England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions July 2021

England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions July 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Area Director and Head of Investment, England, Midlands & East in July 2021. National Lottery Grants for Heritage.

1 July 2021

Putting on a Progress 1578: Pageantry, People and Places

Applicant: Curious Spark

Project description: To deliver activities across Norwich, Norfolk, about Queen Elizabeth I’s visit to the area.

Decision: Reject

Whole Lotta Culture

Applicant: General Public Projects Ltd

Project description: To document the social history of allotments in Birmingham since the 1960s. It will focus on three key themes: health and wellbeing, food and cultural heritage, and the changing role of women in allotments.

Decision: Reject

22 July 2021

The Fall and Rise of Jimmy Deeping Signal Box

Applicant: St James Deeping Signal Box Group

Project description: To focus on building the resilience of St James Deeping Signal Box Group for a future capital project.

Grant Request: £26,570 (93%)

Decision: Award Grant £26,570 (93%)

SEND Art Exhibition

Applicant: SEND the Right Message

Project description: Deliver a physical and online art exhibition of works created by neurodiverse young people. A room at the exhibition will also feature sensory equipment to explore.

Grant Request: £9,615 (100%)

Decision: Reject

Mine-Craft the Prequel: the photographic story of East Midlands Coal

Applicant: Nottingham Trent University

Project description: Engage volunteers from the East Midlands mining community in researching, interpreting and sharing a database of photographs from The Coal Authority's collections, and provide student placements at The Coal Authority.

Grant Request: £35,000 (100%)

Decision: Reject

St Mary-le-Tower: Towards a More Resilient Future

Applicant: St Mary-Le-Tower PCC

Project description: To build resilience at St Mary-Le-Tower and involve new audiences with musical heritage.

Grant Request: £99,400 (83%)

Decision: Reject

Derby West Indian Community Association: The Centre that Powers the Road - Partnership with Derby Museums

Applicant: Derby West Indian Community Association

Project description: Engage communities in co-producing a temporary exhibition exploring the heritage of the Derby West Indian Community Association and Derby Caribbean Carnival. Explore, record and share tangible and intangible associated heritage, and commission creative responses to the heritage.

Grant Request: £191,255 (92%)

Decision: Award Grant £191,255 (92%)

The Redditch Historic Archives

Applicant: Redditch Local History Museum

Project description: To open a volunteer-led archive to document and conserve Redditch's local history, which is deemed at risk.

Grant Request: £17,500 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £17,500 (100%)

Two of Chelmsford's Heritage Milestones

Applicant: Ideas Hub Chelmsford

Project description: To work with three local schools to deliver activities with pupils and the wider community to celebrate two key aspects of Chelmsford's heritage.

Grant Request: £98,880 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £98,880 (100%)

Thurrock's Attic Sees the Light

Applicant: Thurrock Council

Project description: Support Thurrock Museum to better catalogue, store and share its collection.

Grant Request: £226,000 (100%)

Decision: Reject

Witchford: Our Heritage

Applicant: Witchford Parochial Church Council

Project description: Employ staff to develop and plan activities to engage young people and deliver courses and activities for the community.

Grant Request: £71,000 (100%)

Decision: Reject

The Phil Lynott memorial unveiling

Applicant: The Change Consortium

Project description: Celebrate Phil Lynott, member of rock band Thin Lizzy, in his birthplace West Bromwich.

Grant Request: £10,000 (87%)

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (87%)

Belper Clusters Heritage Design and Development Project

Applicant: Belper Clusters Heritage Group

Project description: Support consultation, design and cost development for: the restoration and refurbishment of a historic transport network at the core of the Clusters housing complex in Belper, sustainability initiatives and a community arts programme.

Grant Request: £98,728 (61%)

Decision: Reject

Leicester Peace Walk Tours

Applicant: University of Leicester

Project description: To provide guided and self-guided tours of local history and culture. The tours will focus on the University's history in relation to its buildings and other memorials within the bordering Victoria Park.

Grant Request: £4,050 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £4,050 (100%)

Black Heritage Matters

Applicant: Iconic Music, Dance and Drama Ltd

Project description: Led by young people creatively exploring and producing content to promote black heritage using the arts, focusing specifically on the Windrush generation and Reggae music of the time.

Grant Request: £20,150 (95%)

Decision: Award Grant £20,150 (95%)

Community wheat field harvest and thatching: Through the lens of contemporary sculpture

Applicant: Pangaea Sculptors' Centre

Project description: Provide activities showing the traditional farming methods of wheat, thatching and sculpting with straw and produce a film about these traditional methods.

Grant Request: £10,000 (100%)

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (100%)

Foolow Wildwood

Applicant: Foolow Wildwood CIC

Project description: Based in Hope Valley, Derbyshire, the project aims to purchase 11 acres of land on the outskirts of Foolow village to create a wildflower meadow and woodland.

Grant Request: £137,100 (43%)

Decision: Reject

The Story Of Us

Applicant: Northfield Arts Forum

Project description: To support local residents in need by giving them an opportunity to shape the narrative of coronavirus (COVID-19) in their area and play a part in defining Northfield's heritage, exploring what brought them to Northfield and how they are part of its heritage.

Grant Request: £10,000 (100%)

Decision: Reject

Landscape Partnership

Nenescape: Revealing the hidden stories of the Nene Valley. 

Applicant: River Nene Regional Park CIC

Decision: Award Grant Increase of £85,000 to £2,712,600 (49%)