England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions November 2021

England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions November 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Head of Investment, England, Midlands & East in November 2021. National Lottery Grants for Heritage.

1 November 2021

Aquarius Nightclub, Chesterfield – Photo Archive

Applicant: Dirty Stop Outs Limited

Project description: To conserve and digitise the photo collection, in partnership with Derbyshire County Council Record Office. To engage target audiences from user groups attending the local Stonegravels Parish Centre. These include organisations working with people experiencing mental health conditions, unemployed people, young people and older people.

Grant Request: £70,200 (99%)

Decision: Award Grant £70,200 (99%)

18 November 2021

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Uganda Asians in the UK

Applicant: Navrang

Project description: To mark the 50 year anniversary of Ugandan Asian's settlement in Leicester, by exploring issues around displacement and impact on community.

Grant Request: £102,416 (91%)

Decision: Award Grant £102,416 (91%)

The Birth of Bangladesh: Luton remembers and celebrates 50 years of Independence.

Applicant: Creative Vision Luton Limited

Project description: Record oral histories of first generation of Bangladeshi Migrants in Luton and their experiences in the Bangladeshi fight for independence.

Grant Request: £50,900 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £50,900 (100%)

A History of Sport in North Warwickshire

Applicant: Positive Change Midlands CIC

Project description: To bring young and older people together in order to research and present the history of sport in North Warwickshire.

Grant Request: £9,520 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £9,520 (100%)

Platinum Tales

Applicant: Packing Shed Theatre CIC

Project description: To deliver theatrical performances based on histories gathered from community groups in Colchester, representative of each decade of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Plus, provide a unique historical snapshot of the town over the last 70 years. They will be performed in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.

Grant Request: £7,650 (43%)

Decision: Award Grant £7,650 (43%)

St Matthew's Feasibility Study

Applicant: St Matthew's Church, Walsall

Project description: This project for St Matthew's Walsall, a Grade II* listed church in the centre of the town will commission a feasibility study in advance of a potential major repair and reordering project at the church.

Grant Request: £9,000 (49%)

Decision: Award Grant £9,000 (49%)

Punk: Rage & Revolution

Applicant: Soft Touch Arts Ltd

Project description: This intergenerational project will explore the heritage of the Punk movement in Leicester. It will examine and highlight the parallels and relevance between the social and political issues present during the 1970s and those of today. Also, the impact it had in young people then and now.

Grant Request: £153,629 (78%)

Decision: Award Grant £153,629 (78%)

Conservation of a rare lead Shakespeare Statue

Applicant: Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council

Project description: As part of renovations to Stratford-upon-Avon's Town Hall, the project will conserve a lead statue of William Shakespeare that has stood on the front of the building since the 18th century.

Grant Request: £10,000 (100%)

Decision: Reject

St. Edmund's Heritage Thatched Roof Renovation

Applicant: St. Edmunds PCC

Project description: To carry out urgent, high level repairs to a medieval church, churchyard wildlife improvements and associated activities.

Grant Request: £168,052 (72%)

Decision: Award Grant £168,052 (72%)

Heritage Garden Dye Project

Applicant: Trust Links Ltd

Project description: To deliver 12 days of workshops on traditional dyeing, including: the history of dyeing, creating a dye garden, harvesting plants and dyeing fabric.

Grant Request: £10,000 (100%)

Decision: Reject

Chinese East Midlands

Applicant: Cosmopolitan Arts CIC

Project description: To explore the migration and settlement of the Chinese community in East Midlands between 1945 and 2022. The project will capture the community histories from the elders and showcase it through a documentary and exhibition touring between Leicester, Nottingham and Derby.

Grant Request: £91,801 (95%)

Decision: Award Grant £91,801 (95%)

Protect our Dragonflies

Applicant: Grow Cook Learn

Project description: This project at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre will restore a wildlife area including pond habitat, repair a pontoon and provide conservation training for volunteers.

Grant Request: £6,800 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £6,800 (100%)

Heritage Behind Closed Doors

Applicant: Himaya Haven Community Interest Company

Project description: This project will take place at Swinfen Hall Prison and aims to involve prisoners, particularly targeting those who are vulnerable, isolated and practicing self-harm. Participants will explore the history of the prison through archives and interviews with prison staff and previous inmates.

Grant Request: £10,000 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (100%)

Digital Enterprise Pathway Textiles Heritage (DEPTH)

Applicant: Community Education Academy of Leadership (CEAL)

Project description: To gather and share stories from diverse groups from Birmingham and the Black Country on culture, ethnicity, faith and social customs and how these have been challenged and adapted through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Grant Request: £84,786 (100%)

Decision: Reject

KICK Create

Applicant: KICK

Project description: To engage three groups of 11–16 year olds in after-school workshops that will use different artistic media to approach local history and produce pieces inspired by the heritage.

Grant Request: £41,039 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £41,039 (100%)

Project Title: Remembering '71: Broadcasting to the Nation

Applicant: BEONTVUK

Project description: This project will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Bangladesh through a range of activities. It will commence with the hosting of an event on 16 December which is the day when in 1971 East Pakistan gained independence from Pakistan and became Bangladesh.

Grant Request: £49,675 (85%)

Decision: Award Grant £49,675 (85%)