walk with heritage/creative professionals’ support.

Decision: Award Grant £9,906 (40% of total costs)

COVID-19 Kahaniyan

Applicant: Arts 2 Heal

Project Description: This ten month project will engage under-served groups across Blackburn through 40 sessions (including 36 workshops) to document personal experiences of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. They will be developed into a song shared online and through CDs. 

Decision: Award Grant of £9,970 (100% of total costs)

The RED Archive Caravan Tour

Applicant: The RED Archive CIC

Project Description: This six month project will recreate a Liverpool fan's bedroom to act as a touring exhibit. It will hold creative workshops and oral history recordings whilst on tour, aiming to reach 600 people through six venues. The project will follow-up with the exhibit's visitors to record further oral histories about their experiences as Liverpool fans and recruit and retain new volunteers.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,955 (100% of total costs)

In Plain Sight: A Story of Gwen Lally

Applicant: Heifer Productions CIC

Project Description: This year-long project, based in Bradford, will engage 20 LGBTQ+ young people and 15 professional theatre and film makers in researching the heritage of 1930s pageantry. It will specifically focus on the history of queer director Gwen Lally, with reference to LGBTQ+ culture.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,963 (51% of total costs)

BNB Outside

Applicant: Beautiful New Beginnings CIC

Project Description: This nine month project will engage families with young children in forest school sessions after school and weekends in the area of Knowsley. It builds on the success of a previous pilot project in the area which engaged 100 families over six months.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100% of total costs)

100 Years of Fashion

Applicant: Big Condo Training Academy CIC

Project Description: This 12 month project will explore influences/impacts of immigration, international travel and trade on development of fashion in Liverpool over the past century.

Decision: Award Grant of £85,075 (100% of total costs)

Alnwick Fair

Applicant: Mylife Productions 2013 CIC

Project Description: This nine month project will bring together a group of 30 young people to research and record the history of the Alnwick Fair in Northumberland. The project will result in the production of a documentary film that will interpret and explain the heritage to a wider local audience. As well as a fictional film to be produced by the young people in response to learning about the significance of the fair to their community's heritage.

Decision: Award Grant of £37,472 (100% of total costs)

Beck and Bells: Bishop Wilton Heritage Project

Applicant: St Edith's, Bishop Wilton Parochial Church Council

Project Description: This 13 month project focuses on St Edith's three bells and the beck which runs through the village, including capital works to restore the bells and an activity programme to engage the local community.

Decision: Award Grant of £45,444 (97% of total costs)

Sounds in the City: engaging 16–24 year olds with Merseyside's lesser-known musical heritage through a youth-led digital programme

Applicant: Sound City (Liverpool) Ltd

Project Description: This eight month project will engage young people in exploring the musical heritage of the city of Liverpool and Merseyside in general.

Decision: Award Grant of £99,140 (73% of total costs)

Tyne Theatre & Opera House – Historic Stage Machinery & Performance Calendar  – Community Activities

Applicant: Tyne Theatre and Opera House Preservation Trust

Project Description: This year-long project aims to complete the restoration of the stage machinery at the Tyne Theatre. It will deliver an associated programme of volunteer and engagement activity focused on craft skills and the history of performances and productions at the theatre.

Decision: Award Grant of £242,215 (92% of total costs)

Hetton in Film

Applicant: Hetton Colliery Railway 200

Project Description: This 11 month project aims to mark the 200th anniversary of the Hetton Railway. It will create and share a film to promote the educational, cultural and historical importance of the Hetton Colliery Railway and engage a new, wider audience.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100% of total costs)

Monk Bretton Priory – At the Heart of the Community

Applicant: Jolly Good Communities C.I.C

Project Description: This six month project looks to assess the feasibility of turning Monk Bretton Priory – a Scheduled Ancient Monument in Barnsley, South Yorkshire – into a community asset. The project is research focused, based on understanding how the local community would like to see the site developed.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,830 (100% of total costs)

MAVH Bygone Reflections 2022

Applicant: Aislaby and Middleton Village Hall Fund

Project Description: This 10 month community history project aims to increase engagement with researching and documenting 200 years of history in Aislaby and Middleton, North Yorkshire. This research will be used to create an exhibition, book and a two day sharing event, including a film launch and local area tours.

Decision: Reject

Knowsley Urban Sketchers

Applicant: Friends of Kirkby Gallery & Prescot Museum

Project Description: This eight month project will capture and document the communities' knowledge of local areas within Knowsley through 15 on-location workshops. A programme of host sites will be developed for the project, delivering a marketing plan to help recruit a wide range of participants, and sustain the urban sketchers group after project completion. Pictures and drawings from the project will feed into an exhibition at Kirkby Gallery in 2023–24.  

Decision: Award Grant of £9,865 (100% of total costs)

History of Refugees in Cumbria

Applicant: Pride in North Cumbria

Project Description: This 12 month project will explore the stories of refugees in Cumbria from the Second Word War through to the present day. It will gather stories from refugees, hosts and people who have supported refugees in Cumbria. An exhibition will be created for display in local museums, alongside a sharing event and a project blog.

Decision: Reject

Heritage engagement

Applicant: the forage community project CIC

Project Description: This 11 month natural heritage project is to transform the community garden and restore its wildlife at The Forage Community Project in Barmston, Washington. Activities will include gardening, outdoor craft and bee-keeping workshops, delivered by local experts, alongside trips to three local heritage sites for 20 families.

Decision: Reject

The Cotton Club

Applicant: Wigan Workshop CIC

Project Description: This seven month project will connect people with the heritage of sewing and fabric production in Wigan. It will run textile craft sessions on subjects including machine sewing, needle work, weaving, and tie dye. The project will combine these sessions with the delivery of heritage textile skills and knowledge, and develop a heritage curriculum for use post-project with schools.

Decision: Reject

The Boat beneath the Car Park

Applicant: Wirral Archaeology Community Interest Company

Project Description: Between October 2022 and July 2024, this project will carry out an excavation in the car park of the Railway Inn pub in the village of Meols on the north west coast of the Wirral peninsula. The dig will expose the remains of a possible wooden clinker-built boat which is known to be buried there.

Decision: Reject

Scouse for All

Applicant: Moulana Community CIC

Project Description: This seven month project will explore the food heritage of three Liverpool dishes: Scouse (stew), Wet Nelly (cake) and Everton Mints (boiled sweets). Through partner organisations – Asylum Link, Liverpool Arab Centre and Somali Community – the project will target asylum seekers, refugees and women experiencing isolation to participate alongside local people interested in the dishes.

Decision: Reject

Great Harwood Memorial Park

Applicant: Proffitts - Investing in Communities (CIC)

Project Description: This two year project is to renovate Great Harwood Memorial Park in Hyndburn, Lancashire, and engage the community in various activities.

Decision: Reject

Restoration of the Listed Fish Slabs and Pinnacle and rebuilding of the Riverside Toilets

Applicant: Allithwaite and Cartmel Parish Council

Project Description: This six month project aims to undertake repairs to the Grade II listed Fish Slabs and Pinnacle monuments in Cartmel, Cumbria, as well as develop public toilet facilities. The project plans to share the history of the local heritage asset with local residents, school children and visitors.

Decision: Reject

Saving the Greatest of Horses – using advances in the science of Conservation Breeding to protect Britain's most endangered equine breed – the Cleveland Bay horse

Applicant: Cleveland Bay Horse Society

Project Description: This five year project is focused on increasing the pure bred female stock of an endangered horse breed, primarily through a Pure Bred Breeding Programme.

Decision: Reject

Roseberry Primary Centenary Celebration

Applicant: Durham County Council Income and Collections

Project Description: This three month project – by Roseberry Primary School in Pelton, County Durham – marks their centenary year by involving students in learning about local history, and holding a celebration event involving the wider community.

Outcome: Withdrawn

Discovery Days

Applicant: Community Education Adults Disabilities Community Interest Company

Project Description: This 11 month project will fund visits to libraries, museums, and other local sites for adults with disabilities and learning difficulties, as well as weekly in-house sessions.

Decision: Reject

Liverpool War Babies

Applicant: Big Heritage CIC

Project Description: This six month project will explore the stories of people born in Liverpool between 1939–1945 through a photography exhibition and collected memories. The exhibition will feature the photographic portraits and memories of 100 war babies and more general content about the Blitz in Liverpool.

Decision: Reject

Street Theatre History Tours for All!

Applicant: Naissance Spark CiC

Project Description: This four month project will provide 20 free heritage and cultural tours to target audiences. This will include reflective heritage sessions, recruitment of two professional storytellers to deliver sessions, and production of pamphlets to accompany tours.

Decision: Reject