Areas of Focus, November 2020

Areas of Focus, November 2020

Schedule of decisions for applications solicited from The National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Areas of Focus.

The National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Strategic Funding Framework 2019 – 2024 set out that we would address under-representation in our funding of geographical areas with a focus on two aspects:

  • areas that have received least funding in the past
  • areas that experience deprivation

Using measures of our spend per capita and standard indices of deprivation, we identified 13 local authority areas that fulfilled both criteria. Since April 2019 our teams have been working strategically with stakeholders in those areas to identify the best way to meet local needs. The Strategic Funding Framework also explained that, where appropriate, we would solicit applications for priority heritage projects in those areas.

Following the suspension of open programmes in March 2020 to enable us to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, The Fund solicited applications from organisation in our Areas of Focus to enable us to continue to support our objective of widening audiences for heritage and to ensure that heritage was factored in to helping communities in these areas recover. Northern Ireland does not have Areas of Focus but two project proposals were identified there to target communities in particular need. Applications were made under the National Lottery Grants for Heritage programme and were assessed against our normal criteria.

As a result of those solicitations, the following grants were awarded totalling £3,802,100.

London Borough of Newham

Brief Project Description: Delivery of an expanded heritage engagement programme through Newham Heritage Month 2021, including a community grants programme and capacity building.

Grant awarded: £180,000

Enfield Council

Brief Project Description: Delivery of a programme of heritage engagement that contributes to communities’ sense of place, including a community grants programme and capacity building.

Grant awarded: £200,000

London Borough of Brent

Brief Project Description: An award to Brent Museums and Archives to develop a year of heritage activities that contribute to community wellbeing, including a community grants programme and capacity building.

Grant awarded: £250,000

Knowsley Borough Council

Brief Project Description: Delivery of a series of events, exhibitions, volunteering and training opportunities for local communities across Knowsley to engage with their local heritage in the run up to and beyond the Liverpool City Region Borough of Culture year in 2022.

Grant awarded: £250,000

North East Lincolnshire Council

Brief Project Description: Provision of support to assist groups with an interest in heritage to access a community grants programme to help them develop their heritage capacity, expertise and experience.

Grant awarded: £250,000

The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire

Brief Project Description: Delivery of a programme of community-led and education based activities to involve a wider range of people in the improved management of, access to and enjoyment of Bradgers Hill, a local district and county wildlife site.

Grant awarded: £249,500

University of Bedfordshire

Brief Project Description: Safeguarding the heritage sector in Luton by further developing its knowledge, capacity and resilience and providing support from infrastructural partners to negotiate the negative impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) and to demonstrate a ‘step-change’ in terms of the scale and reach of heritage activity.

Grant awarded: £250,000

Essex Wildlife Trust

Brief Project Description: Delivery of community-led improvement work to benefit seven wildlife sites and nature reserves in Tendring which will increase accessibility and understanding of the sites’ importance.

Grant awarded: £250,000

Tendring District Council

Brief Project Description: Connecting local communities to the coastal heritage of a 10km stretch between Jaywick and Holland-On-Sea through walking and cycling activities. The project will celebrate 150 years of Clacton and Clacton Pier through a coastal trail, events and challenges.

Grant awarded: £250,000

Walsall Borough Council

Brief Project Description: Working with the local community to develop and embed an action plan for heritage, including the archive, museum and green spaces services.

Grant awarded: £249,900

Corby Borough Council

Brief Project Description: Engaging the local community in their surrounding natural areas by creating a heritage cycle way connecting five areas of wood and parkland.  

Grant awarded: £200,000

Inverclyde Council

Brief Project Description: Engagement of a wide range of new and diverse audiences with the council’s collections, focusing on the area’s links to the transatlantic slave trade and addressing historic omissions through decolonisation.

Grant awarded: £230,000

The Rural Development Trust

Brief Project Description: Working with rural communities in North Lanarkshire to develop community heritage action plans and enable a wide range of audiences to become involved in and respond to their local heritage, particularly industrial and natural heritage.

Grant awarded: £200,000

Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council

Brief Project Description: A programme of community engagement to research and explore the theme 'altered images' – how views of the past change over time and how understanding the past can challenge assumptions about where we come from and how communities developed. The project will examine memorials and statues; and stories, myths and legends.

Grant awarded: £250,000

Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

Brief Project Description: A programme of community engagement and consultation to produce a heritage strategy setting out the area’s historic/cultural features, considering conservation, restoration and management needs and future uses.

Grant awarded: £242,000

Rural Community Network NI

Brief Project Description: A capacity building project to support 15-20 rural and diverse organisations to sustainably develop their own local heritage projects, partnerships and opportunities.

Grant awarded: £249,900

Thrive Audience Development

Brief Project Description: A visitor research project to identify the risks and challenges the heritage sector faces in getting people to re-engage with their sites, organisations and work post COVID-19

Grant awarded: £50,800