Board meeting: February 2022

Board meeting: February 2022

Schedule of Decisions from the Board of Trustees meeting on 1 February 2022.

National Heritage Memorial Fund – Cultural Assets Fund (CAF)

CAF: Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust conserving the historic estate

Applicant: Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust

Decision: Award grant of £9,974,353 (100% of total project costs)


CAF: Saving Letton Hall, Sir John Soane’s first country house

Applicant: Letton Hall Trust

Decision: Reject


National Heritage Memorial Fund – normal business

The acquisition for the nation of Self-Portrait at the Age of About Forty by Joseph Wright of Derby

Applicant: Derby Museums

Decision: Award grant increase of £111,621 in addition to previous award of £2,160,000. A total award of £2,271,621 (83% of revised total costs)


National Museums Scotland, The Mary, Queen of Scots Casket

Applicant: National Museums Scotland

Decision: Award grant of £810,000 (45% of total costs)


Strawberry Hill Trust: Portrait of Horace Walpole

Applicant: The Strawberry Hill Trust

Decision: Award grant of £115,000 (50% of total costs)