Board meeting: May 2020

Minutes of the Board of Trustees meeting on 13 May 2020 on Microsoft Teams



  • Rene Olivieri (Chair)
  • Maria Adebowale-Schwarte
  • Kay Andrews
  • Jim Dixon
  • Claire Feehily
  • Sarah Flannigan
  • Perdita Hunt
  • Ray McFarlane
  • David Stocker


  • Demmy Adewole
  • Colin Bailey
  • Ros Kerslake
  • Eilish McGuinness
  • Isabel Hunt

Observing (Committee chairs)

  • Susan Beardsmore
  • Blondell Cluff
  • Tiffany Hunt

Observing (Staff) 

  • Stephen Barlow
  • Drew Bennellick
  • Caroline Clarke
  • Jacob Elliot
  • Julie Hughes
  • Anne Jenkins
  • Stuart McLeod
  • Paul Mullan
  • David Renwick
  • Andrew White 
  • Anne Young


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. This was the first meeting where the Board was attended by English Area Committee chairs as observers. Likewise, Country and Area Directors had been invited to observe the meeting. The Chair welcomed the new Director of Wales, Andrew White.

Board business

1. Minutes of the Board meeting on 18 February 2020 and matters arising

B 20/21 (2) 1

The minutes were agreed to be a true account of the meeting and signed by the Chair, with some minor amendments.

2. Confidential

3. Confidential

4. Confidential

5. Confidential


Any other business

B 20/21 (2) 6

The Board agreed to an additional meeting in August in addition to the meetings already scheduled for June and September.