England, North: delegate decisions December 2021

England, North: delegate decisions December 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Director for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 13 December 2021.

Championing Clive

Applicant: Hull FC Rugby Community Sports and Education Foundation

Project description: The 12-month project will mark the 50th anniversary of Clive Sullivan becoming the first Black player to lead a British national team in any major sport. It will also celebrate the impact he has had on the local community by engaging a wide range of audiences to change attitudes and promote social cohesion.

Decision: Award grant of £39,750 (100%)

Bury New Road

Applicant: Mary Burns

Project description: This 10-month project will focus on the heritage of Bury New Road. It will capture past and recent heritage through individual and group filming, and recording sessions. These will be shared more widely through a heritage trail, website, exhibitions and eco-banners.

Decision: Award grant of £29,376 (92%)

Tree Story: A History of Liverpool Through Its Tree

Applicant: Open Eye Ltd

Project description: Focuses on engaging schoolchildren, community groups and the general public with natural heritage, particularly trees, around Liverpool. The project is looking to document and share stories around trees and plant new ones.

Decision: Award grant of £70,822 (100%)

Sheffield Eagles – the story of a rugby league club battling against the odds

Applicant: Eagles Foundation

Project description: This two-year project aims to collect, record and share the heritage of the Sheffield Eagles Rugby Football League Club. This will be through research, digitisation of documents, training, supporting volunteers, and working with the local community.

Decision: Award grant of £93,650 (95%)

The heritage of family: changing attitudes book project

Applicant: More than Grandparents

Project description: The six-month project will engage participants in intergenerational activity to highlight the changes around the idea of 'family' from the 1960s through to today.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)

Looking Back: Facing Forward

Applicant: DIY Theatre Company

Project description: The seven-month project will support 21 adults and young people with learning difficulties. They will explore the history of Peel Park, Salford, in Greater Manchester. It will encourage re-engagement with each other and the local community following the pandemic.

Decision: Award grant of £9,880 (100%)

HERSTORY.YORK 100 Women Changemakers

Applicant: Herstory York

Project description: The twelve-month project will engage with educational institutions, the local community, tourists, and a variety of organisations. This will raise awareness of the untold achievements and inspiring stories of 100 women of York. The research into the women has been completed and funding is sought to develop lasting educational and promotional materials. Also, to create a temporary exhibition in York Castle Museum.

Decision: Award grant of £4,991 (77%)

Heritage Café and Digitised Newton

Applicant: Newton upon Derwent Methodist Church & Community Centre

Project description: The twelve-month project will establish a Heritage Café in Newton upon Derwent, East Riding of Yorkshire, and digitise local history resources. Weekly Heritage Café sessions will provide free access to digitised material and other heritage and genealogy websites.

Decision: Award grant of £6,710 (85%)


Applicant: Old Trafford Heritage & History Group

Project description: This eighteen-month project focuses on the heritage of social venues frequented by immigrant communities in Manchester. By recording and sharing the heritage of where immigrant communities socialised and integrated, the project will promote cohesion and development in the community both locally and to online audiences.

Decision: Reject

Washington Remembering

Applicant: The Washington Trust (north east)

Project description: This two year project aims to explore the stories and memories associated with Washington's miners banners, and its mining heritage. It will give young people from the area an opportunity to engage with a heritage-related project for the first time.

Decision: Reject

Mothers in Crisis

Applicant: enJOY arts CIC

Project description: The two-year project will explore and uncover the experiences of mothers in the wake of the World War II crisis and the following ten years. It will relate these heritage stories to the experiences of mothers who are experiencing motherhood in the current coronavirus (C-19 pandemic.

Decision: Award grant of £86697 (90%)

Scarborough Sea Wall Heritage Trail

Applicant: Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre

Project description: To install a heritage trail along the sea front, using it as a focus for research, reminiscence and oral history activities. Aiming to encourage wider engagement with heritage and increased appreciation of the town's history, plans hope to inspire longer and repeat visits. It will generate income, which will support the local tourism industry to respond to the impact of COVID-19.

Decision: Award grant of £39,968 (100%)

New Leaves

Applicant: Escape2Make

Project description: Running from January 2022 to September 2025, the project focuses on engaging young people with the natural heritage of the Morecambe Bay area. This is through workshop sessions, accreditation schemes for young people, and recruiting and training volunteers.

Decision: Reject

Maximising the heritage of St Michael & All Angels Church in Middleton Tyas

Applicant: St Michael & All Angels Church

Project description: The four-month project will enable the re-roofing of the nave and chancel (and fitting new guttering to the south chancel) of Grade I Listed St Michael & All Angels Church in Middleton Tyas, Richmond. It will provide information about the history of the area accessible to visitors via an Interactive Media Centre.

Decision: Reject

Recreate Make

Applicant: Recreate Make CIC

Project description: The prime focus of the three-year project is the delivery of craft and art workshops in Cockermouth, Cumbria and online. Plus, helping people develop new textiles craft skills, such as repairing clothing, as well as other craft skills.

Decision: Reject


Applicant: Green Croft Arts

Project description: This eleven-month project will form part of Hadrian's Wall 1900 Festival Programme. It will focus on the community heritage of Greenhead and Gilsland, two villages that are adjacent to Hadrian's Wall. Through the delivery of a quest trail app and adventure book, the project aims to encourage visitors to explore the lesser viewed extensions of Hadrian's Wall between Walltown and Birdoswald.

Decision: Reject

Dynamic Roots Project

Applicant: Dynamic Rythyms Centre

Project description: The ten-month project will work with young people from ethnically diverse communities in Bolton. They will gain new skills, build new and purpose-driven social networks, and engage in activities such as singing, dance, and art and craft lessons.

Decision: Reject

Pit Brow Lasses

Applicant: WigLe Dance CIC

Project description: The three-month project will engage young people in Wigan to explore the stories of Wigan's Pit Brow Lasses through dance, music and spoken word.

Decision: Reject

Citadel Outdoor Dream

Applicant: Citadel Arts Limited (Ltd)

Project description: Provide an opportunity for up to 25 young people from St Helens, Merseyside, to participate in a twelve-month long theatre/art project. It will culminate in an outdoor performance and artwork creation on the former site of Sutton Manor Colliery, St Helens.

Decision: Reject